Hermitcraft 7: Episode 43 - A NEW HEADQUARTERS

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 43 - A NEW BASE Grian has met with the other hermits to decide a plan of action and to send a message to scar!!
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  1. Katniss Everdeen

    Katniss Everdeen12 hours ago

    Herobrine has returned!


    VIGILANTE DEL AULA14 hours ago

    why did you went through the cobwebs?

  3. Shaena Brandel

    Shaena BrandelDay ago

    climate change sucks

  4. arnav bothra

    arnav bothraDay ago


  5. thenethermob

    thenethermob5 days ago

    Imagine seeing the leaves on the leave pile just all placed and not in the shulker boxes that would be HUGE

  6. Anvesh Pro

    Anvesh Pro5 days ago

    9:29 let us ask ourselves why did mumbo jumbo leave the game

  7. Nobody Burgen

    Nobody Burgen6 days ago

    After he said "climate change on the hermitcraft server" I got a greenpeace ad. I don't know what this means.

  8. Mohamed Azhar

    Mohamed Azhar8 days ago

    NGL, the piglin trading machine looks cool.

  9. Sarah Byrne

    Sarah Byrne9 days ago

    This video reminded me of the Lorax 🪴

  10. Lukeario797 ThoseTimes Mobmaker Minecraft

    Lukeario797 ThoseTimes Mobmaker Minecraft9 days ago

    24:20 Grian: i hate the forest number one cause of death the forest also Grian: chops down entire forest because he hates it

  11. Linda B

    Linda B10 days ago

    I recently started watching naruto and realized what etho's skin is.

  12. AngeLemon

    AngeLemon11 days ago

    So, you are taking gold from piglins, then giving it back. I like the way you think. Quick edit: you had a waste of potential of not having grindstone Grian carry the shucker boxes full of leaves.

  13. Sirsnacks Alot

    Sirsnacks Alot12 days ago

    3:24 The ents from lord of the ring are very very angry with grian

  14. Lexi Faulkner

    Lexi Faulkner13 days ago

    No one gonna mention ren said TEAMWORK bi@!? 😂😂😂

  15. ProbeBot

    ProbeBot13 days ago

    Imagine harvesting the leaves on Scar's base.

  16. Allie allen

    Allie allen13 days ago

    Grian: nooOOooooo Me: HahahahahahHah Also me: oh my God lol 😆

  17. Charlie Hatter

    Charlie Hatter14 days ago

    “Oh no there’s a ravager right there.” Proceeds to run directly into a cobweb

  18. Jon Lomax

    Jon Lomax14 days ago

    "It's about the principal!" *Hears Grian actually slam desk* lol

  19. Alex C

    Alex C14 days ago

    Grian:Team of funguis Me:Dies

  20. LemonCresen OwO

    LemonCresen OwO16 days ago

    9:08 I accuse Grain of theft!!!!!!!!!!!! (I put *grain* on purpose)

  21. unhappy pointer

    unhappy pointer16 days ago

    You monster how do you dare to kill living cratures just to build a big one. And teaming up aint so nice in such a cahllenge. Thats the only bad things like the hermicraft seasons very much

  22. Frank Johnson

    Frank Johnson17 days ago

    i think i know how the dragon head was moving around... it was a mob with a dragon head on it that was in a minecart

  23. Abel Kelly

    Abel Kelly17 days ago

    Meow im Grians cat interupting the video

  24. Andor Mák

    Andor Mák18 days ago

    So... Grian IS Herobrine.

  25. Konzetszu

    Konzetszu18 days ago

    Is etho kakashi?

  26. LukeTV

    LukeTV20 days ago

    8:13 does grian not get the joke here *_the cake is a lie_*

  27. Zoey Stevens

    Zoey Stevens21 day ago

    the dungeon game is SO INTENSE!!!

  28. Jermaine Ntoko

    Jermaine Ntoko23 days ago

    When I don't make a diamond hoe, grian with a netherite hoe

  29. Lizzy Williams

    Lizzy Williams26 days ago

    When you said Mauai Im recording, that sounded really funny

  30. connor cole

    connor cole27 days ago

    Mauuu miewy I'm recording

  31. Kit-San

    Kit-San28 days ago

    "In broken Teabags is this?" Pfft.

