Hermitcraft 7: Episode 67 - THE HERMITCRAFT SEWER

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 67 - THE HERMITCRAFT SEWERS Grian in todays hermitcraft episode begins a new game in the sewers, but also a big event just happened..


  1. Olivia Zhang

    Olivia Zhang5 hours ago


  2. Olivia Zhang

    Olivia Zhang5 hours ago


  3. Olivia Zhang

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  4. Jay Varma

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  5. Steven Allman

    Steven AllmanDay ago

    Wow mumbos base is only worth three diamonds

  6. CatChannel YT

    CatChannel YTDay ago

    Grian, Grian! Did you put your name in the button of fire?! *Said MumboJumbo calmy*

  7. Alex Boy

    Alex BoyDay ago

    Who gets the upside down mansion

  8. Zyborg Gaming

    Zyborg Gaming2 days ago

    When I see anything on hermitcraft, I feel bad about my own world lol, which makes up most of my content

  9. Andrea Lara

    Andrea Lara2 days ago

    0:00 hmmm who could bee responsible for this. Actually I thinks X

  10. rmhs games

    rmhs games2 days ago

    wait were did thos cat heads come from :/

  11. Cleon Plays Games

    Cleon Plays Games3 days ago


  12. Roan van Nieuwenhuizen

    Roan van Nieuwenhuizen3 days ago

    I mean like again?

  13. Roan van Nieuwenhuizen

    Roan van Nieuwenhuizen3 days ago

    Hey Grian I love your videos and just want to say try playing sea of thieves?

  14. trevor torbeck

    trevor torbeck3 days ago

    Mumbo base should be 12 bamboo

  15. Lava Luke

    Lava Luke3 days ago

    imma just here to watch the episodews i missed

  16. Adnan faqeeh

    Adnan faqeeh3 days ago

    This was just because of us saying that everybody is breaking the Hc rules remember

  17. Amy Balderson

    Amy Balderson4 days ago

    grian no

  18. Christine Pusen

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  19. OctoGamerTv

    OctoGamerTv4 days ago

    0:46 *You've never been so disctracted* mY mInD: *DIAMONDSSSSSSSSS IN IMPULSE'S BASE😂😂*

  20. Skully Smalls

    Skully Smalls5 days ago

    Ok but like anyone else thinking about Flushed Away? Just me? LOL

  21. Rudd

    Rudd5 days ago

    Why is there not a hermit society

  22. David Martin

    David Martin5 days ago

    Secret Sewer Sociaty= tripple S= SSS

  23. xXShadowGamerXx [Overwatch and Minecraft]

    xXShadowGamerXx [Overwatch and Minecraft]5 days ago

    3 of the most happy/positive people on the server collaborating? yes

  24. Elijah Chickering

    Elijah Chickering5 days ago

    you pulled a scat with that time laps, music

  25. oikos galanis

    oikos galanis5 days ago

    the darg

  26. oikos galanis

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  27. Ren

    Ren5 days ago

    Isn't the back of the mansion scars problem already though?

  28. oikos galanis

    oikos galanis5 days ago

    meik mor videos

  29. oikos galanis

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  30. Charlie Wright

    Charlie Wright5 days ago

    In both season six and season seven grian made a tunnel under someones base

  31. Echo Reaper

    Echo Reaper6 days ago

    Grian: the back of the mansion is not my problem Me: never was. That’s scar’s problem

  32. demondreamer 56

    demondreamer 566 days ago

    6:18 so we not gonna talk about the laugh👀like seriously it sound like something off of a horror movie

  33. William Putt

    William Putt6 days ago

    Oh My God not Brian about to say bbc at the start of the vid 😂😂😂

  34. Isabel Ave

    Isabel Ave6 days ago

    THE REMIX is so good sewer cats, sewer cats

  35. Raphael Skinner

    Raphael Skinner6 days ago

    What was that bottle in 19:56

  36. Bekahoot

    Bekahoot6 days ago

    The Big Base Swap has totally rekindled my interest in Hermitcraft! Since January 6, I have been obsessed with politics, and haven't been keeping up, but I'm still subscribed to most of the Hermits. Now I'm catching up again! Real life stuff can wait.

