Hermitcraft 7: Episode 60 - WHO WON THE TURF WAR?

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Grian and the hermitcraft server are settling their differences through minecraft games. There was a lot of footage to get through so here is some highlights from the games!
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  1. Grian

    Grian2 months ago

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  2. Maleeka Abbas

    Maleeka Abbas26 days ago

    Grian got a sponsorship!!

  3. The steampunk Foxes

    The steampunk Foxes27 days ago

    I read wings of fire :)

  4. EJtoU

    EJtoUMonth ago

    Thank you for the book recommends - 15 lives sounds right up my alley

  5. Layla Bothwell

    Layla Bothwell2 months ago

    if the WARRIORS series by ERIN HUNTER in on Audible, i would recommend it

  6. ᯽C•H•I•L•D᯽

    ᯽C•H•I•L•D᯽2 months ago

    And a question do u like the movies Hobbit?

  7. Bonk_

    Bonk_Day ago

    Everyone's perspective: *dodgeball* Xisuma's perspective: **H E A D F A R M**

  8. iSqyTurtle

    iSqyTurtleDay ago

    And Grain complains about not hesitating and he just punches impulse within the second he says punch me

  9. One Prickly Boi

    One Prickly BoiDay ago

    What happened Tinfoilchef?

  10. GhoulScoutTheMovie

    GhoulScoutTheMovie2 days ago

    grain face reeveal x d

  11. Sam Hammond

    Sam Hammond2 days ago

    any1 else appreciate absolutely AMASEING

  12. Sly Sleuth Sailor

    Sly Sleuth Sailor3 days ago

    Why does my brain think of flak cannons when they were playing Floatage.

  13. Brayden Miller

    Brayden Miller3 days ago

    K. That is hilarious. I listen to the same books, in the same way, ALL THE TIME

  14. Liam Heslip

    Liam Heslip4 days ago

    you are the best keep it up

  15. Steven Daze

    Steven Daze5 days ago

    Sorry if this offends you Grian, but you have the Smallest Real-Life head I have ever seen...

  16. Zyborg Gaming

    Zyborg Gaming5 days ago

    Sorry grian ur lighting is weird... u look scary

  17. Quin Vandenberg

    Quin Vandenberg6 days ago

    Eek I hope that HP obsession doesn’t go along with JKR?

  18. SKZ Remakə

    SKZ Remakə6 days ago

    6:47 Omg I'm not the only one

  19. Jonathan Flöjt

    Jonathan Flöjt6 days ago

    Me: clicks on grians vid *Yt starts playing ad* the ad: audible Grian after the ad: this video is sponsored by audible

  20. HuweHuwe

    HuweHuwe7 days ago

    I just noticed etho's skin is kakashi sensei

  21. Marley Dees

    Marley Dees7 days ago

    Wait... why do wars always happen on minecraft servers? like, i have heard of multiple wars on different servers!

  22. Dona Nasol

    Dona Nasol7 days ago

    Welcome to the Resistance. We don't support Mycelium. We just let it spread. Just for fun.

  23. Dona Nasol

    Dona Nasol7 days ago

    Everybody completely forgot Stress was part of the resistance.

  24. Fadzom

    Fadzom9 days ago

    7:03 he is the best human being

  25. Zoey Stevens

    Zoey Stevens10 days ago


  26. Creator S

    Creator S11 days ago

    I just love the fact that etho has a kakashi skin on

  27. maryjane molly

    maryjane molly12 days ago

    hello grian i just want to say you are very beautiful okay thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  28. Paul kiker

    Paul kiker12 days ago


  29. Joaquinium

    Joaquinium12 days ago

    "Meaning the mycelium resistence take the win, and Scar you got to build the back of my mansion" *Procceds to crack all the fireworks* I love how smooth that was

  30. William OC

    William OC12 days ago

    Your cat I love cats

  31. Fanvergent 15

    Fanvergent 1513 days ago

    “A full scale war on the server.” *laughs in Dream smp*

  32. Shane Matthews

    Shane Matthews15 days ago

    And also all minecraft gamers should know this, if you have full health and your on fire/poisoned you will always live but with just half a heart, try it. :)))))))

  33. Shane Matthews

    Shane Matthews15 days ago

    hermitcraft always reminds me of how the US government works, and that's an accomplishment for just minecraft.

