Hermitcraft 7: Episode 45 - THE SECRET BASE

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 45 - THE SECRET BASE Grian builds a base for the mycelium resistance and makes some more barge boxes!
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  1. Jetze Murre

    Jetze Murre11 hours ago

    Wtf, why does this almost have 1k dislikes? This is content you’d be looking for


    VIGILANTE DEL AULA12 hours ago


  3. Bennett Hargreaves

    Bennett Hargreaves18 hours ago

    mother spore lol

  4. Smergs ._.

    Smergs ._.2 days ago

    Chad ------------------------------ Grian: mother spore

  5. vault

    vault2 days ago

    Every time I hear the ending music I feel a little sad but the music is so good

  6. Young Xheanort

    Young Xheanort3 days ago

    Grian: Im going to make a treasure hunt on camera Also Grian: *shows the area on camera*

  7. Sophia Dai

    Sophia Dai5 days ago

    Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha HahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha Mother Spore

  8. Siona M

    Siona M5 days ago

    Idk is this like normal way to say laboratory cause I say it way diff then Grian

  9. Itz Bloopy

    Itz Bloopy6 days ago

    Ad vid: What are you doing Me: Skips ad Grian: I have no idea what im doing

  10. Hp Roblox

    Hp Roblox7 days ago

    Oh it was for the quest lol

  11. Hp Roblox

    Hp Roblox7 days ago

    13:32 Grian: casually has a netherite block on the walll

  12. FURY STToast

    FURY STToast9 days ago

    Decked out reminds me of the First 2014 maze runner

  13. Captain Brayden Guignard

    Captain Brayden Guignard10 days ago


  14. Oliver Howard

    Oliver Howard10 days ago

    you said that the villigers were your xp farm but what about the spawner in the hobbit hole

  15. Egils Ailis

    Egils Ailis10 days ago

    Griant yo yo hew a tanel

  16. Emilio Carrillo

    Emilio Carrillo11 days ago

    Poultry on a building 9:50

  17. charliedoesfilm

    charliedoesfilm14 days ago

    'Mother Spore' is actually sending me into orbit LMAOO

  18. Zackary Smith

    Zackary Smith14 days ago

    When the imposter is sus!!!

  19. Delany Adekunle

    Delany Adekunle15 days ago

    Ah yes, *STONKS*

  20. screws

    screws17 days ago

    ok, but imagine the source block was inside on top of the meeting room? like in the "hole thing'"

  21. James Lines

    James Lines17 days ago

    oh no not the HEP!!!!!!

  22. MonkeyDudeX1

    MonkeyDudeX117 days ago

    You should have put in a mushroom in a pot instead of a red tulip

  23. MonkeyDudeX1

    MonkeyDudeX117 days ago

    Oh oh I know the final clue is leading towards the chest shop monster thingy well I think I'm not sure I haven't seen what he's done yet

  24. MonkeyDudeX1

    MonkeyDudeX117 days ago

    Okay the second clue is so easy it's obviously grumbot I don't even remember what it was and I haven't even seen what he did yet cuz I haven't watched it since the video came out and I don't remember what the clue was but I already know it was grumbot cuz it's so easy

  25. C D

    C D17 days ago



    SAMUEL TEE HSIEN RONG Moe18 days ago

    Grian:" I aly end an epesode whith hundf

  27. NoahsArchAngel

    NoahsArchAngel18 days ago

    I just think of Ska when people say hep. Like the hype sounds you make during a ska beat.

  28. DaToasterz

    DaToasterz19 days ago

    grian stop saying sus

  29. Lord Rubin

    Lord Rubin19 days ago

    You should actually let Etho make the laboratory, because then it's Ethoslab

  30. Smalls2

    Smalls221 day ago

    love how e says the members of the resistance will be anoymunus and then proceeds to name everyone of them and their job

  31. Jonathan Amaya

    Jonathan Amaya21 day ago

    Grain just showed us where the secret base isssss lol

  32. Just Mae

    Just Mae22 days ago

    *what* [im trying fonts]

  33. Just Mae

    Just Mae22 days ago


  34. Just Mae

    Just Mae22 days ago


  35. Just Mae

    Just Mae22 days ago


  36. Just Mae

    Just Mae22 days ago

    ^does this?^

  37. Just Mae

    Just Mae22 days ago

    _some don’t work_

  38. Just Mae

    Just Mae22 days ago


  39. Just Mae

    Just Mae22 days ago

    Grain: we need a mayor and get rid of the myselium *scar becomes mayor* Grain: MYSELIUM RESISTANCE!!!

