Hermitcraft 7: Episode 44 - HAVING A BREAKDOWN

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 44 - HAVING A BREAKDOWN Grian does lots of chicken challenges with a fancy montage!
#minecraft #hermitcraft
No mansions were harmed in the making of this video.


  1. Amita Aggarwal

    Amita AggarwalHour ago

    You should have bring one compass at a time

  2. Amita Aggarwal

    Amita AggarwalHour ago

    Kerlalis thinking: grian will give me netherite Kerlalis give 2 stacks diamonds Grian gives one rotten flesh

  3. GamingwithEva123

    GamingwithEva1234 hours ago

    Grian: *placed TNT all over mansion* Me: PANIK also me: he’s probably not gonna light it *kalm* Grian: *lights TNT* Me: * PANIK*

  4. Nate Originate

    Nate Originate7 hours ago

    I had a heart attack during the break down lol

  5. Insert original Name

    Insert original Name10 hours ago

    4:55 he was bamboozled

  6. Joaquin De La Rosa

    Joaquin De La Rosa15 hours ago

    I thought he was really going to blow it up. I nearly got a heart attack!

  7. Ibrahim Hechame

    Ibrahim HechameDay ago

    😂 😆 lol

  8. Micci

    MicciDay ago

    Did Grian ever do the Poultry Man cameo? ._.

  9. Jett Crandall Vlogs

    Jett Crandall Vlogs2 days ago


  10. Liam Crump

    Liam Crump2 days ago

    blue suits you

  11. Smergs ._.

    Smergs ._.2 days ago

    HERMIT CHALLENG EES Am I right or am I right

  12. Chistopher Boyers

    Chistopher Boyers2 days ago


  13. Aryan Gaikwad

    Aryan Gaikwad2 days ago

    Grians andesite seemed gud to many veiwers tho

  14. Polina Lavrova

    Polina Lavrova2 days ago

    Am I the only one wondering why Etho's bedroom?

  15. Da Boss

    Da Boss2 days ago


  16. Kelly Beer

    Kelly Beer3 days ago

    We all got our hopes up for nothing

  17. Charles Luke

    Charles Luke3 days ago

    how did you do you destroy the manchon

  18. Blake Williams

    Blake Williams3 days ago


  19. Alex Boy

    Alex Boy3 days ago

    How did he fake it though

  20. EnterTheCatVerse

    EnterTheCatVerseDay ago

    he just copied the world

  21. Shannon F

    Shannon F4 days ago

    Yous should start doing the dance montage every time you have a montage. 1 IT'S SOOOO FUNNY! LOL 2 It's kind of fun , entertaining, and cool!

  22. Kiwi McMango

    Kiwi McMango4 days ago

    I was screaming when you started playing Decked Out, that was crazy.

  23. Sean Roche

    Sean Roche4 days ago

    I like the blue Jumper ALOT

  24. ArmyDudenette 2005

    ArmyDudenette 20054 days ago

    19:34-19:40 Why won't u do a minigame about that..?

  25. Chantal Janse Van Renseburg

    Chantal Janse Van Renseburg4 days ago


  26. thenethermob

    thenethermob5 days ago

    Grian you are talking like a baby villager 😂😂😂

  27. MAXD

    MAXD5 days ago

    AAAAAAAAA you you savage ! Wait whaaaaa you didn’t have a brake down AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  28. OS Productions

    OS Productions5 days ago

    S6 episode 44: war starts S7 episode 44: mental breakdown

  29. stewwils

    stewwils6 days ago

    Grain: you want me to do the back Us: no screw it!!!!!

  30. TheChill Gal

    TheChill Gal6 days ago

    Ok, but NOBODY is talking about the noteblock music tango made for decked out. Come on. That's already absolutely amazing.

  31. Bazerin Din

    Bazerin Din7 days ago

    did your base really explode ?



    He has copy of the world, mostly useful for planning builds in creative mode ahead of time.

  33. Jace Hill

    Jace Hill7 days ago

    I hope he gave some of those diamonds back

  34. Polly Crane

    Polly Crane7 days ago

    all i need to do to pass my sign laguage test is point to a sign? nice.

