Hermitcraft 7: Episode 61 - HERMITCRAFT WORLD TOUR!

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 61 - HERMITCRAFT WORLD TOUR! Grian takes a tour of the hermitcraft minecraft server to appreciate everything that has been built this year and to see what everyone has been up to. Grian is on a holiday break at the moment, regular videos will start up again in the new year! Enjoy your holiday season all!
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  1. Alexandr Alistarh

    Alexandr Alistarh14 minutes ago

    Didn't anyone notice how at the last minute, Grian's voice got strangely high pitched??

  2. Blake James

    Blake James2 hours ago


  3. 2004 productions

    2004 productions18 hours ago

    End of the video gang

  4. DSeighty8

    DSeighty823 hours ago

    I love vaders fortress I found a tutorial on one and I’m going to make it

  5. Caden Visnovec

    Caden VisnovecDay ago


  6. jay arts Dickson

    jay arts DicksonDay ago

    Weird how grian is now living in zedaphas base

  7. Dimitris Krystallidis

    Dimitris KrystallidisDay ago

    Wow HC is so cool

  8. jimmy Dobie

    jimmy Dobie2 days ago

    The wealthy iraq cytogenetically request because wednesday consistently regret qua a shaggy call. tender tense, horrible vest

  9. DEFAULT cxz

    DEFAULT cxz2 days ago

    20:07 mumbo: am i a joke to you

  10. Appricott Cobbler

    Appricott Cobbler2 days ago

    43:32 or Seattle

  11. greninjack

    greninjack2 days ago

    25:12 I like how he said “Hello!” And all the cats simultaneously went MEOW!

  12. DanPro

    DanPro3 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the fact that tango built that tower from phineas and ferb

  13. Dice G

    Dice G3 days ago

    I cant wait for the season 7 download comes out

  14. Fexx YT

    Fexx YT3 days ago


  15. Hell O

    Hell O3 days ago

    It’s a hermit crib for a big baby

  16. Evan Hudacek

    Evan Hudacek3 days ago

    It woukd be fun to watch if all hermits had a giant war like fighting and dieing and lava and builds destroyed and if I was in there I would have a citadel woth overwhelming firepower and pillagers

  17. Sudev

    Sudev3 days ago

    We can all safely say that Tango *loves* Ravagers

  18. Random human On the internet

    Random human On the internet4 days ago

    Tin foil chef

  19. Evan Hudacek

    Evan Hudacek4 days ago

    What is your fav season so far?

  20. Ravenclaw_queen12

    Ravenclaw_queen124 days ago

    “Giant egg in a frying pan of course”

  21. Louise Parker

    Louise Parker4 days ago

    Grian: * takes baby Yoda * Scar: * upset about Grian taking baby Yoda but still doesn't touch Grumbot * Scar does not want another war But Grian does So there will be a war anyway

  22. Samuel_Gaming_123

    Samuel_Gaming_1234 days ago

    The turf war is over :(

  23. JA Graphic Designs

    JA Graphic Designs4 days ago

    What people are capable of. Is truly inspiring.

  24. hannahbanana

    hannahbanana4 days ago

    “love letter to mumbo” 😂😂😂😂😂

  25. HuweHuwe

    HuweHuwe4 days ago

    Inbred cats.

  26. Denise La

    Denise La5 days ago

    Grian : A caterpillar Me : A PEASHOOTERRRRRRRRRRR

  27. Andrew Belanger

    Andrew Belanger5 days ago


  28. ishaan singh

    ishaan singh6 days ago

    ummm how do they change the armor stands position and also how do they place sticks like that 29:31. Are they using some mod or somn ?