  40. Emma Beall

    Emma Beall23 days ago

    Why does Grian always turn such a small joke into a massive thing that ends up lasting like a month?

  41. Zsofia Bencze

    Zsofia Bencze24 days ago

    Very sus

  42. The Pikachu Fans

    The Pikachu Fans25 days ago

    Has a idea for a mayor: Votes for scar: Goes against scar and makes mycilaim TEAM!

  43. Raghu Trichur

    Raghu Trichur27 days ago

    Sus! A imposter among us! Sound familiar?

  44. Matrix

    Matrix28 days ago

    First I clicked on this and I was so confused then I watched all of hermitraft and this feels so normal

  45. Roberto Van Hoorde

    Roberto Van HoordeMonth ago

    is the HEP supposed to be there to stop the Mycelium resistance or something?

  46. Baronn 1

    Baronn 1Month ago

    When the imposter is sus😳

  47. Travis Miller

    Travis MillerMonth ago

    (Well structured, original joke) - 75 downvotes (HEEERP!) - 100m+ upvotes

  48. Travis Miller

    Travis MillerMonth ago

    Congrats, Grian! You're a mother now!

  49. Yahya Salim

    Yahya SalimMonth ago

    me : watching grian play minecraft Grian in 6:26 : that is (sus) "gasp" an impostor there is an impostor (among us) me : he said it he said the thing

  50. Yahya Salim

    Yahya SalimMonth ago

    Did he just say "sus" and "there is an imposror (among us)"?

  51. Pansexual Goddess

    Pansexual GoddessMonth ago

    "The real way to make stonks on this server..." -Grian

  52. Wolffy Howl

    Wolffy HowlMonth ago

    13:08 Queue parents walking in

  53. BobTheHorse, Professional Idiot

    BobTheHorse, Professional IdiotMonth ago

    Grian is the harbinger of hermitcraft chaos

  54. aluminyo

    aluminyoMonth ago

    In hermitcraft if you don't like something just make a cult

  55. XxnightgamingxX

    XxnightgamingxXMonth ago

    Please sub to the hermits and me

  56. StatiiCz

    StatiiCzMonth ago

    The barge box treasure hunt should be called the barge booty hunt

  57. Lucia meme

    Lucia memeMonth ago

    It evolved! It went from I O U to I C U! :D

  58. Quentin Thompson

    Quentin ThompsonMonth ago

    3:47 grian shows like part on were the exit is

  59. Purple Onion

    Purple OnionMonth ago

    why is he gloomy..

  60. jerry correo

    jerry correoMonth ago

    i want to copy your base in my hardcore survival

  61. Catblox Playz

    Catblox PlayzMonth ago

    scary bat things... YOU VOTTED FOR THEM

  62. Miranda Bollmann

    Miranda BollmannMonth ago

    xBCrafted got 3 kills before getting ejected.

  63. Chorge Crossing

    Chorge CrossingMonth ago

    Tavader tavuncha

  64. GalaxyBoy 346

    GalaxyBoy 346Month ago

    5:37 😂😂😂😂😂I could listen to that for houuuuurrrrrrrrrrrssssss

  65. UnderDevelopedAnimationz

    UnderDevelopedAnimationzMonth ago

    Grian I just realised that barge boxes could by exploited by someone who's rich and wants netherite. They might buy ALL the barge boxes

  66. E X O T I C B U T T E R S

    E X O T I C B U T T E R SMonth ago

    I think xb is a traitor

  67. Dat _ Pig

    Dat _ PigMonth ago

    What is that song in that first time laps I love it

  68. Ben May

    Ben MayMonth ago

    Grian:starts mayor race.also grian:starts a war with the mayor scar

  69. Brain Storm

    Brain StormMonth ago


  70. Mikaaeel Kathrada

    Mikaaeel KathradaMonth ago

    Go to the barg lol

  71. Hannah Lin

    Hannah LinMonth ago

    XB betrayed us. must vote. havent watched full video yet - cannot be sure - i just wanted to dewet

  72. lurking is my passion

    lurking is my passionMonth ago

    Grian: That is a magnificent building Also grian: *casually ignores the literal spaceship in the background*

  73. Mel David

    Mel DavidMonth ago

    The Mycelium resistance arc is like a topsy turvy storyline starting with the end of the Elections arc

  74. IzzLucky

    IzzLuckyMonth ago

    Grian- mother spore Me:ur a mom now?

