Hermitcraft 7: Episode 46 - GRIAN VS 1 SUGARCANE

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 46 - GRIAN VS 1 SUGARCANE never thought i'd end up in a fight with a block of sugar cane, but here we are - just another day on the hermitcraft server. Oh yeah, loads of mycelium resistance stuff happened.
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    VIGILANTE DEL AULA12 hours ago

    20:40 how they walk to Grian was very scary


    VIGILANTE DEL AULA12 hours ago

    you should have used bone meal

  3. Tracy Hernandez

    Tracy Hernandez2 days ago

    I like how Grian says not to show the exit and entrance but when he's talking to stress the exit is right behind her.

  4. ArchSparkyPlayz

    ArchSparkyPlayz2 days ago

    you Should be using daylight sensors to activate the trap door

  5. tashi wangmo

    tashi wangmo3 days ago

    grian cant win vs a suger cane WHAT

  6. ꧁ᒍOՏᕼ ꧂

    ꧁ᒍOՏᕼ ꧂4 days ago

    1:03 Hol up Did i just see emeralds

  7. søft

    søft4 days ago

    0:31 There are diamonds right there.

  8. Clayton Newman

    Clayton Newman4 days ago

    hthe resistances has been comprimised

  9. Creator 2309

    Creator 23094 days ago

    The way that he just jumped off when he got caught was amazing and hilarious

  10. Ishkanark

    Ishkanark5 days ago

    He built over an emerald ore I mean he does have tonnes of emeralds but the ores are rare

  11. Betka Marekova

    Betka Marekova5 days ago

    8:54 He revealed the location of the mycelium resistance base!!!

  12. Michaela Miller

    Michaela Miller5 days ago

    Ummmm don’t we know where the base is now, or am I confused

  13. Tim Stappers

    Tim Stappers5 days ago

    Did anyone see at 1:08 that he didn't see the emerald ore

  14. J Cruz

    J Cruz5 days ago

    I just found out where that base is

  15. {_Lord Explosion Murder_}

    {_Lord Explosion Murder_}6 days ago

    o.o Grian You just showed where the base is..

  16. CatsGaming 101

    CatsGaming 1016 days ago


  17. Valerie Frog

    Valerie Frog6 days ago

    14:23 am I the only one seeing this face?

  18. Valerie Frog

    Valerie Frog6 days ago

    15:12 still see the face

  19. Valerie Frog

    Valerie Frog6 days ago

    "Dibbity diamonds" - grian 2020

  20. Valerie Frog

    Valerie Frog6 days ago

    U need to do more dance montages

  21. Dhan Thapa

    Dhan Thapa7 days ago

    when stress came you wore shy do you have a crush on stress

  22. Dire AJ

    Dire AJ7 days ago

    7:09 "gl remixing that" Ely: "hehe boi"

  23. Xander Kirkland

    Xander Kirkland7 days ago


  24. Hedgy Doodles

    Hedgy Doodles7 days ago

    The sugarcane won

  25. mr smile

    mr smile7 days ago


  26. Daniel Meikle

    Daniel Meikle7 days ago

    when Grian notices Stress, and needs to use the un-finished panick button that he was in the process of making...

  27. Lucian Canales

    Lucian Canales8 days ago

    within the first five minutes you know exactlly what the title means.

  28. Ragu Raman

    Ragu Raman9 days ago


  29. Abbas Dahnijsa

    Abbas Dahnijsa10 days ago

    12:10 Grian tells Stress not to show the entrance But he showed it himself 😂

  30. Elijah Oneal

    Elijah Oneal10 days ago

    The most ironic things always happen to grian like you could not make that up

  31. Clem Tomlin

    Clem Tomlin10 days ago

    omg he showed us were ithe resistance base is

  32. EPK EPK

    EPK EPK11 days ago

    What the f you showed the entrance on camera

  33. RÈÈ Pog

    RÈÈ Pog11 days ago

    Did you know you can use the same method to make a bamboo farm

  34. Bertie Geering

    Bertie Geering11 days ago

    I made a resource pack and it had the secret agent sheep

  35. Vlad

    Vlad12 days ago

    just think about the fact that grian actually showed the mycelium base

  36. Rebel Greninja • 69 years ago

    Rebel Greninja • 69 years ago12 days ago

    don't you hate it when you're swimming and you fall down a hole and now you're in a secret organization?