  32. Rio Futaba

    Rio Futaba28 days ago

    mumbo:I have diamond hoe's bc i want to grian: Timelaps Leaves Gathering using neather right Hoe

  33. Noli Vinluan

    Noli Vinluan29 days ago

    "I heard that Mumbo Jumbo AFK Redstoner Hermit is the leader of the resistance" Grian: AHHHHH

  34. Zac Wallace

    Zac Wallace29 days ago

    what is with the boots? 1:32

  35. Mason Gaming

    Mason Gaming29 days ago

    Grian: I’m Getting A Bit Stressed Now Me: Grian Your Getting Stressed Monster 101

  36. Jaime de Azcoitia

    Jaime de Azcoitia29 days ago

    When are you going to show your face?

  37. Adzmin Kamaruddin

    Adzmin Kamaruddin29 days ago

    Aww the cat is so cute

  38. sergio rects

    sergio rectsMonth ago

    go up side down

  39. Len385

    Len385Month ago

    Looks like herobrine has been back on the hermitcraft server.

  40. CatDrawsX

    CatDrawsXMonth ago


  41. Kyra Whitlock

    Kyra WhitlockMonth ago

    Grian mentioning the sign that says resistance in the background is the most epic foreshadowing ever


    ZHUAN YI GUEKMonth ago

    All this time I thought it was herobrine

  43. MixMasterMeow Govender

    MixMasterMeow GovenderMonth ago

    Man Ren sounds really South African (i know he is south African i didnt expect him to sound like that)

  44. DawnTheNightLightFury

    DawnTheNightLightFuryMonth ago

    Herobrine: this means WAR! I am the only Leave sheaver!

  45. Erin Johnson

    Erin JohnsonMonth ago

    Grian can i joun you sever

  46. i am the senate

    i am the senateMonth ago

    7:00 Grian and Ren compare *pile* sizes

  47. Thomas farquhar

    Thomas farquharMonth ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  48. Riya Jiwa

    Riya JiwaMonth ago


  49. Tristan Vadamootoo

    Tristan VadamootooMonth ago

    I just noticed that ren is like Kilo ren and I saw that castle and it’s kill rens

  50. Ginnie Gill

    Ginnie GillMonth ago

    You MONSTER TREE DESTROYER! You better get out and replant all of those innocent trees that got their lives taken away from them! You're going to make birch trees extinct!

  51. kids c

    kids cMonth ago

    Me sad

  52. GoodTimesWithCarson

    GoodTimesWithCarsonMonth ago


  53. Alan Wu

    Alan WuMonth ago

    I’m begging you for me to join the hermit craft seven season I really want to!!!!!!!

  54. Vee Waterson [old account]

    Vee Waterson [old account]Month ago

    18:00 The Resistance Base Entrance Has Been Under Our Noses All This Time

  55. javier Riang

    javier RiangMonth ago

    I am a huge fan of hermitcraft

  56. javier Riang

    javier RiangMonth ago

    Can i pls have the server adress and ip

  57. Greg Edmonds

    Greg EdmondsMonth ago

    Is ThAt MeAnT tO bE gOtTeN oR iS iT jUsT a TeAsIe?

  58. GoldPlays

    GoldPlaysMonth ago

    I got an ad for an app called "Jumbo"

  59. Wilbur Norris

    Wilbur NorrisMonth ago

    When are they gonna do an ender dragon All should get in a call and go together dramatically

  60. Smirk

    SmirkMonth ago

    i left off at 2:04

  61. Elvin Acevedo

    Elvin AcevedoMonth ago

    what if grian was on the dream smp

  62. Helen Brittain

    Helen BrittainMonth ago

    You broke a rule

  63. Inquisiom

    InquisiomMonth ago

    He is bringing back hero brine meomries

  64. GalaxyBoy 346

    GalaxyBoy 346Month ago

    3:34 why u no use shears?

  65. R Jackson

    R JacksonMonth ago

    15:16 idk who said 'tHe pRiNcIpLe' but that was the funniest thing I've ever heard

  66. Pamela Flack

    Pamela FlackMonth ago

    Am I the only one confused how he got all those revengers to go into there?

  67. Pamela Flack

    Pamela FlackMonth ago

    @Arwa Yea same

  68. Arwa

    ArwaMonth ago

    No, im also confused and impressed

  69. Cullen Barnard

    Cullen BarnardMonth ago

    Y'know, you could just sell the leaves to other hermits to help them win while you get rich.

  70. Josse Abts

    Josse AbtsMonth ago

    Every hermit belike Herobrine was here

  71. Emily Troxel

    Emily TroxelMonth ago

    Guys? What about the girls?

