Hermitcraft 7: Episode 48 - BUYING THE THRONE

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 48 - BUYING THE THRONE Grian is on hermitcraft doing what he does best, causing mayhem
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  1. Eesha Jamil

    Eesha Jamil4 hours ago


  2. The Club Plays

    The Club Plays18 hours ago

    I dont care about the storyline i just enjoy you guys and gals

  3. Blake Williams

    Blake WilliamsDay ago

    "pretty good reviews" those were amazing reviews 5:20

  4. summer serpentine

    summer serpentineDay ago

    I do really like the idea of a mycelium resistance, but...the grass also looks really good.

  5. Ion Tristis

    Ion Tristis2 days ago

    22:47 They were planing thier distraction by themselves all this time

  6. Benjamin Carson

    Benjamin Carson2 days ago

    i wish my minecraft was not lagy just seeing this makes me want it to be less lagy :(

  7. Kevin Kane

    Kevin Kane3 days ago

    The bamboo is acting as a full block so it floats and I don’t know why it hasn’t stoped floating

  8. One Prickly Boi

    One Prickly Boi3 days ago

    17:58... It's like the Winning Smile in Roblox...

  9. no ah

    no ah3 days ago


  10. Gaston Charloux

    Gaston Charloux3 days ago

    what was that lama

  11. Jayden Jensen

    Jayden Jensen4 days ago

    your a amazing youtuber

  12. aaron 88

    aaron 884 days ago


  13. aaron 88

    aaron 884 days ago


  14. CatsGaming 101

    CatsGaming 1015 days ago


  15. Gee Ell

    Gee Ell5 days ago

    I know this is late, but did they actually leave 131+ shulkers full of mycelium? Because that is what was owed.

  16. Esther Dickinson

    Esther Dickinson6 days ago


  17. * oAmbxsh

    * oAmbxsh8 days ago

    Not much use for rotten flest everyones favorite minecraft food

  18. CatsGaming 101

    CatsGaming 1015 days ago


  19. CatsGaming 101

    CatsGaming 1015 days ago


  20. Dona Nasol

    Dona Nasol8 days ago

    A war on Hermitcraft... "It's kinda what we do."

  21. Saurmaan

    Saurmaan9 days ago

    I just realized that ehtos akin is kakashi

  22. Ffenics 1142

    Ffenics 11429 days ago

    Grian is low key the coolest guy ever.

  23. Carolyn Fear

    Carolyn Fear9 days ago


  24. Micromack

    Micromack9 days ago

    He’s been working on the mansion since episode 6

  25. Mark Bradford

    Mark Bradford10 days ago


  26. alpha deer

    alpha deer11 days ago

    Don,t you think grian is the best person in hermitcraft

  27. LikelyLyrical

    LikelyLyrical11 days ago

    I love Etho so much lmao

  28. Iona Mae

    Iona Mae11 days ago

    Grian you are such an inspiration to all those younger viewers and older! You make people laugh and be more positive (especially with covid around!) So, thank you soooo much, I appreciate how much work you are doing to entertain us all Thanks Hope the cats are good!! Xx

  29. Life Bremes

    Life Bremes11 days ago

    Love this series cant wait for next episode

  30. Pigloo Dodo

    Pigloo Dodo12 days ago

    You legitimately pulled the emergency meeting overlay out of Among Us's files. That looks a bit strange, because the character is fully red, blue, and green, because it changes depending on the colour of the character,

  31. Millburn Fernandez

    Millburn Fernandez13 days ago

    hol up

  32. Mitchell Sinclair

    Mitchell Sinclair13 days ago

    why is there grass and mycelium but no podzol

  33. Five Four

    Five Four13 days ago

    Grian: turf war. Me: wahhhhhh I didn't know I was playing splatoon

  34. ArkhamKnight04

    ArkhamKnight0413 days ago

    It's sad how many times he has to say dont be mean

  35. MC Aro Ace Girl

    MC Aro Ace Girl13 days ago

    18:45 I didn't know llamas attack wolves and I know more random Minecraft knowledge than most of the USlikesrs I watch.

  36. MC Aro Ace Girl

    MC Aro Ace Girl13 days ago

    7:15 Did anyone else rewind the video just to do the math? I am a geeking out right now

  37. MC Aro Ace Girl

    MC Aro Ace Girl13 days ago

    Not trying to brag, just mentioning my dorkiness

  38. MC Aro Ace Girl

    MC Aro Ace Girl13 days ago

    Yeah, it's the weekend so no mental or paper math, I used a calculator. You would need 23500.8 mycelium total. That's 367.2 stacks of mycelium. I have autism, ADD, and OCD. And I am a mega nerd, dork, geek, etc. who is in high school and passing geometry with flying colors.

