Hermitcraft 7: Episode 47 - RELEASE THE SHEEP!

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 47 - RELEASE THE SHEEP! Grian is back on hermitcraft and spreading the spores this time with the help of hundreds of sheep. Also, got you good. Bamboozled the location of the HQ.
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  1. Ender Lord

    Ender Lord11 hours ago

    I've always wondered, think they have a server wide texture pack that anyone can add to or do you think they just send each other textures


    VIGILANTE DEL AULA11 hours ago

    if HEP were actually HEP they would let mycelium, because if they put grass instead, it would be like putting the biome into even more possible extinction


    VIGILANTE DEL AULA11 hours ago

    grian takes out grass with picaxe and axe instead of the shovel and that triggers me

  4. John Cena AJ

    John Cena AJ17 hours ago

    Grian :a ye ye The HQ is only a small build

  5. Nemanja Madzarevic

    Nemanja Madzarevic18 hours ago

    He showed a where is lab

  6. Katie Dimbylow

    Katie DimbylowDay ago

    grian : has netherite shovel also Grian : use pickaxe to break grass

  7. Lola Mardon

    Lola MardonDay ago

    I can not wait for hurmit craft s:8

  8. One Prickly Boi

    One Prickly Boi3 days ago

    What about the time with mumbo's moustache?

  9. P a n t h e r

    P a n t h e r3 days ago

    10:57 stop mining grass with an axe grian

  10. Cornboy123457

    Cornboy1234573 days ago

    Grian: it’s called stasis etho made it Pandora’s vault: has stasis chamber way before

  11. ꧁Mollie Star Forever꧂

    ꧁Mollie Star Forever꧂3 days ago

    ⚠️At 10:19 Grian revealed where the base is, be careful with this information!!⚠️ Edit: He revealed it by showing the backround, in which you can see the ancient debris shop, therefore being able to pinpoint the area of the bubble elevator, and from there being able to find the base.

  12. Neoflarious

    Neoflarious5 hours ago

    You do realize that that’s a ruse, It’s not actually the base it’s a fake

  13. no ah

    no ah3 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the base is somewhere near the redstone shop and H.E.P

  14. Nori Doudouh Laarifi

    Nori Doudouh Laarifi4 days ago

    Through SHEEP power of this magnitude

  15. ThatGuy

    ThatGuy6 days ago

    This whole scheme seems like soemthing that would be on 2b2t

  16. stewwils

    stewwils6 days ago

    i adore this vid

  17. MoonL13

    MoonL136 days ago

    Thats not your base there's no way you made that in one episode

  18. Sigurd Foshaug

    Sigurd Foshaug6 days ago

    The base is at stresses shop under the three

  19. Lucario The Aura Guardian

    Lucario The Aura Guardian6 days ago

    19:51 i was so confused

  20. Shaun Barker

    Shaun Barker7 days ago

    Before the time lapse what he should have said is " Let's get moo-ving"

  21. ishaan singh

    ishaan singh8 days ago

    me rewatching; Grian : i feel like it is all the time we have for today. me: but i have more *skip to next episode*

  22. Daniel 1620

    Daniel 16208 days ago

    its painful to see you use an axe on dirt

  23. Daniel 1620

    Daniel 16208 days ago

    it has been revealed it is under the potion brew tree, shulker box, I will say it coz turf war is already over

  24. Eyton Eyton

    Eyton Eyton8 days ago

    why is Grian using a Axe to break dirt instead of a shovle

  25. Joshua Grainger

    Joshua Grainger8 days ago

    Me build dirt house Also me:ez starter house Grian builds something 1000x better then my builds in creative

  26. Dona Nasol

    Dona Nasol8 days ago

    I was just listening to this, and I thought Grian was working on a tower for the Mycelliem Resistance. Then I got so confused when he said, "That was a Hermit Challenge."

  27. anusach79

    anusach798 days ago

    There is another button at the barge button the you can mycelium resistance hq

  28. Kiran Krieger

    Kiran Krieger9 days ago

    But .... now they know, where the Base is

  29. Saurmaan

    Saurmaan9 days ago

    It's in the sea AND they were correct

  30. Dylan Amin

    Dylan Amin9 days ago

    who else watched the others and know it is under the willow tree

  31. Daily cooking

    Daily cooking9 days ago

    You make boring videos

  32. Daily cooking

    Daily cooking9 days ago

    I am bored

  33. Sharky Games

    Sharky Games9 days ago

    Grian, you are an insane builder, but stop using am axe to destroy dirt

  34. daniel smith

    daniel smith9 days ago

    2021 and grian didnt edit out the bit where it shows a way in

  35. Hari_ 8:3

    Hari_ 8:39 days ago

    i think it is in the middle of the water around the shop space(forgot the name sorry qwq) but maybe not pog

  36. Abbas Dahnijsa

    Abbas Dahnijsa10 days ago

    The secret base of mycelium resistance is somewhere but the big diamond

  37. Denise La

    Denise La10 days ago

    Grian: I will make my own mob farm the creeper farm: Am I a joke to you?