  34. Agata Maguza

    Agata Maguza15 days ago

    I dont see audioble/grain link

  35. sophia pratte

    sophia pratte15 days ago

    I would love to see some of them in the MCC. it was so entertaining.

  36. OctoGamerTv

    OctoGamerTv15 days ago

    Resistance Gang👍 The HIPPPP Gang👎

  37. NoahsArchAngel

    NoahsArchAngel15 days ago

    Oh look. A scoreboard shaped like Utah.

  38. sijun chathuni

    sijun chathuni16 days ago

    In hermitcraft who died the most i can tell it's grian

  39. Old Man In The Bathroom

    Old Man In The Bathroom16 days ago

    All the dislikes are the hep members

  40. enzo varin

    enzo varin17 days ago

    Vive la resistance!

  41. 02_Adireddy_Amogh

    02_Adireddy_Amogh17 days ago

    I've got to say I loved Etho's game

  42. Aidan yong

    Aidan yong17 days ago

    this is like mcc or mcm (minecraft monday and minecraft champeonships)

  43. Xtrabyte

    Xtrabyte17 days ago

    i want to play in ripzone

  44. Limed

    Limed17 days ago

    your videos are amazing grain

  45. Equestrian Actor

    Equestrian Actor17 days ago

    Grian. You. Should. Find. Mumbo. Then. Zombie. Cleo. And. ZB. Then. Prank. Them.

  46. Equestrian Actor

    Equestrian Actor17 days ago

    If you didn’t make it to the end of my last episode then shame on you *crouches*


    SAMUEL TEE HSIEN RONG Moe18 days ago

    aaa u sjold turn offfff ur comp b4 face see real

  48. Awkward Unicorn

    Awkward Unicorn18 days ago

    I like how they just completely forgot that jevin and stress were a part of the resistance

  49. Olly T

    Olly T18 days ago


  50. Absol And The Loomians

    Absol And The Loomians18 days ago

    Fun fact: Despite "those 7 audiobooks" being the only ones he listens to, Grian is not allowed to mention by name anything written by J.K. Rowling, because Audible knows that their brand will be messed up if it looks like they endorse what she does.

  51. MeepyNotSus

    MeepyNotSus19 days ago

    TuRn RiGhT, TuRn RiGhT, tUrN lEfT!

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  54. Telly is cool

    Telly is cool19 days ago

    My listening time is 4 month 18 days 16 houres and 12 minutes

  55. SmellDaPika yy

    SmellDaPika yy20 days ago

    Its funny how how he started both wars Season 6: a few funny pranks Season 7: a few mycelium blocks

  56. Lowfi Games

    Lowfi Games20 days ago

    Why is it always you that starts wars on this server lol 😂

  57. Chali Sahib

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  58. Chali Sahib

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  59. Chali Sahib

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  60. Chali Sahib

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  61. Chumply YT

    Chumply YT21 day ago

    2:48 mumbo jumbolio

  62. Oriel Fuehrer

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  63. TheOnlyDuanYouNeed

    TheOnlyDuanYouNeed21 day ago

    Man between how he played in these games and mcc grians a real frickin beast

  64. Phoebe S

    Phoebe S22 days ago

    this was more intense than any sport's tourney/competition that I have ever seen

  65. KrustyXD9

    KrustyXD922 days ago

    Grian u were suppose to be making your nether community but u wasted time on this

  66. KrustyXD9

    KrustyXD922 days ago

    Hopefully he loses

  67. Bailey Lewis

    Bailey Lewis23 days ago

    Grians cat is soooooo cute

  68. Gamin Dave

    Gamin Dave23 days ago

    Please suggest me, should i play MC on: Pc Mobile Xbox

  69. dawgboyxxx

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  70. Beefy Beef

    Beefy Beef23 days ago

    That dodgeball game is scuffed

  71. Gaming Everything YT

    Gaming Everything YT23 days ago

    I like how Grain's real life face is like he's minecraft face

  72. Pocket Monsters

    Pocket Monsters23 days ago

    I'm getting a concern (if that's the right word) that every season that Grian joins at least have a war or a mini war

  73. Jamie Tallstone

    Jamie Tallstone24 days ago

    grian: *talking about audible* "i listen to only 7 books" me: do i spy another potterhead???

