Hermitcraft 7: Episode 55 - SPOT THE DIFFERENCE

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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 55 - SPOT THE DIFFERENCE Grian pranks HEP for his tactic by revealing the base's true form. He also does a lot of jobs around the server.
#hermitcraft #minecraft
Grain Loaf design inspired by fan art by rainydaydoodles


  1. Grian

    Grian3 months ago

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  2. A bunny channel :p

    A bunny channel :p7 days ago

    @Me_ Myself and I

  3. Lord Rubin

    Lord Rubin14 days ago

    I realllllllllly like that barge hoodie

  4. Lord Rubin

    Lord Rubin14 days ago

    Little question, are you ever restocking? If so, when?

  5. Bunnies & Bagels

    Bunnies & BagelsMonth ago

    @furret likes shrek E

  6. N Playz

    N Playz2 months ago


  7. cowiththeflow

    cowiththeflowDay ago

    Lmao llama

  8. Mikel Njoku

    Mikel Njoku2 days ago

    I am starting to feel like Grian likes to do maths

  9. thenethermob

    thenethermob3 days ago

    I took a loaf of bread and I turned it into "grain" but then I ate it lol

  10. Sofia Quack

    Sofia Quack3 days ago


  11. Andrea Lara

    Andrea Lara4 days ago

    Flower forests

  12. Lion Jones

    Lion Jones4 days ago

    Wow so cool not kidding

  13. Jack Ryan

    Jack Ryan4 days ago

    The subtitles said green

  14. Esther Dickinson

    Esther Dickinson4 days ago


  15. Jonathan Gyulai

    Jonathan Gyulai5 days ago

    Was that a Phineas and Ferb reference? 🤣

  16. Master Warden

    Master Warden5 days ago

    Is your real name grian and if not then why did you choose grian for your USlikes channel name

  17. Marley Dees

    Marley Dees7 days ago


  18. S

    S7 days ago

    The mushroom base may not look like an animal, but it sure does look like Goomba from Mario

  19. C G

    C G8 days ago

    Lol " this is what we call a hot delivery" 😂🤣

  20. Jeroen van Donselaar

    Jeroen van Donselaar8 days ago

    Hey grain I LOVE hermitcrft I have my own hermitcraft server

  21. Destined_

    Destined_9 days ago

    Hello Brian... autocorrect

  22. Phoebe

    Phoebe10 days ago

    Hello grian i am a fan of you

  23. LuannaWolf

    LuannaWolf11 days ago

    I need a pesky bird hoodie but they are all sold out

  24. Void Layer N

    Void Layer N12 days ago

    12:21 This is great! xD

  25. Black Wolf Boi

    Black Wolf Boi12 days ago

    This episode should be called 20 mins of memes

  26. CatLIEda1st Gaming

    CatLIEda1st Gaming13 days ago

    Did anyone notice that the time on this video is 20:20?

  27. Elder Flamingo

    Elder Flamingo13 days ago

    knowing how eventful this series is and all the craziness im suprised yall have any brain cells left?


    EGGY_ PLAYS13 days ago

    Sell nethet stars at the barge

  29. William OC

    William OC13 days ago

    Hey I built a auto auger cane with no help beside my sister bad farm

  30. Kaya Voyce

    Kaya Voyce14 days ago

    PESKY birrrrdddd??

  31. Benjamin Cleary

    Benjamin Cleary14 days ago

    love the office joke

  32. Mellisa Crohan

    Mellisa Crohan14 days ago

    I’m too late and I’m very sad for the merch bc I’m a hardcore bird lover and the pesky bird shirts are sold out ;w;

  33. Crazydrawinggirl

    Crazydrawinggirl15 days ago

    Yay llama snoot

  34. Kylie Elizabeth

    Kylie Elizabeth15 days ago

    Grian:Autocorrect hasnt been very nice to my name Grian Subtitles:Autocorrect hasnt been very nice to my name Green

  35. Neil Filkin

    Neil Filkin15 days ago

    I'm wearing a grain tee

  36. George Cook

    George Cook16 days ago

    POV you have a test tomorrow at 10:00am it is 2:00am

  37. C D

    C D16 days ago

    Actually it’s one brain cell the other is for thinking about the other

  38. sijun chathuni

    sijun chathuni16 days ago

    Grian goes like no i dont want to know nope i do not want to know hahaha

  39. C D

    C D16 days ago

    Make a grain teddy

  40. K C

    K C16 days ago

    Grian: if I had a nickel for every llama there was in the shopping district then I would have two nickels. Me: if I had a nickel for every hermit craft 7 episode I’ve seen i would have 55 nickels.