  35. The J

    The J7 days ago

    hm hm, hm hmmmm, hm hm hm hm hmmmm, mm, hm hm hmmmhmm hmm hmmmmmmmhmhmmhmmytnbuqfwygao8upinc

  36. Hp Roblox

    Hp Roblox7 days ago

    I saw the thumbnail I was like THAT TOOK SO LONG TO AND U BLOW IT UP

  37. Francesco Iaderosa

    Francesco Iaderosa8 days ago

    Is anybody else curious what the backwards sentence was???

  38. Daniel 1620

    Daniel 16208 days ago

    I just remembered the therapist part. It was from iron man 3, and iskall was like dr banner?

  39. ishaan singh

    ishaan singh8 days ago

    the way at last iskall was like "im not a therapist" is just sheer perfection.

  40. Calder DeFord

    Calder DeFord8 days ago

    Decked Out kind of reminds me of Ravager Run.

  41. Louise Fitzpatrick

    Louise Fitzpatrick8 days ago

    Em he had a breakdown

  42. Gruven Krause

    Gruven Krause8 days ago

    That was not funny the prank

  43. Gruven Krause

    Gruven Krause8 days ago

    You are dumb I love the mansion or should I say loved the mansion

  44. Sjsvdhd

    Sjsvdhd2 days ago

    Lol it's a joke he didn't really blow It up

  45. Dona Nasol

    Dona Nasol9 days ago

    Imagine if Mumbo or Iskall was logged in. They could be bursting with laughter. Just Grian saying bye millions of times in chat.

  46. RINGO HULK777

    RINGO HULK7779 days ago

    17:21 oh thank the Lord. I was legitimately screaming at him not to do it.

  47. Lukeario797 ThoseTimes Mobmaker Minecraft

    Lukeario797 ThoseTimes Mobmaker Minecraft9 days ago

    to be honest i like Grian with a blue jumper i realy like that colour

  48. Sharky Games

    Sharky Games9 days ago

    Just finish the back, Grian!

  49. Miha Gomiunik

    Miha Gomiunik10 days ago

    He is stupid

  50. Miha Gomiunik

    Miha Gomiunik10 days ago

    Why is he blew up castle

  51. Sjsvdhd

    Sjsvdhd2 days ago

    It's a joke lol

  52. MelodyGoPlay

    MelodyGoPlay10 days ago

    When he said the sentence backwards, I thought he was saying a different language. Yeah, that's how good he is. And when he complained, I thought to myself, _I would do ANYTHING to be a part of the server._

  53. Hari_ 8:3

    Hari_ 8:310 days ago

    My soul almost go out of my body and dont come back omg i was like WTF NOOOOO

  54. Captain Brayden Guignard

    Captain Brayden Guignard10 days ago

    Grian can u make me in the mycelium restitance even no I’m not in hermit craft?

  55. Orlaith Mckenna

    Orlaith Mckenna10 days ago

    Grian: I never want to see it again. Grian editing the video:

  56. Souraya Najdi

    Souraya Najdi10 days ago

    OMG he destroyed the mansion IT WAS A DREAM hahaha hahaha LOL

  57. Sonja Bell

    Sonja Bell11 days ago

    he didint

  58. Sonja Bell

    Sonja Bell11 days ago

    wait did he?

  59. Sonja Bell

    Sonja Bell11 days ago


  60. Patrick Garber

    Patrick Garber12 days ago

    I’m still waiting on the original pesky bird aka poultry man

  61. David Suarez / Anna Marie Villaraza-Suarez

    David Suarez / Anna Marie Villaraza-Suarez12 days ago

    I like he is like minecraft pro

  62. raja patton

    raja patton12 days ago

    just think if mumbo was mayor i wonder if they would be do this resistance at all XD (just food for thought)

  63. raja patton

    raja patton12 days ago

    the dance montage is so funny XD

  64. EPK EPK

    EPK EPK12 days ago

    NOOOOOO!!! I LOVE the mansion! Don't destroy it!

  65. EPK EPK

    EPK EPK12 days ago

    Oh, you didn't even break it! That was a world download. I still love it though!