  37. ThunderClawShocktrix

    ThunderClawShocktrix6 days ago

    Am thinking mumbo and etho cam up with the idea together

  38. Toko Fukawa

    Toko Fukawa7 days ago

    Sky creeper

  39. techno kitty

    techno kitty7 days ago

    Ummm dant cats attack birds

  40. Cool Fox

    Cool Fox7 days ago

    @Grian the sewer will be a cool addition to karalas's city if he finds it soo that would be cool

  41. Ed’s mock’s and reviews

    Ed’s mock’s and reviews7 days ago

    All the work for bases and they were just handed over

  42. Ed’s mock’s and reviews

    Ed’s mock’s and reviews7 days ago

    How you realize any hermit can look at this and know

  43. Bestbros Claravall

    Bestbros Claravall7 days ago

    The base thing should only be for a group of episodes because the hermits.worked hard on their bases so yea.

  44. Sirsnacks Alot

    Sirsnacks Alot7 days ago

    Roses are red Snitching is dumb And if you do so are you

  45. RobboCookie Man

    RobboCookie Man7 days ago

    This video is literally tubbo heaven there is so many beeeees

  46. yeet me

    yeet me7 days ago

    only legends will remember sahara

  47. Feltypikachu Games

    Feltypikachu Games8 days ago

    He was about to say bbc instead of bbs!😂👍

  48. Minecraft Man

    Minecraft Man8 days ago

    Omg I love the sewers it’s so cool

  49. Paxton Schorsch

    Paxton Schorsch8 days ago

    Remember the jungle u should go back to it

  50. Maple Sabre

    Maple Sabre8 days ago

    The back of the mansion has officially been declared a SEP, which explains why you can't see it. P.S. It's probably pink.

  51. I just Wanna sleep

    I just Wanna sleep8 days ago

    Grian is such a main character

  52. Beta Fish

    Beta Fish8 days ago

    Elybeatmaker needs a sewer cat remix

  53. Robin Allika

    Robin Allika9 days ago

    It might not actually even be mumbo coz maybe he was building the specific cuz it about the same colors

  54. iamalex4life

    iamalex4life9 days ago

    Grian xray glitches are a thing in the game in vanilla right.. since the hq location was known its obvious how close it is to the spaw

  55. ekotaeprohc

    ekotaeprohc9 days ago

    3:18 a cat??? underground? or maui?

  56. Kboomboom Bloom

    Kboomboom Bloom9 days ago

    the lighting looks different... is grian using a basic shader?

  57. trọn phạm thị

    trọn phạm thị9 days ago

    Are the fce reveal

  58. trọn phạm thị

    trọn phạm thị9 days ago

    Do the face reveal now

  59. IggitC

    IggitC9 days ago

    Book : just one more page Netflix : just one more episode Chocolate : just one more piece Grian : just one more war this season.

  60. Jason Simnov

    Jason Simnov10 days ago

    Can someone link me the episode where the creeper sneaks up on them at the sewer entrance?

  61. Sam Buggy

    Sam Buggy10 days ago

    Does the barge count as part of the base

  62. dabner50

    dabner5010 days ago

    Hermit Craft Button Box S

  63. Luck Lad

    Luck Lad10 days ago


  64. •w•

    •w•10 days ago

    I kinda don’t get much bc I skipped of ep I think 6-7 to 62-or 63-

  65. Raxcental Ruthenta

    Raxcental Ruthenta10 days ago

    Not to be rude, but I don't exactly trust zedaph.

  66. i1ike0ranges

    i1ike0ranges10 days ago

    0:10 BBC?? 😳😳😳😳

  67. Brendon Marks

    Brendon Marks10 days ago

    This video came out 10 days ago, already has 131K likes. wow

  68. Sean Murtagh

    Sean Murtagh10 days ago

    Is your base gone for ever

  69. Nanner King

    Nanner King9 days ago

    Nah, I’m sure it’ll be back

  70. Handa Sakura

    Handa Sakura10 days ago

    Interesting, Master "Pesky Bird" and The Mutant "Sewer Cats" Very familiar.