  39. Cohen Adams

    Cohen Adams13 days ago

    math math MATHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. setsuko

    setsuko13 days ago

    21:05 grian's laugh

  41. Tom Aveyard

    Tom Aveyard13 days ago

    Grians neck looks like a mouth

  42. dread desert8712

    dread desert871214 days ago

    I like how the rocket ship has a mushroom top 18:12

  43. Crazydrawinggirl

    Crazydrawinggirl15 days ago

    Go both sides [but mostly the resistance] lol

  44. Boyao Yang

    Boyao Yang15 days ago

    Grian... sorry I’m late to the episode but, it would be funny if you made a very good bargain box and name it “This Should Be A: *DECED OUT* Box”

  45. Dylan Doucette

    Dylan Doucette16 days ago


  46. HuntHaunt

    HuntHaunt12 days ago

    @gayraffe he was joking

  47. gayraffe

    gayraffe14 days ago

    lol why he's a genuinely good person and cares for people?

  48. Dylan Doucette

    Dylan Doucette14 days ago

    @gayraffe i said i dont care he deserves bad and nasty comments so get outta my face

  49. gayraffe

    gayraffe14 days ago


  50. Cuisine Creations

    Cuisine Creations16 days ago

    tame the hep dogs so they don't kill the sheep

  51. yake keis

    yake keis16 days ago

    3,008,000 view pog

  52. Victoria D'Angelo

    Victoria D'Angelo16 days ago

    I realize I'm like four months too late but I just thought I would say that they only needed 46 shulker boxes of mycelium to buy the diamond throne

  53. Lola Cichlar

    Lola Cichlar17 days ago


  54. Trill Collins

    Trill Collins17 days ago

    it truly isn't a proper season of hermitcraft until Grian has to tell everyone to stop being mean. CLASSIC.

  55. Jackson Hayden

    Jackson Hayden17 days ago

    I wish people didnt be rude to you and scar I love both of your guys videos and hope you keep making them

  56. MonkeyDudeX1

    MonkeyDudeX117 days ago

    the reason the llama didn't want to leave is because in Minecraft if you get multiple llamas you actually only need to lead one because the llamas will always follow other llamas and llama is going for Brian

  57. MonkeyDudeX1

    MonkeyDudeX117 days ago

    What if he just got a stack of my celium and then a stack of shulker boxes and then put a single mycelium in every shulker box so he would have a strack of shulker boxes with mycelium

  58. MonkeyDudeX1

    MonkeyDudeX117 days ago

    The way the arrow is of mystery is actually just because of the way that the hitbox works so when it got shot one of a few things could have happened and to buy a few I mean two and one of them might not be possible but one of them is maybe a skeleton shot it and when it hit it hit a bamboo and cuz of the way hitboxes and stuff works it just stayed floating there but the way the game saw it it was just sticking out of the bamboo or maybe a skeleton shot at it and then right before it hits the thing somebody left the game whoever was load in it but that one is very highly not plausible because then when they log back on it probably wouldn't be floated unless if the server had a certain plugin from stopping it

  59. Karlie wu

    Karlie wu18 days ago

    Grian no use for rotten flesh Cleric give me for emeralds

  60. Tayjes Zacharia

    Tayjes Zacharia18 days ago

    22:39 Biological Control

  61. jet Dinelt

    jet Dinelt18 days ago

    Lamas follow each other 9n leads thats why he was so reluctant he was trying to flow low the other lama

  62. Nick Law

    Nick Law18 days ago


  63. katie roberts

    katie roberts18 days ago

    It literally feels like u just pulled a gta heist

  64. Brandon Lutz

    Brandon Lutz18 days ago

    What really bothers me is if you look up the mycelium resistance on wiki they say it started because G.T.W.Scar was taxing everyone when in reality it is just for LOLz

  65. CatsGaming 101

    CatsGaming 1015 days ago


  66. Sophie Smith

    Sophie Smith19 days ago

    Scar scar scar scar

  67. vintage car

    vintage car19 days ago

    that's a lot of dirt vvrrmmmm

  68. ASTRO_D3RP

    ASTRO_D3RP19 days ago

    battle/war event on HC: happens grian: it hurts me that people have been disrespecting the enemy! remember the civil war and such? he gave a whole speech (not that i'm complaining)