  41. Sleepingnowpls

    Sleepingnowpls17 days ago

    This was aLLAMAing

  42. MonkeyDudeX1

    MonkeyDudeX117 days ago

    It's vanished for me before multiple times on the same world cuz I tried to beat six withers with my friends and when I fly around in that world in a certain spots sometimes I'll see the sky go gray in a wither skull launch at me

  43. Samuil Plamenov Dimitrov

    Samuil Plamenov Dimitrov17 days ago

    Can you add more t-shirts because they are all sold out and I would love to have some.

  44. Samuil Plamenov Dimitrov

    Samuil Plamenov Dimitrov17 days ago

    Those sick t-shirts are really cool!

  45. red rynoid4

    red rynoid417 days ago

    Pickle shop


    SAMUEL TEE HSIEN RONG Moe18 days ago

    i made a flower machine harvest grow collet flower syestem ( the name its a bit long)

  47. LukeTV

    LukeTV18 days ago

    i used to call grian gry-an but now i know it's gree-an

  48. Ryker Pendleton

    Ryker Pendleton18 days ago

    it took him 44 minutes to kill the withers and he had 44 levels

  49. Landon Prince

    Landon Prince18 days ago

    Grain you should not be calling it HEP what happened to HIIIP

  50. MatrixK

    MatrixK19 days ago

    Railway track :) ...

  51. MatrixK

    MatrixK19 days ago

    Gran character? . . ~

  52. Ronald Jr

    Ronald Jr19 days ago

    Does farm works even if you are not in farm's chunk?

  53. CutePuppyPAW

    CutePuppyPAW19 days ago

    grian: thats why we made a mushroom castle cause it doesnt look like an animal... hypixel admins: its a bat

  54. Waris Mard

    Waris Mard19 days ago

    Grian: grain Grain: Green Subtitles: Korean

  55. Emily Battye

    Emily Battye20 days ago

    Flower forest

  56. Chris And stellen

    Chris And stellen20 days ago

    it's 5:47 AM and i have been watching this all night help

  57. Bill Gates

    Bill Gates21 day ago

    2:18 fun fact he had 44 exp

  58. Rachel Perry

    Rachel Perry22 days ago

    love the reference to the office

  59. James Stephens

    James Stephens22 days ago

    actually you mushroom base dus look like a mouse

  60. Tijmen Plaisier

    Tijmen Plaisier22 days ago

    put ¨Grain¨ bread in the barge

  61. Totally Hooman

    Totally Hooman23 days ago

    All you had to do was add a snout and some eyes to the HEP(Hee-Ep) HQ and it would have been a llama.

  62. danni zhu

    danni zhu24 days ago

    love the barge

  63. Georgia Pappa

    Georgia Pappa24 days ago

    USlikesrs I watched smaller: I don't remember what episode this is I think 53 Grian: Here we are in episode 55

  64. Ehan Faisal

    Ehan Faisal25 days ago

    U have to breed villagers with potatoes

  65. Gloria Vita Diez

    Gloria Vita Diez26 days ago

    Hi grain

  66. Kimberly Packard

    Kimberly Packard26 days ago

    Grian: Total time to kill wither is....44 min Me seing that it is only 2 min into the vid

  67. Kimberly Packard

    Kimberly Packard26 days ago

    Wither kill effect on bedrock: boom boom boom BBBOOOOMMMM!!! Wither kill effect on java:BOOOOMMM!

  68. Ariel Ivri

    Ariel Ivri27 days ago

    My auto correct corrects it to brain. (I write grian)

  69. slurptwatr

    slurptwatr27 days ago


  70. Squazzle CamCam

    Squazzle CamCam28 days ago

    How many pennies is a nickel worth?

  71. Bastro fine

    Bastro fine28 days ago

    Brian Or Gread? 🤔🤔🤔

  72. Pansexual Goddess

    Pansexual Goddess29 days ago

    The memes, I can't- I'm so proud🤣🤣🤣

  73. shirley Herridge

    shirley Herridge29 days ago

    its called the flower forest

  74. rory clarke

    rory clarke29 days ago

    Am I the only one that got the office reference

  75. Michelle_doll_

    Michelle_doll_29 days ago

    Grian's laugh is cute

  76. BFF MIX

    BFF MIX29 days ago

    Grian: Of our two remening briancells Me:👁👄👁

  77. CatDrawsX

    CatDrawsXMonth ago

    Karen please come back I miss the kids. Karen please come back I miss the kids. How olds he again? 24? Is he still your yoga instructor Karen I don’t have a bed anymore. I sleep on a futon on the hardwood floor. But can you blame me I’m quite poor

  78. CatDrawsX

    CatDrawsXMonth ago

    Lmao every time I tried to say grian it would auto correct to groan or Brian or green.

