My thoughts on the 1.17 Minecraft Update

Grian shares his immediate excitement and thoughts/opinions on the new 1.17 content shown in minecraft live. Expected to release in 2021, this looks to be an extremely exciting update and I thought I would share my thoughts with you. What do you all think?


  1. Grian

    Grian4 months ago

    This update looks AMAZING! Remember just because I shared some opinions or worries (mainly based on the fact that we don't have all the information) I am still very happy with the features they are adding, they look great and will add a lot to the game. Clarifications: - I forgot about the deep dark. There was a lot of info to go through. My point still stands that skulk looks like an end block. - I should have said friendly mob "in the overworld" I did forget about iron golems though. My point still stands, I would love to see more friendly mobs like the strider than real animals. - a lot of my opinions are speculation on what could be.

  2. Ryan Anderson

    Ryan Anderson9 days ago



    KAI RIZO9 days ago

    I was thinking of a glowing dye that makes wool or concrete glow?

  4. Brandon G

    Brandon G15 days ago

    dancing birb

  5. Dimitrina Moskova

    Dimitrina MoskovaMonth ago

    Have you forgot about the brown mooshroom

  6. TauBoss 761

    TauBoss 761Month ago

    Telescope would be optifine for bedrock.

  7. KubaIceCube

    KubaIceCubeHour ago

    Imagine playing minecraft in java edition being able to get the snapshot

  8. Steven Holt

    Steven Holt4 hours ago

    Years after 1.17 came out hey remember wired redstone

  9. reece Jackson

    reece Jackson4 hours ago

    Grian:we dont have any friendly non real animals Strider:am I a joke to you


    AIDEN HEDIN14 hours ago

    this is one of the BEST updates minecraft ever had!

  11. switch 101

    switch 10115 hours ago

    who wants the rose back in the game

  12. Indigo

    IndigoDay ago

    It's agate, and not marble

  13. S•E•L•E•N•E T•A•N

    S•E•L•E•N•E T•A•NDay ago

    I like how everyone has what they like and don't like about this And then there's me 👁️👄👁️✨✨ Who likes everything weather useful or not

  14. Brady Hughes

    Brady HughesDay ago

    I would use the telescope because I don’t have optifine zoom because I play bedrock edition

  15. Willchan18

    Willchan18Day ago

    As much as I like the looks of this new update. WE NEED SHARKS!!!!! They would be amazing. I think I vouch for most minecraft players/fans when I say it’s a mob we’ve been waiting for since the oceans update. Another mob I’d like to see is crocodiles and or alligators. You could find them in swamps and jungles and if you managed to kill them they’d drop scales and you could a crocodile scale tunic to go with the turtle shell hat? Idk.

  16. Briana Mills

    Briana MillsDay ago

    You know I will adore this update, we can use the Axolotl as koi fish with our Japanese houses, the floating candles are cool in a enchanting room, and thanks to the big caves and cave growth, I have one more excuse to live in a hole in the ground. I wish we could befriend Endermen. If they had different personalities, some neutral, some like *"DON'T LOOK AT ME!!"* 😄😄 and we hav to walk on eggshells around them, some could be scared of you, and others might step up and try to help you and let you look at them.😌😌😌 Maybe in the end update.

  17. Briana Mills

    Briana MillsDay ago

    2:20 Now I have one more excuse to live in a whole in the ground. My brother used to make fun of me for making "Hobbit Holes". 5:30 Yeah. I tried making underground homes before, and it was a pain in the butt. And now...😄😄😄 I could make an underground city if I wanted

  18. Larry Duncan

    Larry DuncanDay ago

    They should make blue Magma blocks

  19. River Oneal

    River OnealDay ago

    Grian: tHe AmEtHySt gEoDeS LoOk MoDdEd! Literally every other thing in the update: has modded powers looks modded and are to good

  20. Florian Eckert

    Florian EckertDay ago

    I hope they add amethyst armor

  21. Fun With Rishabh

    Fun With RishabhDay ago

    The mobs are real life so that parents will buy thinking children will learn about real life

  22. Fun With Rishabh

    Fun With RishabhDay ago

    Did you notice that the warden moves towards sond and he cant see

  23. Kyle Lin

    Kyle LinDay ago

    What if the glow squid drops an inc sack that can make glowing dyes with? it would be cool to see a glowing sheep or something like that.