  38. ayy its ryan

    ayy its ryan11 days ago

    Grian: i never want to abandon this mansion also grian: swaps base

  39. I'm Inspired

    I'm Inspired11 days ago

    why do you hurt me like this 10:40 *use your shovel*

  40. Iona Mae

    Iona Mae11 days ago

    Was it just me thinking this: Grian used an axe to break dirt!!!!

  41. Iona Mae

    Iona Mae11 days ago

    sooo wierd!!!!!!

  42. Andrea Lara

    Andrea Lara12 days ago

    12:44. Missed Mumbo Jumbo you are afk moment

  43. Rebel Greninja • 69 years ago

    Rebel Greninja • 69 years ago12 days ago

    uhh it's under a tropical sea probably the sea you went last episode

  44. PanPanPlayz

    PanPanPlayz12 days ago

    11:58-12:06 looks like a lava lamp

  45. Fury_Claws

    Fury_Claws12 days ago

    I say recruit more people and over take the throne

  46. Mudit Korambil

    Mudit Korambil13 days ago

    Did he say mooplicater.

  47. Harrison Shoults

    Harrison Shoults13 days ago

    I saw the red concrete and blue and dirt I think the entrecnec might be there

  48. 3Monika4

    3Monika414 days ago

    i came back to this episode after taking a break from watching the series and spent like 10 minutes skipping around episodes because i was like "hold on i didnt see him build that tower when the heck did he build that" and then you said it was a hermit challenge and realize i wasted my time lmao

  49. setsuko

    setsuko14 days ago

    9:52 grian's laugh 🥰🥰😃👍

  50. Camo Aminates

    Camo Aminates15 days ago

    Those wiggly whirly people are my fav

  51. Faith Paul

    Faith Paul15 days ago

    HIP HEP I don't see any diffirence

  52. Dylan Doucette

    Dylan Doucette16 days ago

    Why would he show were the animals are coming from now the others can just go throught that entrance/exit

  53. Cuisine Creations

    Cuisine Creations16 days ago

    is the resistance HQ in the nether?

  54. Cuisine Creations

    Cuisine Creations16 days ago

    no because of the water stream

  55. Sthe Lord

    Sthe Lord17 days ago

    Now as we saw bedrock in the building we can confirm is at bed rock, as we see no water drips from the top we can aslo say is not under water meaning is not under the barge, is also unlikely under the H.E.P HQ as at a point they'll been saw entering so is probably not near the H.E.P HQ or at least not in there site, I'm also thinking is not near the throne, I'm more thinking under a mountain a bit like the head looking at the corner with the next clue to- Sorry, spoilers...over all, is quite the mystery but this is what I can say. Under water : No. Near H.E.P HQ : No. Near Throne : Probably Not. Under/Near Mountain : Maybey. Sheep look awesome : 10000000% Y E S

  56. C D

    C D17 days ago


  57. Limed

    Limed17 days ago


  58. MonkeyDudeX1

    MonkeyDudeX117 days ago

    1:30 secret tunnel secret tunnel through the mountain secret tunnel!!! Do you get the reference? It's a reference to avatar The last Airbender

  59. Erzen Revivis

    Erzen Revivis17 days ago

    I Love your videos

  60. LeOneAndOnly-Gamer

    LeOneAndOnly-Gamer17 days ago

    “It’s honestly so hidden” *cough cough* STRESS *cough cough* Hm, sorry my throat has been quite horse-

  61. Limed

    Limed17 days ago


  62. Soul

    Soul18 days ago

    the taking credit for another hermit's base has a whole new meaning now let's just say it aged well

  63. Bokoblin Bros

    Bokoblin Bros18 days ago

    Never mind 😶

  64. Mr. HumblePie

    Mr. HumblePie18 days ago

    My dad always calls the balloon thingys "Hey Franks!"

  65. Corndog Frog

    Corndog Frog19 days ago

    When he took credit for False’s base I thought I missed a video XD

  66. Jaimie Millington

    Jaimie Millington19 days ago

    You literally just showed the enterance

  67. Moon Grizzly

    Moon Grizzly21 day ago

    I thought I missed an episode when grian took credit for stresses base!😄

  68. Blue Orchid

    Blue Orchid23 days ago

    Mustache where they used for the mayor thing break the quarts

  69. Blue Orchid

    Blue Orchid23 days ago

    The base is at the mustardy where the mauor meaeting used to be

  70. Cliff Tolbert

    Cliff Tolbert24 days ago

    Was Stress a mind game too?