  66. Jatin Sharma

    Jatin Sharma12 days ago

    How the mansion survived I don't understand 😳

  67. Wolfy_Glitchy_Fun

    Wolfy_Glitchy_Fun13 days ago

    P. H. E. W

  68. AK 123

    AK 12313 days ago

    Hermit Challenges

  69. rosy.roblox

    rosy.roblox13 days ago

    *Grian sees gast* "talking" "no ♥️."

  70. ProbeBot

    ProbeBot13 days ago

    23:40 BadTimeWithScar? *Do you wanna have a Bad Time?*

  71. RKRO 6

    RKRO 613 days ago

    H.... how did he rebuilt it??

  72. Ethan_PSM

    Ethan_PSM13 days ago

    I’ll do the back idc

  73. Melanie Borbas

    Melanie Borbas14 days ago

    He said “ say a sentence oh I wish “ backwards!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂

  74. The Colonel

    The Colonel14 days ago

    Grian: builds in an offline world* Problems: Grian: *builds in Hermitcraft* Problems: Allow us to introduce ourselves

  75. Vincentjericho Orcullo

    Vincentjericho Orcullo14 days ago

    Ah come an the mansion i loge it even the back

  76. charliedoesfilm

    charliedoesfilm14 days ago

    That meltdown terrified me, Grian!

  77. xX _ Maksoneg999 _ Xx

    xX _ Maksoneg999 _ Xx14 days ago

    17:10 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭NOOO

  78. Super frog Station

    Super frog Station14 days ago

    I like the blue jumper

  79. Quinn

    Quinn14 days ago

    Yep break down

  80. Eli Wein

    Eli Wein14 days ago

    Anyone else here from 2022

  81. Jake Haydt

    Jake Haydt14 days ago

    Grian does not realize but bamboo would be more valuable than diamonds LOL

  82. Kyriakos Adamantopoulos

    Kyriakos Adamantopoulos14 days ago


  83. Camo Aminates

    Camo Aminates15 days ago


  84. LarsonFamily School

    LarsonFamily School15 days ago

    oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. PanPanPlayz

    PanPanPlayz15 days ago

    "BadTimeWithScar"??? 23: 38

  86. sarita h

    sarita h15 days ago

    Rip mansion. There were literally a few EPISODES dedicated to this!

  87. Wyatt Horan

    Wyatt Horan15 days ago

    I thought he was gonna turn tnt explodes off

  88. Crazydrawinggirl

    Crazydrawinggirl15 days ago

    I use Andasite when im making water tubes or in one of my favorites a lava tube with a sevret room inside lol

  89. Vidya Sree

    Vidya Sree15 days ago

    Grian: gives the idea of having a mayor Also Grian: resists the mayor

  90. William OC

    William OC16 days ago

    44 how now

  91. Dylan Doucette

    Dylan Doucette16 days ago


  92. JaKaj Rich

    JaKaj Rich17 days ago

    Grian should have put "Etho's Lab"

  93. Lit Llama

    Lit Llama17 days ago

    you are the pesky bird the pesky bird isnt

  94. Eli Jackson

    Eli Jackson17 days ago

    Who got tricked!

  95. StillOofing1 idiot

    StillOofing1 idiot17 days ago

    I exploded my 7 year old minecraft map now this was a breakdown

  96. Skello Bones

    Skello Bones17 days ago

    8:05 I thought it was a 'wizard fruit.'

  97. C D

    C D17 days ago


  98. Neil Smith

    Neil Smith17 days ago

    Look at that arrow directly in my shnose

  99. Zachninja gaming

    Zachninja gaming18 days ago


  100. Diptangshu Dey

    Diptangshu Dey18 days ago

    what is the name of the music during the whole montage?


    SAMUEL TEE HSIEN RONG Moe18 days ago

    I can build the mansion if u TnT it im proes

  102. Bennett Hodgson

    Bennett Hodgson19 days ago

    You spent all that hard work for nothing? Really I liked the mansion no matter finished or not

  103. Jackie Nash

    Jackie Nash19 days ago

    Thank ****ing god you did it on the copy of your world

  104. Jackie Nash

    Jackie Nash19 days ago

    You made me sad

  105. Jackie Nash

    Jackie Nash19 days ago

    No im going to cr noooooo :( fm fm hmm wa waaa wa