  24. Kyle Lin

    Kyle LinDay ago

    You can rename bundles/shulker boxes to make it easier to find a certain bundle/shulker box

  25. Matty Cotty

    Matty CottyDay ago


  26. Matty Cotty

    Matty CottyDay ago

    AS soon as 1.17 comes out, I'm gonna look at all the new stuff then try and tame an axolotl!!

  27. RetardationIsMyGift

    RetardationIsMyGiftDay ago


  28. Alex Nestor

    Alex Nestor2 days ago

    we already have marble ( or something that looks like it ) diorite

  29. Vincent Chea

    Vincent Chea2 days ago

    S T R I D E R S

  30. Bored

    Bored2 days ago

    The 'Wireless redstone' has its downfalls compared to buttons, levers or even pressure plates... what if you dont want to activate it? it can detect nearly every vibration

  31. Mother Isabella

    Mother Isabella2 days ago

    For the problem with the unsorted shulker box things I believe you can actually name shulker box to what you want example: tools. if im wrong well- my bad

  32. Robs - Reaction

    Robs - Reaction2 days ago

    I think that the excavations definitley would impact speedrunning because you could see that a diamond block appeared.

  33. Robs - Reaction

    Robs - Reaction2 days ago

    Grian: With it being very limited, it makes you very imaginative. Me: No, it just makes me very annoyed.

  34. M. TALHA

    M. TALHA3 days ago

    Imagine there is a bigger boss then enderdragon in 1.18.

  35. M. TALHA

    M. TALHA21 hour ago

    @Sophia Applehill hope so

  36. Sophia Applehill

    Sophia Applehill22 hours ago

    I think 1.18 is going to be a pvp and pve update

  37. Meme Lord

    Meme Lord3 days ago

    I really like the telescope because It would be cool to zoom in and yeah the vision of the telescope can be better it would be cool because I don't have optifine and it will add more for us and why not have a bit touble with it because minecraft can have a bit more thing like the telescope which are good but not op like optifine

  38. Pro Team Services stowers

    Pro Team Services stowers3 days ago

    I feel like I'm literally the only 1 that voted for phantoms AND ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM

  39. Christina Hill

    Christina Hill3 days ago

    I don't understand why the red Stone Giant is there

  40. Eileen Yu

    Eileen Yu3 days ago

    it’s months later and I’m still salty about Moo bloom

  41. Sebastian Gutierrez

    Sebastian Gutierrez3 days ago

    they should add rats to Minecraft, they could be like axels and wolves where you could tame them with rotten food(another feature hopefully in 1.18) If you attack they bite you and give you rabies a new effect where you get dizzy, and poison.

  42. Cailum Berdan

    Cailum Berdan3 days ago

    The blocks that match the dripstone reminds me of fur maybe you could make some cool animal statues using them

  43. Sebastian Gutierrez

    Sebastian Gutierrez3 days ago

    I mean since there are shipwrecks why could not ships be a natural generated structure in the big oceans and you could raid them just like shipwrecks, also would be a chance that there is a cage with parrots. The chest could have copper(for telescopes), iron weapons and armor, telescopes and maps, compass, and clocks.

  44. Sebastian Gutierrez

    Sebastian Gutierrez3 days ago

    yeah they should have added ships in the aquatic update

  45. Sebastian Gutierrez

    Sebastian Gutierrez3 days ago

    yeah the aquatic update they should have added sharks I mean they added turtles, dolphins, and drowned

  46. Zion Trask

    Zion Trask3 days ago

    i hope you can eat glow berries to get some night vision

  47. E Cat3

    E Cat33 days ago

    I want some cool mystical animas, like a pegasus that you can ride, but they are very rare. It would aslo be cool to have new bioms such as cherry blossoms or fall trees!

  48. Olive Consumer

    Olive Consumer3 days ago

    I do agree with most of them.

