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  1. Magnus Redd Bautista

    Magnus Redd Bautista19 hours ago

    Pog:you are a noob at building lego

  2. Maximilian Obert Setiawan

    Maximilian Obert Setiawan19 hours ago

    you are poultry man grian

  3. Ben Leyland

    Ben Leyland19 hours ago

    For an elaborate advertisement for nvidea, this is actually useful as a tutorial

  4. Imjustwatchingyoutube

    Imjustwatchingyoutube19 hours ago

    Pewdiepie floor

  5. koko beam

    koko beam19 hours ago

    Who remembers villager news

  6. koko beam

    koko beam19 hours ago

    Who remembers villager news

  7. Aniket Sondhi

    Aniket Sondhi19 hours ago

    And when me and my friend both are watching this video???---

  8. ktm18500

    ktm1850019 hours ago

    But I have ps4

  9. Bloom RL

    Bloom RL19 hours ago

    how are you so bad

  10. mickinoz2005

    mickinoz200520 hours ago

    do bdubs impulse or grian not go to any form of school

  11. Alox Folfy

    Alox Folfy20 hours ago

    Me who is from another country but watched the video: İ have 6 questions

  12. chair leg

    chair leg20 hours ago


  13. Krisha Gohel

    Krisha Gohel20 hours ago

    Me : The whole video passed with british feeling

  14. kristin kadira

    kristin kadira20 hours ago

    Did you not want to build an entrance?

  15. Leo Phillips

    Leo Phillips20 hours ago

    Ok but what’s the resource pack

  16. crazyredx172

    crazyredx17220 hours ago

    what i do when it’s christmas in the uk is mud ski mud sledge and mud bored

  17. Cristobal Alejandro VILLACHICA LION

    Cristobal Alejandro VILLACHICA LION20 hours ago

    put it with slow arrows

  18. Kaan Bora Bilgin

    Kaan Bora Bilgin20 hours ago

    He was singing Mumbo AFK Hehehehhe

  19. Gemma Poultney

    Gemma Poultney20 hours ago

    Grian I'm a boy BTW. But on minecraft I have made a house with a Computer and behind the painting I've put a lantern so at night it lights up like it's on

  20. Miles Mayhew

    Miles Mayhew20 hours ago

    how far away is the update

  21. Bennett Hargreaves

    Bennett Hargreaves20 hours ago

    mother spore lol

  22. Welp I'm here now

    Welp I'm here now20 hours ago

    ngl its also talent and you have alot of it grain and pearlescent moon :)

  23. scoot or Die

    scoot or Die20 hours ago

    Sud to wild scooter

  24. SniperFi DK

    SniperFi DK20 hours ago

    Once 1.17 comes out you could replace the dark prismarine with one of the coppers, as I think it would give the mansion a more vibrant feel

  25. Umbreon ROBLOX

    Umbreon ROBLOX20 hours ago

    I really want that farming place.

  26. Hnlam Haokip

    Hnlam Haokip20 hours ago

    Grain:Villagers are different Size Me:2 Blocks High

  27. Ginnie Gill

    Ginnie Gill20 hours ago

    He should have called the machine MUMBO- the Mumbo Un-mustacheing Bingbadaboom Operator

  28. Hikaro Karrdey

    Hikaro Karrdey20 hours ago

    Can someone link Netty’s vid?

  29. Zane

    Zane20 hours ago

    Him: collects parrot heads Me: *remembers general grievous does the same with lightsabers* BEHOLD... GENERAL GRIANVOUS

  30. A respectful autistic being

    A respectful autistic being20 hours ago

    The fact you said Michel as mihrel kinda hurts my ears as a native french person

  31. Oof gamer 135

    Oof gamer 13520 hours ago

    Me thinking that the season 6 mansion did not load properly : me seeing its split in half”... wat”

  32. Heather Geelhoed

    Heather Geelhoed20 hours ago


  33. eirene watson-power

    eirene watson-power20 hours ago

    You just gave away the base 🤣🤭🙄😑😅

  34. andrei john

    andrei john20 hours ago

    what a NOICE episode

  35. David T

    David T20 hours ago

    yeah you said it was 9 that was just a maske

  36. Rin Momobami

    Rin Momobami20 hours ago

    o/ | /\

  37. Jakobo

    Jakobo20 hours ago

    your mansion reminds me of some of the chambers in uncharted the lost legacy...