  37. Pigloo Dodo

    Pigloo Dodo12 days ago

    Was that button the legitimate way into the HQ?

  38. Theo Iverson

    Theo Iverson12 days ago

    im the 27000 comment

  39. Tiger YT

    Tiger YT13 days ago

    how did u get the glasses on the shee- i mean agent 0 and agent 1

  40. Void Layer N

    Void Layer N13 days ago

    8:50 That transition was stellar.

  41. charliedoesfilm

    charliedoesfilm13 days ago

    Grian, I honestly think that your original Sugar Cane farm was probably more efficient in terms of speed. What an absolute scam.

  42. GrëëñTëã

    GrëëñTëã14 days ago

    You can lead boats

  43. Aleksander Jaruga

    Aleksander Jaruga14 days ago


  44. Mou chowdhury Ali

    Mou chowdhury Ali14 days ago

    You just shown the myciliem resectance base

  45. Jeffery Jones

    Jeffery Jones15 days ago

    21:55 grain showed us where the mycelium base is!

  46. Star Lockhart

    Star Lockhart15 days ago

    You’re really SHAVING it

  47. Bethenia Elizabeth Marie Thomas

    Bethenia Elizabeth Marie Thomas15 days ago

    21:56 I think he exposed the entrance

  48. TheTinkerer

    TheTinkerer15 days ago

    Shycane :l

  49. Omer Sarusy

    Omer Sarusy15 days ago


  50. Orangutan Sausage

    Orangutan Sausage16 days ago

    I like how grain just told stress to not show the entrance but 30 seconds ago just entered the HQ on camera

  51. Antonia Doelling

    Antonia Doelling16 days ago


  52. Sarah Alviz

    Sarah Alviz16 days ago

    Did he purposely show us the entrance to the residence?

  53. James Lines

    James Lines17 days ago

    (sheds a tear ) i miss grumbot and drumboy(crys)

  54. James Lines

    James Lines17 days ago

    i ment drumbot not drumboy

  55. MrMrsMinion

    MrMrsMinion17 days ago

    Just to think that this all started from a few blocks of mycelium

  56. Ryeo

    Ryeo17 days ago

    When you realize Grian is rich as it gets and has one of the best selling places

  57. IPlayMinecraft

    IPlayMinecraft18 days ago

    When Grian shears the sheep and it turns into an agent Me: WHAT HOW

  58. Bokoblin Bros

    Bokoblin Bros18 days ago

    21:56what was in the water? Mycelium HQ???

  59. Bokoblin Bros

    Bokoblin Bros18 days ago

    So the base is in the shopping district🤔

  60. xx_mr_sadman

    xx_mr_sadman18 days ago

    I know where The secret rom is


    SAMUEL TEE HSIEN RONG Moe18 days ago

    bone meal lunch


    SAMUEL TEE HSIEN RONG Moe18 days ago

    i thought u are just going to flgrowthe whole epesode just afk im

  63. LowFi Frost Gaming

    LowFi Frost Gaming19 days ago

    21:56 Did you push a button to the entrance of the Hideout? i just wanted to make sure you know that?

  64. Danial Khokhri

    Danial Khokhri19 days ago

    I love how he showed how to get to the Mycelium HQ and tells stress not to tell anybody

  65. Kyle Marasigan

    Kyle Marasigan19 days ago

    hey g man how do u and other hermits putting things on the wall on the floor in every place

  66. Jaimie Millington

    Jaimie Millington19 days ago


  67. Elliott Rose

    Elliott Rose20 days ago

    Wait WAIT So scare is actively distorying the natural environment and calling it the envormental protectsion agentsy?

  68. Carol Zhang

    Carol Zhang20 days ago

    4:41 why did that scream remind me of something?

  69. Damien Suarez

    Damien Suarez20 days ago


  70. Larry Meister

    Larry Meister20 days ago

    I watch this with my daughter. I noticed you fell on purpose! You were on the edge way too much. It was fake bud. Not impressed.