  49. Bailey Lewis

    Bailey Lewis3 days ago

    The telescope is very useful for bedrock edition players because we have no mods

  50. Floyd Reuben Pardo

    Floyd Reuben Pardo3 days ago

    Maybe the telescope is made for mobile

  51. Olive Consumer

    Olive Consumer3 days ago

    Dripstone would be amazing for parkour defece of bases and mob grinders.

  52. Storm Shuckhart

    Storm Shuckhart4 days ago

    Summer of 2021 and still no montens


    SUS GAMING4 days ago

    The skulk bioam reminds me of stranger things

  54. Paxton Schorsch

    Paxton Schorsch4 days ago

    House idea!! Amaththyst cave house

  55. Lil' Lemon

    Lil' Lemon4 days ago

    how do i get optifine

  56. Flame

    Flame4 days ago

    I wanted the iceologer because its one of the most untouched biomes, sure we have the ice spikes and ice flats, but look at the taiga biome, sure theres the occasional ice pond, forest, and igloos, and recently the villages, arctic foxes, and polar bears and the strays at night. So imagine like a small little tower with the iceologer, it may have opened the door to ice biome based pillagers and perhaps different ice blocks for all the builders out there, sure we now have blue ice, but the taiga is one of those biomes that needs more diversity mob wise the iceologer seems to me more creative and seems like a gateway to more ideas, I can see we now have the ice mountains which look amazing, but imagine an ice warlock that lives around some valley? and the snow mountains reminds me a lot of the Misty Mountains in The Lord of The Rings mod which is amazing, and I'm the kind of person that typically tunnels there house in while making the entrance a very fancy door with archways and whatnot, especially on multiplayer, because the moment someone sees something player built, they are going to swarm it, and before you know it your stuff is gone, so I sometimes live in my friends basements, and if they don't have one I make one and have my own entrance/exit, and a staircase leading further down into a mine

  57. Lil' Lemon

    Lil' Lemon4 days ago

    how do i get it?

  58. Flame

    Flame4 days ago

    I have a similar view on the bundles since I mostly play the Lord of The Rings mod which has pouches that work similarly, but more like shulker boxes that you can't place and my inventory is usually FILLED to the brim with them

  59. Heisa Garcia

    Heisa Garcia4 days ago

    The best thing i think here would be the bigger caves

  60. CJ Collins

    CJ Collins4 days ago

    they made axolotls from the cave update into a real thing!

  61. Audrey Flips

    Audrey Flips4 days ago

    The marble looks like smooth diorate

  62. Your Dog

    Your Dog4 days ago

    Grian in 2020: its gona take a long time to get the update Me in 2021: the update is just around the corner

  63. Sarah

    Sarah4 days ago

    the thing i hate about the parkour leaf is that you can just hold shift and it won't drop you anymore, this completely defeats its own purpose since players normally hold shift when thei're planning their next jump anyway, this was supposed to give a sense of urgency to parkour but when you can so easily defuse it it just turns into another normal block. To me there should be no ways of avoiding the drop, simply if you stand on it for too long you WILL fall, none of that shift thing.

  64. Isla Nublar

    Isla Nublar4 days ago

    Everybody gangsta till the copper block slowly turns into a diamond block

  65. PlasticzG

    PlasticzG4 days ago

    they should have ender armour thats even better than netherite. i agree though, the dripstones look modded. not classical minecraft

  66. Penguhn R6

    Penguhn R65 days ago

    Imagine you can put the telescope on a bow? Like a scope of some sort

  67. ashiq Wasim

    ashiq Wasim4 days ago

    It would be cool as heck

  68. Lady Maria

    Lady Maria5 days ago

    I want Dragons...not just the ender dragon, imagine a battle between you, your dragon and the ender dragon

  69. Bethy Kim

    Bethy Kim5 days ago

    No it's now a few months away

  70. Tyler Bosset

    Tyler Bosset5 days ago


  71. Little Midnight

    Little Midnight5 days ago

    Grian: they're not all set in stone. Me: LOL funny joke. :)

  72. Voldy356

    Voldy3565 days ago

    Mountains aren't Minecraft-y? They're made out of blocks, aren't they?