  38. hatup yt

    hatup yt20 hours ago


  39. XXSparklez Playz

    XXSparklez Playz20 hours ago

    Cats = Cute Little fluff balls🥰🥰😺

  40. Nancy Chambers Southern Year 8

    Nancy Chambers Southern Year 820 hours ago


  41. Imganic Gaming

    Imganic Gaming20 hours ago

    It would be cool if the villagers lived in tree houses

  42. MR_ZOMBIE x

    MR_ZOMBIE x20 hours ago


  43. YT_Exo

    YT_Exo21 hour ago

    Hey Grian remember 3 years ago you were playing fortnite

  44. • Alcosmic •

    • Alcosmic •21 hour ago

    Make a salmon monster/ salmon corrupter

  45. You Tube

    You Tube21 hour ago

    I know right I hate when I break through vents and there’s a door’

  46. crazy riley

    crazy riley21 hour ago


  47. BucketWarrior 146

    BucketWarrior 14621 hour ago

    Nice Thx for the tips now i can design a modern house

  48. Shaurya Garg

    Shaurya Garg21 hour ago

    You should dye your head blonde in real life just for the memes

  49. uniteen kitsune & eevee's channel

    uniteen kitsune & eevee's channel21 hour ago

    Redstone looks like blood lol

  50. zullastorm

    zullastorm21 hour ago

    grian in build battle is like techno in hunger games

  51. Joelleppard

    Joelleppard21 hour ago

    Your not on Windows 10, even with mods, you can't get world editor. So much for the sponsor

  52. Steven Kho

    Steven Kho21 hour ago


  53. Honmar mar

    Honmar mar21 hour ago

    Jelly view rhis video

  54. Pixel

    Pixel21 hour ago

    I make Minecrat Tiktoks ⇱_[◨_◧]\

  55. Juli

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  56. Marian 99

    Marian 9921 hour ago

    The first house is my house )=

  57. Molten _

    Molten _21 hour ago

    More like THE BARGE WARS

  58. Iris Christine Ramirez

    Iris Christine Ramirez21 hour ago

    Mind If I use the B17 propler as the end rods

  59. Liana Stanton

    Liana Stanton21 hour ago

    if u pause on the moment the cows are bouncing up and down, it looks like one cow with multiple heads 😅

  60. Art Lover

    Art Lover21 hour ago

    U can put colored glass to change color me classic!

  61. xd doedoe

    xd doedoe21 hour ago


  62. PatchyCat

    PatchyCat21 hour ago

    'He's got honeycombs... and he's got... whatever those things are'

  63. snow budgie

    snow budgie21 hour ago

    and yet i still could not build that but. i actually like it

  64. Daniel How

    Daniel How21 hour ago

    Uhhhh ok

  65. other

    other21 hour ago

    i miss this 😭😭

  66. Fingram

    Fingram21 hour ago

    When’s s8 gonna start?

  67. Jago Vernon

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  68. Aeden

    Aeden21 hour ago

    I lost my dragon egg....

  69. Jetze Murre

    Jetze Murre21 hour ago

    This is how many time lapses grian has done 9999999999999999999

  70. lewis greenhalgh

    lewis greenhalgh21 hour ago

    what is the jungle seed

  71. Myra Nares

    Myra Nares21 hour ago


  72. Ezy Dubbs

    Ezy Dubbs22 hours ago

    I want to know whether he filmed this in a copy of hermitcraft and got stress, Iskall and X to join or he did actually film it on the server and confuse everyone online.

  73. Killian O'Brien

    Killian O'Brien22 hours ago

    RIP Pufferfish Paul You will be remembered

  74. Sarah QB

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  75. officialgreguniverse_

    officialgreguniverse_22 hours ago

    is this a tutorial

  76. Sarah QB

    Sarah QB22 hours ago

    that pearl bit....

  77. Unviewed Gamer

    Unviewed Gamer22 hours ago

    Road wrecker

  78. Baggy Spaggy

    Baggy Spaggy22 hours ago

    Grian: I was seriously unlucky with mining Me: you call THAT unlucky?

  79. HorseTube

    HorseTube22 hours ago

    I like ur cat

  80. Ganesh Marathe

    Ganesh Marathe22 hours ago

    Your skin looks so odd now