  79. CatDrawsX

    CatDrawsXMonth ago

    You should make pesky bird plushes

  80. nerdle 1

    nerdle 1Month ago

    Right after said in season six they called my base a water filter I got an ad for a water filter

  81. HI-5

    HI-5Month ago


  82. Satanic green demon

    Satanic green demonMonth ago

    The sheer number of reddit references in this video boggles the mind I love it

  83. Bunnies & Bagels

    Bunnies & BagelsMonth ago

    TIMELINE Ep 12 Shop progress: Raft Money: 1 diamond bock Ep 55 Shop progress: basically a house Money: 5 stacks on diamond blocks

  84. DawnTheNightLightFury

    DawnTheNightLightFuryMonth ago

    Looking for Grain - sounds like looking for Samantha from frozen lol Btw 90% of the time I spawn in a flower forest but I had no idea about it lol

  85. GoodTimesWithCarson

    GoodTimesWithCarsonMonth ago

    Don’t read this PESKY BIRDD

  86. An Idiot on Youtube

    An Idiot on YoutubeMonth ago

    the memes in this video are beautiful

  87. Safwan Ansari

    Safwan AnsariMonth ago

    R.I.P Hobbit hole

  88. Shazba

    ShazbaMonth ago

    See, my base didn’t look like an animal.. It looks a bit like a bunny.. 🐰

  89. Alfie Fugal

    Alfie FugalMonth ago

    Professor Beaks should get a better space he should have a room in the mansion

  90. i am the senate

    i am the senateMonth ago

    "Oh look, he's bringing me a flower how cute. Oh now he's burning, oh dear."

  91. FZH Plays

    FZH PlaysMonth ago

    Hep is going to get so many compliments for that lama because it looks sooooooo good

  92. Leilah Diaz

    Leilah DiazMonth ago

    Daily question Do you think Grian is Australian or British

  93. Leilah Diaz

    Leilah DiazMonth ago

    @The Squidman28 thanks for ya answer I was so clueless

  94. The Squidman28

    The Squidman28Month ago

    He and mumbo jumbo are British

  95. Leilah Diaz

    Leilah DiazMonth ago

    @Rush the Rabbit same but it’s kinda hard for me to tell I only have 5 brain cells left lol

  96. Rush the Rabbit

    Rush the RabbitMonth ago

    I think British? He has said a lot of British things “What in Queen Elizabeth’s shiny crown?” “What in the teabags?”

  97. Philipkelly4

    Philipkelly4Month ago

    Lol I got the doofenshmirtz reference. Very Funny!

  98. 何妮姗

    何妮姗Month ago

    did anyone even realise that the whole store is sold out

  99. Arjun Kadiwar

    Arjun KadiwarMonth ago

    maath not maoth

  100. Gideon Coetzee

    Gideon CoetzeeMonth ago

    Grian said it took 44 min to kill both withers,...he had 44 levels

  101. Claire Zhang

    Claire ZhangMonth ago

    i see the mushroom castle as an elf with a brown mushroom nose and some red mushroom ears not gonna lie

  102. Daequan Hendricks

    Daequan HendricksMonth ago

    4:07 who’s this GRAIN character

  103. Martyn Lewis

    Martyn LewisMonth ago

    im getting the pesky shirt

  104. sp wa

    sp waMonth ago

    u can just bone meal the flower

  105. James McKay

    James McKayMonth ago

    green is what the subtitles say

  106. Tamiyuo

    TamiyuoMonth ago

    Grian the florist

  107. Tziona Minkin

    Tziona MinkinMonth ago

    name: Grian occupation: meme lord

  108. Izabela Kownacki

    Izabela KownackiMonth ago

    Grain the Meme Master.

  109. Izabela Kownacki

    Izabela KownackiMonth ago

    @Thomas farquhar we are watching grain in this video, he tastes delishes.

  110. Thomas farquhar

    Thomas farquharMonth ago

    Who's this Grain character?

  111. BluJ

    BluJMonth ago

    Has nobody pointed out that amazing Phineas and Ferb reference??