  72. Sjors de Kok

    Sjors de KokMonth ago

    i love watching this mij littel sister is watching it tou

  73. Hannah Lin

    Hannah LinMonth ago

    is it possible for trees stripped of leaves to regrow them?

  74. Johnson Li

    Johnson LiMonth ago

    why does Etho have a Kakashi skin in 14:13

  75. Johnson Li

    Johnson LiMonth ago

    the second i saw that climate change i was really sad.can minecraft trees regrow???

  76. Mr. Squid

    Mr. SquidMonth ago

    Who else saw someone walk in a 16:30

  77. Just ryan YT

    Just ryan YTMonth ago

    Who is Maui?

  78. Pansexual Goddess

    Pansexual GoddessMonth ago

    "Broken teabags" Excuse you, yes.

  79. Aqueous_Fireball

    Aqueous_FireballMonth ago

    guys it's The Once-ler in minecraft, woah!!!!!

  80. Loredana Magadan

    Loredana MagadanMonth ago

    Devastation what deforestation

  81. Dominic Osorio

    Dominic OsorioMonth ago

    2:50 GrIaN iZ hErOBrInE ConfIRmEd??

  82. Klayd

    KlaydMonth ago

    He made a netherite Hoe!!! :0

  83. Krazy Playz

    Krazy PlayzMonth ago

    NOT THE TREES! 😭😭😭😭😭🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳

  84. ayoutuberwhoplaysrobloxandothergameslikethathibois

    ayoutuberwhoplaysrobloxandothergameslikethathiboisMonth ago

    HE SAID HE WAS AFKING well not relly he said" if you sit here"bgut that means he was afking

  85. Eoin.

    Eoin.Month ago

    grian or someone in the commenta here can u tell me how are yous all in that server like how did u do that is it on persons world or what like idk how

  86. A.T

    A.TMonth ago


  87. Allura Valdez

    Allura ValdezMonth ago

    Ren: And ill have the cake. Grian: You can have the cake *leaves the cake*

  88. Mohammad Alzoubi

    Mohammad AlzoubiMonth ago

    I hate this game

  89. no bo

    no boMonth ago

    I've watched a good chunk of hermitcraft and this episode is barely where I figured out that ethos is Kakashi sensei

  90. Sh4d0w BX

    Sh4d0w BXMonth ago

    What in broken teabags is this?- cues Tokyo drift

  91. Bentley2850

    Bentley2850Month ago

    8:24 wouldn’t that be GAG instead of GG lol

  92. tsogoo mungun

    tsogoo mungunMonth ago

    mycelium is a godly name for a "dirt" collaboration

  93. Aman Saad

    Aman Saad2 months ago

    Grian : takes out the leaves of all the trees Everyone : Herobrine is back !!! Me : i haven't heard that name in years

  94. Betch Official

    Betch Official2 months ago

    A few leaves maybe 9 or 10. Montage starts: Grian takes out thousands of forests and jungles 😳

  95. Lemonpie Jedi

    Lemonpie Jedi2 months ago

    You fulfilled one of the charrot challenges You started a rumour “I heard Mumbo is leading the resistance”

  96. Masterlytical

    Masterlytical2 months ago

    1. Grian: Climate change Me: i havent heard that in a loooong time 2. Grian: its about the principle Me: wait my principle's retiring? 3. Grian: Oh great my next episode is to have a breakdown Me: yup its the same feeling when ur teaching children about reproduction

  97. Beck Vaughn

    Beck Vaughn2 months ago

    *mauu* Maui I'm RECOR-ding

  98. Steven Atal

    Steven Atal2 months ago

    the moving dragon head is a mob on a minecart under slabs

  99. 2028 Aneel Pitchumoni

    2028 Aneel Pitchumoni2 months ago

    Grian : mentions sign on stressmonstrer’s tree HEP: does not get any hint where the base is

  100. Christina Funk

    Christina Funk2 months ago

    Grian: I hate this thing so much Me: You and me both

  101. RacerFlo OOF

    RacerFlo OOF2 months ago

    Weren’t u supposed to make up nicknames this episode

  102. Potat0Lord _

    Potat0Lord _2 months ago

    I started watching Naruto around here. Now I've finished it and are continuing to watch this again now.

  103. Ian Cheline

    Ian Cheline2 months ago

    The base is under the potion tree