Hermitcraft 7: Episode 65 - THE DIAMOND CHANDELIER

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 65 - THE DIAMOND CHANDELIER grian back on hermitcraft season 7 building his minecraft hermitcraft mansion with a bunch of diamonds for extra sparkle!
#minecraft #hermitcraft
Villager breeder: uslikes.info/house/mI6uuKWSrnqAfNg/video.html&t


  1. Dylan Doucette

    Dylan Doucette37 minutes ago

    Snitches end up in ditches :)

  2. Kristen Roney

    Kristen Roney4 hours ago

    There’s a secret base in Mumbo jumbo

  3. Fool Queen

    Fool Queen6 hours ago

    Bruh breeding villagers for Grian is like trying to catch a Pokémon lmao

  4. Olivia Zhang

    Olivia Zhang7 hours ago

    Sometimes I feel like Grian is secretly playing in Creative mode... I MEAN A DIAMOND CHANDELIER!!! I BARELY HAVE ENOUGH DIAMONDS TO MAKE ONE DIAMOND BLOCK!!!

  5. Jay Varma

    Jay Varma16 hours ago


  6. Imjustwatchingyoutube

    Imjustwatchingyoutube18 hours ago

    Pewdiepie floor

  7. Anvesh Pro

    Anvesh Pro20 hours ago

    Lil did grian know he is the richest person on hermitcraft 7

  8. Driftwood

    DriftwoodDay ago

    I'm probably going to get chewed for this, but Grian the floor isn't complimentary. Nearly, but for it to be more accurate the floor would have to be more orange instead of red. Sorry, I'm an art student!

  9. Kasinathan Navaneethan

    Kasinathan NavaneethanDay ago

    why sewer

  10. D4ydre4mS

    D4ydre4mSDay ago

    A ‘mozayk’

  11. Blue Orchid

    Blue Orchid2 days ago

    Do a bell not a chandler

  12. William Doomguide of Kelemvor

    William Doomguide of Kelemvor3 days ago

    That floor looks so evil. MUAHAHA!

  13. Waleed Qureshi

    Waleed Qureshi3 days ago

    Mumbo: Struggling Grian: DiAmOnD ChAnDelIEr

  14. Yukio Yamazaki

    Yukio Yamazaki3 days ago

    Sooo...I drew you and really wanted to show you. Please check out my Instagram ab4creativity. I hope you like it. 😁

  15. Rituraj Deshmukh

    Rituraj Deshmukh3 days ago

    You could have used logic's villager breeder

  16. SneaKzy

    SneaKzy4 days ago

    Hey Grian, I know why your villagers are not making any villagers. The dont like when you are looking so you need to go further. I hope this helps.

  17. SneaKzy

    SneaKzy4 days ago

    Make the chandelier bigger

  18. LunaTheCat

    LunaTheCat4 days ago

    This chandelier is so small, Grian your rich. Make it bigger. Please

  19. Mx. Birb / Clock

    Mx. Birb / Clock4 days ago

    Me: * super proud of my kelp farm, which took me ages to build * Grian: Oh yeah my diamond chandelier is too small to flex with all of my diamonds so I need a bigger option, any ideas?

  20. Kevin_Fatty 136

    Kevin_Fatty 1364 days ago

    They should wear Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles skins

  21. Silas Boe

    Silas Boe5 days ago

    Hey has anyone noticed it could be hermit craft big button society

  22. Raphaël Gsq

    Raphaël Gsq5 days ago

    What's the similarity between Grian and a 10yo African kid? => 18:38

  23. sans

    sans5 days ago

    The very high light.

  24. the buca

    the buca5 days ago

    You know what's fun to think about. They will probably make books or documentarys in like 70 years about this type of stuff

  25. Asher Y

    Asher Y6 days ago

    The g in grian is for greatest hermit ever

  26. Sara Poulton

    Sara Poulton6 days ago

    Me: struggling endlessly to find ancient debris 😫 Cuban: felxin

  27. גיא גורנץ

    גיא גורנץ6 days ago

    Hermitcraft discusts me Bc im fucking shocked of this amazong players and builds

  28. Bekahoot

    Bekahoot6 days ago

    Turtle master is a great potion to use on villagers when you're moving them. It slows them down and protects them from getting hurt.

