Hermitcraft 7: Episode 52 - MYCELIUM HQ FOUND?!

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 52 - MYCELIUM HQ FOUND?! the HQ has been found by HEP and they really went all out. Point to team HEP.
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  1. Tabby Cat

    Tabby CatHour ago

    Grian in season 6: Safari! Grian in season 7: Victorian Barge Grian in season 8: Barge.... But redesign

  2. Selwyn Jaco

    Selwyn Jaco5 hours ago

    this Resistance Arc is one of the best ✋😌

  3. Cole Landis

    Cole Landis12 hours ago

    17:13 Tokyo Drift

  4. Andy Ha

    Andy Ha18 hours ago

    You know what I’m always gonna say gooooood bye along with you

  5. Pit

    PitDay ago

    Mumbo is a hep

  6. Moiyo Tea

    Moiyo TeaDay ago

    a few months in the future... ‘rebuilding the barge for the 105th time! mycelium base attacked !¿?¡’

  7. Goat Man

    Goat Man2 days ago

    Bruh season 8 should take place entirely underground

  8. Ryan Bender

    Ryan Bender2 days ago

    The barge is basically a house now

  9. Glareyn Bagayan420

    Glareyn Bagayan4203 days ago

    7:20, am I the only one who thought Renthedog was sitting

  10. Tyler UvU

    Tyler UvU2 days ago

    Oml yes-

  11. Langdon Rosen

    Langdon Rosen3 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the ancient deebree?

  12. Ishkanark

    Ishkanark3 days ago

    So does the shopping district from season 6 still exist?

  13. Ishkanark

    Ishkanark3 days ago

    I still remember when it was called great grian goodies

  14. S1kestr1ke

    S1kestr1ke3 days ago

    Like: Grian Reply: Mumbo Jumbo

  15. Anvesh Pro

    Anvesh Pro4 days ago

    21:25 umm what your gonna buy the shopping district

  16. Lion Jones

    Lion Jones4 days ago

    You monster

  17. Red and blue Space wolf

    Red and blue Space wolf5 days ago

    I like it

  18. Sudev

    Sudev5 days ago

    Grian, you missed your chance to say that "Glass is one of the most PANEful things to break" You also missed your chance to call the barge a "Mansion GRIAN-house" sorry man

  19. MoonL13

    MoonL136 days ago

    this was more epic than worrying

  20. HyruleMaster03

    HyruleMaster036 days ago

    I mean, Starkiller base (star wars) was technically also a solar powered super weapon...

  21. Akshaj Goda

    Akshaj Goda7 days ago

    remember when the barge was a literal raft anyone????/??

  22. D REX Games

    D REX Games7 days ago

    What happened to it being a BARGE!?

  23. Master Chock

    Master Chock7 days ago

    OMG the barge looks absolutely gorgeous

  24. Master Chock

    Master Chock7 days ago

    4:12 lmao I love how impulse just smacked on the floor. It looks so panicky x)

  25. Lukeario797 ThoseTimes Mobmaker Minecraft

    Lukeario797 ThoseTimes Mobmaker Minecraft7 days ago

    can we just appreciate how small the barge was and now its massive

  26. Tom Allen

    Tom Allen8 days ago

    It was probably stress who leaked

  27. Civilised Zombie

    Civilised Zombie9 days ago

    I have an idea! start hermit craft 8 on the barge as if you sailed over there!!!

  28. Elijah Oneal

    Elijah Oneal9 days ago

    By the way I never sent any messages but I would have never guessed it was there

  29. Elijah Oneal

    Elijah Oneal9 days ago

    Bravo grian bravo

  30. Asteroid Firedash

    Asteroid Firedash10 days ago

    no it’s found

  31. Asteroid Firedash

    Asteroid Firedash10 days ago

    Stres monster 👹

  32. ProbeBot

    ProbeBot10 days ago


  33. Penguin Joey

    Penguin Joey11 days ago

    That’s why they call it glass PAINS Hah puns

  34. Holden Gehrke

    Holden Gehrke12 days ago

    6:12 WTF creative?

  35. Emily Pask

    Emily Pask12 days ago

    Do you mean a mansion grain house

  36. Tiger YT

    Tiger YT13 days ago

    how did the emergency meeting work

  37. AK 123

    AK 12313 days ago


  38. Void Layer N

    Void Layer N13 days ago

    6:13 xBCrafted running through the sky? Strange.

  39. dread desert8712

    dread desert871213 days ago

    I knew it was either odea or stress’s tree because in episode 46 when the sheep dies it’s next to odea and stress’s tree

  40. Dee Pelto

    Dee Pelto14 days ago

    I see mobocracy side and grains side at same time

  41. DIO

    DIO14 days ago

    You guys on Hermitcraft do better builds in survival, then me in creative.

  42. Ella la meif'wa

    Ella la meif'wa14 days ago

    Barge Upgrade 3: Electric Breegalee!!!!