  71. Brady Fort

    Brady Fort25 days ago

    To all those who question the man behind the mask. Who is Poultry man. He’s the man in the chicken costume. (also grian, who is poultry man?)

  72. Lucas Blackwell

    Lucas Blackwell25 days ago

    Best bit of grian _timelapses_

  73. SoThatHappens

    SoThatHappens25 days ago

    He realises that if someone really takes the time to analyse they will find the base as he shows where the cow’s and sheep came out

  74. Steve Smalley

    Steve Smalley25 days ago


  75. The Pikachu Fans

    The Pikachu Fans25 days ago

    New name: RELESE THE GRIANS! I really don't know why I came up with that

  76. NRB Jenson

    NRB Jenson25 days ago

    your HQ is it at gumbot

  77. Spoof!

    Spoof!25 days ago

    No one: Grian: "I'm somewhat of a genius myself."

  78. Wolf Commando

    Wolf Commando26 days ago


  79. JGAUVER Hauver

    JGAUVER Hauver26 days ago

    He has a shovel and uses the axe to dig the dirt

  80. Charesse Allen

    Charesse Allen26 days ago

    I hate building the back of my buildings but I still do it but sometimes my buildings I only do the front so I'm not telling you that you have to do the back but you can if you want you don't really have to just do what you can

  81. Billy Zhao

    Billy Zhao27 days ago

    its under stress's shop

  82. Q Boy

    Q Boy27 days ago

    Well I guess we now know the base MIGHT be behind and underneath the nether it’s shop

  83. Gaming Everything YT

    Gaming Everything YT27 days ago

    In this video grian did a big mistake. He just revealed the exact base of the mycelium/mycinelium HQ because of the sheep and mushroom

  84. Quinten vdB

    Quinten vdB27 days ago

    Probably not

  85. AvoidableDeer46

    AvoidableDeer4628 days ago

    Grain Mansion? Don't you mean the Gransion?

  86. The steampunk Foxes

    The steampunk Foxes28 days ago

    I was so confused I was like uhhhhhhh that’s false’s bAse not yours

  87. Robin Hindery Enan

    Robin Hindery Enan28 days ago

    The see

  88. Jake TheDoggable

    Jake TheDoggable28 days ago

    Gosh groan you really confused me and literally make me ask myself “did I miss an episode? Did I leave my phone on USlikes?” When you took credit for False’s basr1

  89. Andrew Baxendale

    Andrew Baxendale29 days ago

    I was so confused when he was at falses base

  90. Surjit Singh

    Surjit Singh29 days ago

    Why did you show the exit in USlikes

  91. Noli Vinluan

    Noli Vinluan29 days ago

    Hello Green is Mumbo AFK?

  92. Extra

    ExtraMonth ago

    He just showed where the base was LOL what do you mean it is SECRATYE

  93. Thomas farquhar

    Thomas farquharMonth ago

    Grian keeps inventing ways to edit and hide the real location of the HQ

  94. Anh Đức Đoàn Xuân

    Anh Đức Đoàn XuânMonth ago

    Well, the water stream is the entrance to the base. MISTAKE.

  95. ranga plays

    ranga playsMonth ago

    19:57 so i did a little building off camera...

  96. Gauri Bhaw

    Gauri BhawMonth ago

    They stepped up the bambooseling

  97. K. Andrew Kee,ey

    K. Andrew Kee,eyMonth ago

    Anybody else getting civil war flashbacks

  98. Flvffette

    FlvffetteMonth ago

    U just revealed the base!

  99. Neon

    NeonMonth ago

    grian just revealed the location of the base

  100. Yahya Salim

    Yahya SalimMonth ago

    And tqhe time was (unknown) for peop5who snitch

  101. Yahya Salim

    Yahya SalimMonth ago

    Ummmmmmmmm....... Grian you know you have showed tqhe secret exit of the micileum HQ so you better hide or change that

  102. craigh last

    craigh lastMonth ago

    bruh we know where its at now because u showed the mooshroom coming out of there

  103. Tristan Vadamootoo

    Tristan VadamootooMonth ago

    That build is. 🤯🤯🤯🤯 Awesome

  104. cringe animations

    cringe animationsMonth ago

    Your castle is the industrial castle

  105. Panda-Chan Insomniac

    Panda-Chan InsomniacMonth ago

    Is it bad that it’s like 1 am here and I have school today?