  29. Gerard McCarthy

    Gerard McCarthy6 days ago

    The villagers won't breed because they are different types of villagers

  30. Oscar Grose

    Oscar Grose7 days ago

    you need a bed for both a baby and you cant look

  31. techno kitty

    techno kitty7 days ago

    H.ermit C.raft B.ig B.oom S.ubject

  32. ceruchi

    ceruchi7 days ago

    I love how the Brits say "rumbled" and the Americans say "busted" but they have just been using both and understanding each other.

  33. BeeBeekickbutt

    BeeBeekickbutt7 days ago

    The Hall is beatiful

  34. Hari_ 8:3

    Hari_ 8:37 days ago

    im so proud of him look at how good the interior came out aaaaa

  35. MoscorofPlaysRoblox

    MoscorofPlaysRoblox8 days ago

    Hermit Craft Big Boi Sewer

  36. SirPuffyPlays

    SirPuffyPlays8 days ago

    Make a Horde Room and stack all your diamonds in it... or you can make your OWN diamond throne, XD

  37. Emil Ostin

    Emil Ostin9 days ago

    19:48 General Kenobi

  38. Paul Griffiths

    Paul Griffiths9 days ago

    your vids are awesome!

  39. Jacob Nussbaum

    Jacob Nussbaum9 days ago

    for the sewer water you could use swamp water to make it look gross

  40. Jaimie Millington

    Jaimie Millington9 days ago

    The diamond chandelier is so bright I love it

  41. Joreme Valencia

    Joreme Valencia10 days ago

    Grian: "throwing bread at them". Me: do u mean grain Grian

  42. Zoey Stevens

    Zoey Stevens10 days ago

    yep. sounds fair. like, i dont like spoiling stuff cause it doesnt do anyone good, but i wouldnt QUITE trust some random people on the internet either.

  43. Felicity Hughes

    Felicity Hughes10 days ago

    Me:what’s a hermit Grain and the other hermits:😱😱😱 Me:?????

  44. Felicity Hughes

    Felicity Hughes10 days ago

    Me:What’s a hermit

  45. Camilla Govoni

    Camilla Govoni10 days ago

    I suggest slime block for the bottom of the sewer!

  46. Jack Burns

    Jack Burns11 days ago

    Just an idea you should give yourself a challenge and a way to flex your diamonds by making a house or some kind of structure made out of diamonds but try to make it look as good as possible (you can use other blocks but try to keep the diamonds as the mane block)

  47. 440Stainless

    440Stainless11 days ago

    just in full stacks of blocks 4032 diamonds.... 0.0

  48. Jimmy Szewczyk

    Jimmy Szewczyk11 days ago

    4:25 Shulk moment

  49. bigbigmushy

    bigbigmushy11 days ago

    6:03 "I'm about to end this man's hole career"

  50. DT_DT

    DT_DT12 days ago

    "starting wars" grian is the tommyinit of hermitcraft

  51. Jacob McDonald

    Jacob McDonald12 days ago

    Diamond stonks

  52. Landen Does YouTube

    Landen Does YouTube13 days ago

    Day 58 of asking Grian to Qs and As during timelapses

  53. Jackson Bullock

    Jackson Bullock13 days ago

    shade e e s is in apua town

  54. Haiden G

    Haiden G13 days ago

    Bigger chandelier

  55. SphinxYT24

    SphinxYT2413 days ago

    5:04 CORRUPTION!!!!!!

  56. SphinxYT24

    SphinxYT2413 days ago


  57. Nathan H.

    Nathan H.13 days ago


  58. frutey 1234

    frutey 123413 days ago

    what if you made the fire place higher with no opening and made a hole in the middle of the place with glass on the edges which will be your entrance to the productive hall and if you made a solution to make natural light get in the hall

  59. epicgamer 99

    epicgamer 9913 days ago

    Make a diamond archway

  60. Jennifer Garcia-Alonso

    Jennifer Garcia-Alonso14 days ago


  61. nobody nobody

    nobody nobody14 days ago

    Can we just apprieciate how wholesome grian is about other hermits?

  62. Vee Loss

    Vee Loss14 days ago

    I love moveing viligers

  63. Malicious Beaver

    Malicious Beaver14 days ago

    Why does the interior look so evil?

  64. Enchanted Kloof

    Enchanted Kloof14 days ago

    I think you forgot to remove a clip around 12:54

  65. MrMan314

    MrMan31415 days ago

    Grian: I'm gonna build an automatic villager breeder *Xisuma left the game*

  66. Crownin

    Crownin15 days ago

    4:26 Shulk, anyone?

  67. Daininetta

    Daininetta15 days ago

    When he zoomed into the chandelier I legit thought my eyes were gonna melt.