  43. Matt J.

    Matt J.15 days ago

    I started watching season 7 a week ago and here I am lmao

  44. Pengoo

    Pengoo15 days ago

    Grian messed up the grian imperium It looked best when it was in ep49

  45. adhyayan das

    adhyayan das15 days ago

    i was dying off suspense in 3:20

  46. Nextel Stop Motion

    Nextel Stop Motion15 days ago

    I would be in the resistance if I was on hermitcraft but the grass does look better

  47. Cuisine Creations

    Cuisine Creations16 days ago

    Barge 3: Electricity

  48. Dylan Doucette

    Dylan Doucette16 days ago

    Meanwhile hes making a single barge and ive been making a base for 2 years and i still cant make a base that even looks like the barge

  49. OfficialRylan

    OfficialRylan16 days ago

    At this point you should just call it the Emporium

  50. C D

    C D16 days ago

    It’s like season 6

  51. cationn_

    cationn_16 days ago

    "..the design is pretty simple.." Me: Hmm, very "simple" indeed

  52. Dedicated Person

    Dedicated Person17 days ago

    The grian mysteries:bamboo arrow, shovel breaking stone,and who broke the fence

  53. Jack Williams

    Jack Williams17 days ago

    Ethos is a traitor there was a book on the throne about a supposed "anonymous" tip but the books name was not from etho

  54. Breacher

    Breacher17 days ago

    somebody said oh shi t

  55. TheDemonHamster

    TheDemonHamster17 days ago

    17:03 the puns strike again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Jackie Nash

    Jackie Nash17 days ago

    Who else is so heyped of sesson 8 i have my own hermite craft type thing

  57. Elijah Goode

    Elijah Goode17 days ago

    The Barge v.3: Electric Boogalee?

  58. jet Dinelt

    jet Dinelt18 days ago

    Barge three aquatic tree

  59. Lord Rubin

    Lord Rubin18 days ago

    New tag name: Tag 3: Now more PvP

  60. Lord Rubin

    Lord Rubin18 days ago

    Or less PvP of you like that more

  61. Aftons And Co.

    Aftons And Co.18 days ago

    6:13 Nobody: Grian: ghost toast

  62. Gucci Gang

    Gucci Gang18 days ago

    Grian I think Ik who gave it, MAYBE Clue: Im stressed. Good luck!

  63. vintage car

    vintage car19 days ago

    garin just keeps on buying out the shops next to then he buys the island it's now called the barge monster

  64. Ramona Belanger

    Ramona Belanger19 days ago

    I told you I knew where you were

  65. Bowen Albertson

    Bowen Albertson19 days ago


  66. Adhyan X

    Adhyan X19 days ago

    I love how grian says "good bye" lol

  67. Alwed

    Alwed19 days ago

    5:56 grian says he’s In voice chat dnd 2 does that mean they play dnd in their discord?

  68. TheToasterAteMyHome

    TheToasterAteMyHome19 days ago

    2-14-21 video posted in November USlikes : 2 months ago at most

  69. Adam Smith

    Adam Smith19 days ago

    Love how the exit was under Oder!

  70. Ben Ryder

    Ben Ryder20 days ago

    all of this started when grian layed a few pieces of mycilyum

  71. Charlie Kemp

    Charlie Kemp20 days ago

    Does the barge even sell anything anymore LOL

  72. Conor Pillay

    Conor Pillay20 days ago

    Can we just appreciate the fact that the barge used to be a tiny raft?

  73. LemonLime

    LemonLime20 days ago

    glass really is a panefull thing to mine *badum tssssss*

  74. Nove Parker

    Nove Parker20 days ago

    i feel like Mr Myc HQ is a good name for the headquarters as Mr can be like Mycelium Resistance and then Myc short for mycelium and its just cute like Mr Myc HQ

  75. Pesky Pufferfish

    Pesky Pufferfish21 day ago

    It looks like a castle

  76. Zoey Stevens

    Zoey Stevens21 day ago


  77. Bobby McCulloch

    Bobby McCulloch21 day ago

    It started out as just a raft And now is a massive supermarket

  78. Fire Fox

    Fire Fox21 day ago

    Tag 3: Electric Beegalee

  79. II_L2Shot

    II_L2Shot21 day ago

    Did anyone else see the random Walking TNT in the backround ten minutes In the video.

  80. Aurora vlogger

    Aurora vlogger22 days ago

    Things you forgot Gene you didn't scale of the doors and you forgot mumbo bot

  81. m3 media

    m3 media22 days ago


  82. m3 media

    m3 media22 days ago


  83. m3 media

    m3 media22 days ago


  84. m3 media

    m3 media22 days ago


  85. m3 media

    m3 media22 days ago


  86. m3 media

    m3 media22 days ago


  87. m3 media

    m3 media22 days ago


  88. Pismo Beach Veterinary Clinic

    Pismo Beach Veterinary Clinic22 days ago

    10:11 ummmm there’s litterly a floating tnt behind grain

  89. Bella Means

    Bella Means22 days ago

    17:02 "glass is one of the most PANE-ful things to break"

  90. Jack

    Jack23 days ago

    did any ine notice the ancient debris when mumbo broke in

  91. Jack

    Jack23 days ago

    nevermind its part of the machine

  92. Aiden Von

    Aiden Von23 days ago

    the barge be looking more like a mega base every upgrade

  93. Tyler sneed

    Tyler sneed24 days ago

    No one: Not even the weirdest man in the world: Grain: Buy The Box™

  94. Brian Blue

    Brian Blue24 days ago

    You need to get revenge Mumbo jumbo told the HEP where the base is and showed where

  95. Elsie-tube CAT LOVERS!!

    Elsie-tube CAT LOVERS!!24 days ago

    When they were breaking in i thought i saw ancient debris but then i saw them come out of the base under the shopping district. @.@ im confused

  96. Judah Gottlieb

    Judah Gottlieb24 days ago

    899npeople: nuts

  97. tactful73

    tactful7324 days ago

    5 minutes in... the most epic entrance ever

  98. Williamyam

    Williamyam24 days ago

    10:10 did no one notice that tnt walking?

  99. PachiPluchi

    PachiPluchi25 days ago


  100. James Wilson

    James Wilson25 days ago

    glass is very pane-ful to break

  101. Jwuu015

    Jwuu01525 days ago

    Barge 3: prickly tree

  102. Ribbital

    Ribbital26 days ago

    6:13 I JUST SAW AN APPARITION me: wut 👁👄👁

  103. Vivian T

    Vivian T26 days ago

    "glass is the most painful thing to break" -Grian