  29. Brittney Borkert

    Brittney Borkert6 days ago

    I love how he says "fortuune" instead of "fortune" so cute😂

  30. Eleanor Flynn

    Eleanor Flynn6 days ago

    Grian: Hey where's your- BDubs: *Say the word chief*

  31. راكان العنزي

    راكان العنزي6 days ago

    Scar base reminds me of (stranger things )right! Like the down world ( the upside-down ) coming up to the top world 🌍

  32. BreadGod

    BreadGod6 days ago

    “This looks complicated” Just a red stone light up machine using levers and red stone lamps

  33. Vert

    Vert7 days ago

    Who else got a bit triggered when he did notice dr d build

  34. Marley Dees

    Marley Dees7 days ago

    grumbot probably actually knows mumbo lost, i'm pretty sure he isnt dumb- -boxed in -probably not soundproof walls -nothing has changed -etc

  35. Hawse Hogan

    Hawse Hogan7 days ago

    What about my boi mumbo

  36. Jomito 8

    Jomito 87 days ago

    This will be an epic memory in 5 years. Comment if youre here after February 2021 and maybe we will get a complete timeline until 2026. Good luckt to you all. Have a good day.

  37. wolffishelk

    wolffishelk7 days ago

    Moe upside down stuff

  38. EveesCastle

    EveesCastle8 days ago

    You think Ren's build was madness back in season 4 or Season 5 I believe Cub made this large swath of land out of obsidian. We all know how long obsidian takes to mine but that was an obscene amount, like that must of taken weeks if not months just to gather all that obsidian.

  39. Diego Diaz

    Diego Diaz8 days ago

    The doofinshmirtz tower made me smile a lot

  40. ItsCliffGaming

    ItsCliffGaming8 days ago

    So disappointed he didn't steal B-Dubs door at the end - lol

  41. Sierra1138

    Sierra11388 days ago

    Grians mansion reminds me of the Zoldyk mansion from hxh

  42. Tracker

    Tracker8 days ago

    Were gonna start here and do s little tour 1 hour later and were done Short tour

  43. Mudit Korambil

    Mudit Korambil9 days ago


  44. Yeonder

    Yeonder9 days ago

    B-Dubs No.1

  45. Alice Tolland

    Alice Tolland9 days ago

    Can you do a shopping district tour?

  46. Noob 120

    Noob 1209 days ago


  47. Sam Rowley

    Sam Rowley9 days ago

    Not gonna lie at first I thought cleo's rainbow was the halo ring.

  48. Maxime de Reynal

    Maxime de Reynal9 days ago


  49. Marilyn Broadfoot

    Marilyn Broadfoot9 days ago

    "and that was nearly a year ago!" Me who is binge watching and watched that episode four days ago: ._.

  50. Jera

    Jera9 days ago

    you forgot TFC exist in your world too

  51. LUK - 100

    LUK - 10010 days ago

    33:52 How they've done this?

  52. Cmoney 2017

    Cmoney 201710 days ago

    Iskall will be proud of that diorite throne lol

  53. Joey Tammaro

    Joey Tammaro10 days ago

    Absolutely insane, no other way to put it.

  54. Jacob Nagel

    Jacob Nagel10 days ago

    We'll be working on this a lot in the new year *Laughs in HCBBS*

  55. MINECRAFT Herobrine Gaming

    MINECRAFT Herobrine Gaming10 days ago

    53:57 An airport?

  56. ExiledBowser

    ExiledBowser10 days ago

    Their world must be finite. or set via command to a smaller size.

  57. Zoey Stevens

    Zoey Stevens10 days ago

    u should bring back poultry man


    A MAN OF CULTURE10 days ago

    Big tnt build at end of the server season, to end it up in a boom


    A MAN OF CULTURE10 days ago

    Love ur vids

  60. Wolfy_Glitchy_Fun

    Wolfy_Glitchy_Fun11 days ago


  61. XiaoHou Yu

    XiaoHou Yu11 days ago

    keralalis's place is like legoland which is kinda boring to me

  62. bessy

    bessy11 days ago

    Grain: every time i go through my portal another one spawns me: ✨ o b s i d i a n f a r m ✨

  63. Emma Morrow

    Emma Morrow11 days ago

    You forgot to show Pacific

  64. Emily Pask

    Emily Pask11 days ago

    grain sweet berry can be used as a trap

  65. Stacey Morse

    Stacey Morse11 days ago

    grian did not include TFC sad TFC noises

  66. Poric Crompton

    Poric Crompton11 days ago

    Do inside of mansion

  67. RKRO 6

    RKRO 612 days ago

    Whats with the isgall?