  68. sanzboy YT

    sanzboy YT15 days ago

    11:07 i am getting nostalgia but getting pain at the same time

  69. Dusty W

    Dusty W15 days ago

    the floor of the mansion is sooo cool

  70. sijun chathuni

    sijun chathuni15 days ago

    Good job grian you did a good thing be cuz your fans will tell :)

  71. sijun chathuni

    sijun chathuni15 days ago

    Your secret

  72. Mason plays

    Mason plays15 days ago

    Only boys will understand this 69

  73. Roy Azoulay

    Roy Azoulay15 days ago

    hi Grain i love your channel and i love your videos and all the stuff you do keep rocking from you biggest fan

  74. Sleepingnowpls

    Sleepingnowpls15 days ago

    NOW WAY!????!!!!!?!!??!? Grian is the voice actor of shulk from xenoblade chronicles 4:26 🙊😱🤯🤯😮😮😲😲🙊🤯😳😳😳😱😱🤯🤯🤡🙀

  75. 4_BMX PLAYZ

    4_BMX PLAYZ15 days ago

    When the villagers were mating it reminded me of catching a Pokémon

  76. Home Haorao

    Home Haorao16 days ago

    alot of max out diamond becaon

  77. FactsOnly

    FactsOnly16 days ago

    When you build farms, you should try too add it into the them of the mansion

  78. Egil Sandnes

    Egil Sandnes16 days ago

    The endermite sounds was a good clue to your whereabouts.

  79. Plastic jr

    Plastic jr16 days ago

    8:10 is that just me or is that switch from carrots to glass really iffy?

  80. Weird Man

    Weird Man16 days ago

    Grian is brick boi

  81. ShydomPlayz

    ShydomPlayz16 days ago

    We can all agree that the chandelier is amazing

  82. I_Cant_Think_Of_A_Name

    I_Cant_Think_Of_A_Name16 days ago

    0:40 building bit by bit builds for 6 hours straight XD

  83. Oristi

    Oristi16 days ago

    Me who has been playing Minecraft for 5years and hasn't defeated the ender dragon

  84. Grigoor4i

    Grigoor4i16 days ago

    6:11 grian sounds like a villager XD

  85. Lucas Gaisano

    Lucas Gaisano16 days ago


  86. Benjamin Hornby

    Benjamin Hornby17 days ago

    Make a Dimond dragon with netherite eyes

  87. Élisabeth Painchaud

    Élisabeth Painchaud17 days ago

    U should make a full beacon with all the diamands u have!

  88. Supercar2009

    Supercar200917 days ago

    "I need these guys to...uhh... make another villager" -Grian 2020

  89. Gavin Souto

    Gavin Souto17 days ago

    The floor would look way better white

  90. Kavya Markam

    Kavya Markam17 days ago

    Is Your Minecraft World Name Is Hemitcraft

  91. Not a Person

    Not a Person17 days ago

    Grian can you plzzzzzz replace the stripped warped logs with Diamond Blocks


    SAMUEL TEE HSIEN RONG Moe17 days ago

    i deal grian evry coment on hes videos and every coment on my videos

  93. Tinotenda Mbiri

    Tinotenda Mbiri17 days ago

    You gave it away GRIAAANN

  94. I Do Stuff Sometimes

    I Do Stuff Sometimes17 days ago

    Make your own town hall and diamond throne to show off your dimonds

  95. Brenden Hinkle

    Brenden Hinkle18 days ago

    dont spoil NOOOOOOO

  96. Luna Leonard

    Luna Leonard18 days ago

    Wow I love your mansion so far

  97. Mel Cox

    Mel Cox18 days ago

    Woa anyone else see the optical allusion in the mansion at 5:04 (Its more like 5:06 or 5:07 but 🙃)

  98. Mel Cox

    Mel Cox18 days ago

    Just look at the roof

  99. -Lady Luminous-

    -Lady Luminous-18 days ago


  100. KGB

    KGB18 days ago

    "vIlLaGeRs ArE tHe WoRsT" idk tbh, but I don't think grian wants to be watched by a stranger during the "act"

  101. Thomengas S

    Thomengas S18 days ago

    Me: spends three days trying to find diamonds Grian: i made a diamond chandelier(is that right?) And a diamond block big room I felt destroyed Luv u grian

  102. Snokeboa Skate

    Snokeboa Skate18 days ago

    What about Mumb0 and Iskall