  69. 3E(15) 穆彥桐 Mu Yin Tung

    3E(15) 穆彥桐 Mu Yin Tung19 days ago


  70. Elliott Rose

    Elliott Rose20 days ago

    I like both sides but I don’t like the nameing choise of the grass side

  71. Luke Duke

    Luke Duke20 days ago


  72. Carol Zhang

    Carol Zhang21 day ago

    8:28 just marking where I left off

  73. NovaHelixable

    NovaHelixable21 day ago

    Petition to tell Grian he can trade rotten flesh for emeralds

  74. Jones Place

    Jones Place21 day ago

    Go micelem

  75. Tia R

    Tia R21 day ago


  76. The Chasanater

    The Chasanater22 days ago

    Damnit he’s high again

  77. Felix Aldersey-Smith

    Felix Aldersey-Smith23 days ago

    I wish the haters a very bad day


    TRIGGERED ASHISH22 days ago

    Not haters Those are just toxic people

  79. Tijmen Plaisier

    Tijmen Plaisier23 days ago

    the resistance, get a mecelium skin

  80. Kaden Sceville

    Kaden Sceville25 days ago

    Hey Grian, can you bring back the game of demise, or something similar

  81. Lucas Blackwell

    Lucas Blackwell25 days ago

    Love ur content

  82. MadiXOXO246 :D

    MadiXOXO246 :D25 days ago

    lol Scar totally played himself with the buy-back thing, didn't he? XD

  83. mr muffin

    mr muffin26 days ago

    The llma was scared of your minecraft face

  84. mr muffin

    mr muffin27 days ago

    I love the turf war it's fun because grian n he's friends are having fun not all will have fun

  85. Joe Young

    Joe Young27 days ago

    Anyone watching in 2021

  86. Will Peel

    Will Peel25 days ago




    Can he please just do an proper intro?

  88. Robin Hindery Enan

    Robin Hindery Enan28 days ago

    God is fun

  89. Sara Barron

    Sara Barron28 days ago

    Whoever tells hermits what other hermits are doing go dig a hole

  90. Nooby

    Nooby29 days ago

    maybe it was just because the llama was scared of your face

  91. Nooby

    Nooby29 days ago

    Hermitcraft -you waste your time to do nothing

  92. Gothica 13

    Gothica 1329 days ago

    oh god that is going to haunt my nightmares looool

  93. Daniel Woudstra

    Daniel WoudstraMonth ago

    Could u do a toor of all the shops

  94. SIM KAI ZHE Moe

    SIM KAI ZHE MoeMonth ago

    dont make a bad comments EVER

  95. Boffy

    BoffyMonth ago

    Please stop sending bad Cannes

  96. Braedon Scanna

    Braedon ScannaMonth ago

    Why don't you go look at grumbot

  97. Coalking

    CoalkingMonth ago

    17:40 oh hi plz stay away

  98. Coalking

    CoalkingMonth ago

    what happend to the days when he stole peoples doors wait steal heps door

  99. Mario Politi

    Mario PolitiMonth ago


  100. Sam Petherick

    Sam PetherickMonth ago

    After watching this I must say. GO MYCELIUM RESISTANCE!!!!! And... GO HEP!!!!!

  101. maricris santz

    maricris santzMonth ago

    I just love like every episode I hear him go I need my calculator Grian the maths God

  102. maricris santz

    maricris santzMonth ago

    Dont hate peoples only love

  103. Becky Petersen

    Becky PetersenMonth ago

    17:46 to be honest he kinda be looking like GeorgeNotFound's skin

  104. Beholder88

    Beholder88Month ago

    I hated math, but this actually made sense to me. Wow.

  105. Natalia

    NataliaMonth ago

    Scar, you fool.

  106. Darkfoxa

    DarkfoxaMonth ago

    To be honest. You can't expect some viewer hate not to happen given the strongest demographic of Minecraft channels tend to be kids. They do tend to not see the difference between pretend and real

  107. İlhan Arda Al

    İlhan Arda AlMonth ago

    Grian: They don't know where the bases. Litteraly makes sheep and cow go up next to the ancient debree shop

  108. Yuxuan Tian

    Yuxuan TianMonth ago

    Alternative title: Grown famous man yells at random plant to grow in block game

  109. JustTyler

    JustTylerMonth ago

    dorime. ameno. ameno

  110. Gilvan Greig-Clarke

    Gilvan Greig-ClarkeMonth ago

    I have alpacas and they r so stubborn

  111. Griffin Murphy

    Griffin MurphyMonth ago

    why did the lama do that?

  112. Sarah Way

    Sarah WayMonth ago

    Tame it first