  75. Bella Zhou

    Bella ZhouMonth ago

    Also you should make a invisible elevator

  76. Bella Zhou

    Bella ZhouMonth ago

    Ep 1028182537152 I FINISHED THE BACK!!

  77. Aqueous_Fireball

    Aqueous_FireballMonth ago

    the _HyEPPPPP_ sounds like a link inspired environmental program

  78. Andre Kane

    Andre KaneMonth ago

    I was going to sleep, but Grian's timelapse music is stuck in my head so i came back to watch more

  79. Saiyan Zhao

    Saiyan ZhaoMonth ago

    7:17 no that’s a pp

  80. Vae Adamo

    Vae AdamoMonth ago

    I guess you could call him the ‘Mother Spore-Porter’

  81. Seth Cowley

    Seth CowleyMonth ago

    Grian : “tell me that doesn’t look sus” me : “I can’t do that

  82. Krazy Playz

    Krazy PlayzMonth ago

    Haha Among us good one

  83. G-game 16

    G-game 16Month ago

    just build a among us ship of votes and and kill them in the did you find the imposter room make that room plz grian

  84. aukira

    aukiraMonth ago

    Grian’s WHOA reminds me of yankee with no brim.

  85. Carter Van Dyke

    Carter Van DykeMonth ago

    Anyone else obsessed with decked out

  86. Antima Shukla

    Antima ShuklaMonth ago

    Crewmate 6:19

  87. Antima Shukla

    Antima ShuklaMonth ago


  88. D-rag onn Gamerz

    D-rag onn Gamerz2 months ago

    Xbcrafted kinda sus. Hey But Grian is red and the memes say "Red kinda sus" so Grian's kinda sus

  89. Oxeye

    Oxeye2 months ago

    grian doesnt need to say to subscribe, everyone automatically subs.

  90. Lee Nin en

    Lee Nin en2 months ago

    The base is behind welmart....

  91. Caleb Jones

    Caleb Jones2 months ago

    This felt like a crossover episode with amoung us

  92. Rimfire 82

    Rimfire 822 months ago

    You can see the bedrock

  93. Island Isla

    Island Isla2 months ago

    Who else loves the music Grian puts in the background? 👇

  94. Christina Funk

    Christina Funk2 months ago

    Grian: Grian, no Grian. Grian, no Grian Me: STOP MESSING AROUND AND GET ON WITH THE EPISODE!!!

  95. Christina Funk

    Christina Funk2 months ago

    Grian: I have no idea what I am doing Me: Well, at least he is not thinking!!!

  96. Furey Family

    Furey Family2 months ago

    My favourite game in this ep is the revenger game

  97. Sharmayne Burns

    Sharmayne Burns2 months ago

    I feel as if 5 to 6 hour builds are just like 30 minutes to players on the Hermitcraft server

  98. Irina Rojek

    Irina Rojek2 months ago

    me just jamming out to Grian's timelapse music

  99. Es-Trader

    Es-Trader2 months ago


  100. [ T R A N S M I S S I O N ]

    [ T R A N S M I S S I O N ]2 months ago

    *sees hep building* Me: I’m not supportive of terrorism... But...

  101. Imen Hajamor

    Imen Hajamor2 months ago

    grian you need 2 upgrade your barge. ps: sorry 4 bad typing


    CIP STUDYABROAD.UA2 months ago

    I love your videos 😁😀💕

  103. István Szikra

    István Szikra2 months ago

    100 diamonds are worth it just for the content (... and I don't mean the content of the treasure hunt boxes but the video they will make doing the hunt... the pure youtube content ; )

  104. Matt Reed

    Matt Reed2 months ago

    Oi! That meeting room looks proper culty!

  105. Snowball Carrot

    Snowball Carrot2 months ago

    Grian explaining how valuable netherite blocks are Washer: pah netherite is worthless

  106. Snowball Carrot

    Snowball Carrot2 months ago

    3:48 grian comes from the water behind the mart shop thing THATS WHERE BASE IS