  74. Jerome McKinsey III

    Jerome McKinsey III24 days ago

    I didn't get to the end of your last episode 😭😭😭

  75. Emil Levisson

    Emil Levisson25 days ago

    That’s what she said

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  78. Jake TheDoggable

    Jake TheDoggable26 days ago

    Funny that my phone autocorrects Grian’s name to “Groan”

  79. Shrek

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  80. Sara Barron

    Sara Barron26 days ago

    Whoever didn’t get how to play floatage👇

  81. Gwendalyn777

    Gwendalyn77726 days ago

    I stop watching for a bit and there’s a WAR LOL!!

  82. The MemeLord

    The MemeLord27 days ago

    In the audible montage were you coocking sujuck?

  83. Conner Duncan

    Conner Duncan28 days ago

    Second channel 4 hour footage???

  84. Aspenpaw

    Aspenpaw28 days ago

    My viewing experience: Grian: ‘I just tried to-*LOW BATTERY*’ Grian: ‘landsli-*LOW BATTERY*’ Grian: ‘impulse just-*LOW BATTERY* *POWER OFF* Accursed Bluetooth headphones.

  85. LucarioAuraKing

    LucarioAuraKing28 days ago

    Best promotion I've seen!

  86. Yamada Issei

    Yamada Issei28 days ago

    What about the goat's upgrade of the new HQ

  87. Jumper

    Jumper29 days ago

    Grain has instigated two wars

  88. Hanne De Vuyst

    Hanne De Vuyst29 days ago

    Ur guilty of making le addicted to audible bro

  89. SepticComics 09

    SepticComics 0929 days ago

    Season 6: Civil War Season 7: Infinity War Season 8: ENDGAME

  90. Ben Charles

    Ben CharlesMonth ago

    The mycelium war arc is definitely making top ten anime arcs of all time

  91. Oxeye

    OxeyeMonth ago

    The sponsor thing with u isnt weird, my bro listens to the same audio books 3 times in a row, and it drives my dad crazy

  92. Delphine

    DelphineMonth ago

    You see guys this is why i want ro become a minecraft youtuber when i grow up cause first it is very fun (sometimes) second i know it all editing and trying to uplaod at the right time id difficult third i already have minecraft and i am already playing i just want to get better at building redstone or even fighting




  94. Scooter Kenna

    Scooter KennaMonth ago

    If only civil wars were actually like this A bunch of minigames to see who wins

  95. joe mama

    joe mamaMonth ago

    Viewable? Grian, I have no life. I watch USlikes all day every day. I will happily watch 5 hours of Grian.

  96. Christmasler

    ChristmaslerMonth ago

    I haven’t seen grians face in a youtube video in a long time

  97. Dolphin Blaza 72

    Dolphin Blaza 72Month ago

    Could you use a face cam while you play hermit craft please!!!

  98. anime and toon facts

    anime and toon factsMonth ago

    Grian :- it's about the principle Me(thinking) :- maybe it's about covering shopping district with mycelium Me(now thinking) :- it's just a silly topic to make a war

  99. CDgonePotatoes

    CDgonePotatoesMonth ago

    Riptide and Capture the flag should really be adopted and played competitively in servers if they aren't already taking from existing ones they were so fun to watch, kudos for all the incredible work.

  100. JediLiLou

    JediLiLouMonth ago

    Grian only having HP on repeat is the most British thing I've ever seen that mad lad do

  101. Angel Mark Lopez

    Angel Mark LopezMonth ago

    I like watching your videos

  102. Daequan Hendricks

    Daequan HendricksMonth ago

    3rd face reveal

  103. Gaming Tube

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  104. Winter Wolf

    Winter WolfMonth ago

    Me while watching these: Is it all just mcc practice or no? (I'm kidding but some of it looks like it ;-;)

  105. Benjamin Buczkowski

    Benjamin BuczkowskiMonth ago

    i never would have thought that you would look like that it is kind of weird

  106. YT X xTRADERx X

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    Who is watching this with socks on?

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    I am