  68. Danielle Boone

    Danielle Boone12 days ago

    *"Today on Hermit Cribs"*

  69. William OC

    William OC12 days ago

    I could help build the back of the mansion

  70. xXManicTazer59Xx

    xXManicTazer59Xx12 days ago

    villager number 2 im on about 70 building my iron farm

  71. Hython

    Hython12 days ago

    7:33 no, you just got an elytra

  72. Gaming Robo

    Gaming Robo12 days ago

    I like how they call themselves hermits yet some of them live next to eachother 😂

  73. J Mabruk

    J Mabruk12 days ago

    Watching this makes me sad about my own Minecraft skills :O

  74. Beefy

    Beefy12 days ago

    Bruh grian didn’t even say that tango built dewfensmurf tower and the kids WKb tower like wtf

  75. Bob Bob

    Bob Bob13 days ago

    I am from the future

  76. Shiycho

    Shiycho13 days ago

    The upside down: am I a joke to you?

  77. Benjamin Cleary

    Benjamin Cleary13 days ago

    wheres tfc

  78. Lord Rubin

    Lord Rubin13 days ago

    Grian, maybe you didn't know this, but the use for berries is to EAT them

  79. C D

    C D13 days ago

    26:17 me on a boat when they’re selling donuts on top of the waterfall

  80. C D

    C D13 days ago

    What happened to the Sahara building from season 6

  81. Bingelthebagel ・ω・

    Bingelthebagel ・ω・13 days ago

    Did he skip Larry :(

  82. Miguel Alegre

    Miguel Alegre13 days ago

    Pun Master indeed

  83. max.

    max.13 days ago

    i think you can make a jhonny the vindicator farm

  84. Magnemite987

    Magnemite98714 days ago


  85. Owen Creed

    Owen Creed14 days ago

    Google maps of hermitcraft season 7, an actual visit to every single building on the server, everyone submits their part of the server

  86. Nicholas Leva

    Nicholas Leva14 days ago

    Your such a great builder

  87. Ran Dawg87

    Ran Dawg8714 days ago

    Wow! Some amazing builds!

  88. Jay Brady

    Jay Brady14 days ago

    I don't mind a ad every now and then but every 5 minutes really....

  89. LeapingCello134

    LeapingCello13414 days ago


  90. Eddy Frankland

    Eddy Frankland14 days ago

    Ep 61 tors zed's base ep 68 has

  91. Dylan Doucette

    Dylan Doucette14 days ago


  92. Nicholas Leva

    Nicholas Leva14 days ago

    Your such a great USlikesr

  93. Justin Ruiz

    Justin Ruiz14 days ago

    U say we’re all “kinda familiar” but I have not seen the series. You should talk as if ppl haven’t watched it

  94. ExvergeOG Alt

    ExvergeOG Alt14 days ago

    What’s the name of the background music at the end??

  95. OPgamer801 [HMNG]

    OPgamer801 [HMNG]14 days ago


  96. Idiotic Bokoblin

    Idiotic Bokoblin14 days ago

    I’m pretty sure that you’re the best builder Grian!!!

  97. Martin Goodman

    Martin Goodman14 days ago

    you can eat berries

  98. I mean,

    I mean,15 days ago

    Where is Stress’s base?

  99. OctoGamerTv

    OctoGamerTv15 days ago

    Halfway😭 Season 8 is waving

  100. Lucy Grennan

    Lucy Grennan15 days ago

    Grian: spends half the video on one base: “we can’t stand too much time on one base, so let’s move on.” What???? 🤔

  101. Dedicated Person

    Dedicated Person15 days ago

    Di-did grian not recognize the doofenshmirtz tower?