  71. Smalls2

    Smalls221 day ago

    The worst part of Minecraft... Chores but your parents make you do chores to do those chores in the game

  72. Anime Doge120

    Anime Doge12021 day ago

    Anyone else see the emeralds at 0:31

  73. R Cook

    R Cook21 day ago

    Grian when you were under the sugar cane you covered up some diamonds!!!

  74. Collin Martin

    Collin Martin21 day ago


  75. Collin Martin

    Collin Martin21 day ago

    Brian filmed the entrance to the base.

  76. Escanor_ German

    Escanor_ German21 day ago

    When u think about that this video was 4 months ago

  77. Brayden Holden

    Brayden Holden22 days ago

    The Minecraft RNG Saw that Grian was recording and rewrote a new piece of code : Sugarcanegrowth = (Don't)

  78. Slaying Diamond

    Slaying Diamond22 days ago

    Wait, why did Grian show the entrance?

  79. Ada Oncken

    Ada Oncken22 days ago

    Dibby dibby diamonds diamonds!

  80. Irtizah Bin Rashed Mohammed

    Irtizah Bin Rashed Mohammed23 days ago

    I just liked how grian casually ignored the emerald during building the sugarcane farm

  81. Box Kid

    Box Kid23 days ago

    The pain as I watch grian build over emeralds

  82. TnT AN

    TnT AN23 days ago

    Is it just me or did anyone else notice that Grian missed the emerald at 00:31 ? *WATCH EXTREMELY CAREFULLY*

  83. Zinat Sultana

    Zinat Sultana24 days ago

    Hey Grian,You just revealed the Base Entrance

  84. Hor1zon Crew

    Hor1zon Crew24 days ago

    I think the headquarters is below the mayor's office.Or maybe below HEP headquarters. Anyone ?

  85. gamerLeopard999

    gamerLeopard99924 days ago

    Did you guys noticed that grian pressed a button near the HWF and then a hole opened and after that he was in the secret base?

  86. BennyIsWeird

    BennyIsWeird24 days ago

    Put it on sand it grows quicker

  87. Christian B

    Christian B25 days ago

    good luck remixing that! *why do i hear boss music?*

  88. JITEG

    JITEG24 days ago

    XD hell yeah

  89. Noahjamesminecraft

    Noahjamesminecraft26 days ago

    Did anyone notice that it was 2 sugarcane?😂🤣

  90. GamerHatch

    GamerHatch26 days ago

    Grian, you should change your channel name to grain for like a week and see how many people notice.

  91. X Studio

    X Studio27 days ago


  92. X Studio

    X Studio27 days ago


  93. Seth Cooper

    Seth Cooper28 days ago

    I love how the mycelium resistance started as a prank and now it’s an actual organization.

  94. Cody Williams

    Cody Williams28 days ago

    I like how he just casually leaves emerald ore in the back ground

  95. Rio Futaba

    Rio Futaba28 days ago

    grian: dibidi diamonds dibidi diamonds Good luck remixing that Musicians : challenge accepted

  96. Rudy vs Tota

    Rudy vs Tota28 days ago

    Stress was the first girl in the mycylium ressistance

  97. Noli Vinluan

    Noli Vinluan29 days ago

    Alternative tilte: Sugarcane Shitpost

  98. Baronn 1

    Baronn 1Month ago


  99. Roberto Van Hoorde

    Roberto Van HoordeMonth ago

    that sugar cane is sure bad at timing

  100. Roberto Van Hoorde

    Roberto Van HoordeMonth ago

    just because of a single sugar cane... f*ck that sugar cane.

  101. nrpyxd cool

    nrpyxd coolMonth ago

    grian, *sigh*, emeralds 0:31

  102. Snorlox

    SnorloxMonth ago

    *Grian drops in on the HEP meeting* *Bamboleo, Bamboléo* *Grian jumps off the ledge* Perfection

  103. Yannick Philipsen

    Yannick PhilipsenMonth ago

    Grian Showed the entrance on 21:56 😱😱