  71. Lewis

    Lewis10 days ago

    It's most likely that the concrete was for the bank system he was working on in the same episode, but other signs point to him so I guess it's not entirely out of the question

  72. jim ferguson

    jim ferguson11 days ago

    Imagine if you got keralus(Ik I can’t spell) and went and found all the stolen items but your to take the lead for points

  73. NoTagBacks

    NoTagBacks11 days ago

    Yo the new cats movie lookin good

  74. Origami Ahsoka

    Origami Ahsoka11 days ago

    Wow, that glass trick with the sewer looks so cool, I’ve never seen that done before!

  75. Abby

    Abby11 days ago

    Grian: between you and I,... there HAPPENS to be over 2,000,000 views as i am posting this, Grian, explain this

  76. Ted LeBlond

    Ted LeBlond11 days ago

    BDubs: Brings a building Grian: 1 point

  77. endriusza

    endriusza11 days ago

    Scar was once a mayor Now he lives in the sewers

  78. Rip & Rain

    Rip & Rain12 days ago

    You should do a hermitcraft live stream

  79. paras jangra

    paras jangra12 days ago

    0:03 Beast Boy Shub

  80. Blind Ben

    Blind Ben12 days ago

    this reminds me of craig and the creek

  81. Maarten Schut

    Maarten Schut12 days ago

    Grainstorming lol

  82. Landen Does YouTube

    Landen Does YouTube13 days ago

    Day 60 of asking Grian to do Qs and As during timelapses

  83. Tradic Playz

    Tradic Playz13 days ago

    Bee Dubs? BDUBS IS BEE xD

  84. Marlin hopper

    Marlin hopper13 days ago

    Can someone tell me how they made the glass look like that

  85. Bubbles

    Bubbles13 days ago

    Grain: Sometimes the fun has to outweigh the risk Me: Then tell us where your secret base is

  86. Samantha Morriss

    Samantha Morriss13 days ago

    What if there is a certain item in the game that you can throw in a hopper to open a door to each sewer base?

  87. pine apple

    pine apple13 days ago

    Who else is slightly annoyed but still enjoys when grian and mumbo say "h" as "haich"?😅

  88. Titan Steal2

    Titan Steal213 days ago

    Make a sewer underneath the building and make it look like the building fell underground

  89. Spazm Cat

    Spazm Cat13 days ago

    Me: starts to watch the episode Grian: "The infiniBee festival" also me: "so grian has to collect all the infinibee stones"

  90. No Name's Second Channel

    No Name's Second Channel13 days ago

    "oh my god i love bees"

  91. Ghost Legend

    Ghost Legend13 days ago

    Which is better Like: Hermicraft SMP Comment: Dream SMP

  92. Chintan Baraiya

    Chintan Baraiya13 days ago

    Corrales will figure out in 2 minutes.

  93. Aldon Ren

    Aldon Ren13 days ago

    The 682 people who disliked the video or all videos in that matter🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  94. Mythix _

    Mythix _13 days ago

    so the upside down is just dead now...

  95. earthrocker 48

    earthrocker 4813 days ago

    You should finish the back of the base lol

  96. Catt South

    Catt South13 days ago

    ugh u should have made the sewer a maze filled with deadly dead ends so it would be safer (please reply of you see this❤️)

  97. Boi Who Donce

    Boi Who Donce13 days ago

    We live in a society

  98. 2FoolsinOne

    2FoolsinOne13 days ago

    the first 34 seconds *Tubbo has joined the chat*

  99. Digital Evolution

    Digital Evolution13 days ago

    Just one song play in my mind during this vid. " SEEECRRREEET TUNNNEEELLL, SEECRRREEETTT TUUNNNEEEL"

  100. Mark ForMe

    Mark ForMe13 days ago

    Keralites sounds like kerala

  101. Dominic Shek

    Dominic Shek14 days ago

    Mumbo for mayor thowback

  102. Lauren Lofton

    Lauren Lofton14 days ago

    I saw Mumbo Jumbo!

  103. Yeatin Beatin Gamin

    Yeatin Beatin Gamin14 days ago

    i just love how the christmas tree is still there

  104. awesome 346

    awesome 34614 days ago

    don't use the Lord's name in vain please