  73. Burnerli

    Burnerli5 days ago

    the skulk thing could be a cave inside the end

  74. BLazy 45

    BLazy 455 days ago

    Yeah but for wireless Redstone you have to fight a one shot Warden

  75. ROnan Mckenzie II

    ROnan Mckenzie II5 days ago

    8:10 this is like saying "netherite armour is too good, with netherite armour, there's no point to diamond armour grrrr."

  76. alg wolfgod

    alg wolfgod6 days ago

    C h i l l i g e r

  77. Sarah Surber

    Sarah Surber6 days ago

    about inventory management... MOJANG! YA NEED TO MAKE A BIGGER INVENTORY

  78. Ian Moore

    Ian Moore6 days ago

    Imo i think the geodes are great my literal fav thing to do in minecraft is mine just endlessly for no purpose and stuff like that supes it up alot. it does look a little more on the terraria side but i dont mind

  79. Ainee Zaheer

    Ainee Zaheer6 days ago

    The wireless redstone block detects vibrations and the worden in is blind so it detects vibrations too

  80. Ainee Zaheer

    Ainee Zaheer6 days ago

    The warden spawns in the deep dark a new cave biome in the deepest parts of your world

  81. yusuf oyekunle

    yusuf oyekunle6 days ago

    Have you seen the new mob,the warden?

  82. TGX 1

    TGX 17 days ago

    Instead of snowier snow, it should be blizzards A storm where your vision gets limited and it's a bit harder to move

  83. Aiden Enchautegui

    Aiden Enchautegui7 days ago

    I don't mean to be rude or to discount your opinion in any way Grian, but earlier in the video, you were saying that more different types of light sources would be amazing, but then you say that the amethyst geodes are "a step over the line", when they clearly emit light. I personally think that the amethyst geodes would be a really awesome way to light up your base, especially if you're doing a cave base. Again, I don't mean to discount your opinion in any way, but I just thought that I should point that out.

  84. Infinite-3D

    Infinite-3D6 days ago

    they don't emit light

  85. Reidar Sunde

    Reidar Sunde7 days ago

    Do do du du

  86. Kiera Larkin

    Kiera Larkin8 days ago

    I’m pretty sure you can dye candles because I think it says so on the wiki

  87. yeyi arely

    yeyi arely8 days ago

    Com ooooooooooooooooooooon

  88. Xenopsus

    Xenopsus8 days ago

    What if you could coat your copper blocks in slime or honey to keep them from aging

  89. Infinite-3D

    Infinite-3D6 days ago

    you can

  90. Ellie McKenzie

    Ellie McKenzie8 days ago

    I am really excited for the axalotals I have I in real life

  91. Richard Shannon

    Richard Shannon8 days ago


  92. Richard Shannon

    Richard Shannon8 days ago

    *gasp* poison candles😲😲😲. 🤷🏻

  93. mob battlz

    mob battlz9 days ago


  94. AntZILLA_10

    AntZILLA_109 days ago

    I think bundles should be able to hold more than 1 stack in them perhaps 3 or 4

  95. Ryan Anderson

    Ryan Anderson9 days ago

    I love your videos

  96. Harry PhoeniXx

    Harry PhoeniXx9 days ago

    Am I the only person that hates it when USlikesrs call themselves “cOnTeNT cREatOrS”.


    BLUEBERRIEZ 8819 days ago


  98. Bradley Parker

    Bradley Parker9 days ago

    I love goats in the ycreatures mod Edit:Also Ycreatures yes Ycreatures not Mocreatures

  99. itzBrawler 010

    itzBrawler 0109 days ago

    I really want monkeys in Minecraft, like gorillas and dogs(not wolfs)

  100. Someone

    Someone9 days ago

    33:10 RGB lighting isn't actually that difficult to make, you would "just" have to add R, G, B values from 0 - 15 in addition to the normal brightness value and then also add the corresponding values to the glowing bocks like soullantern would need a blue value and normal ones a red/green -> yellow value. Of course t's not as easy as it seems in the comment but it's not too hard either. But minecraft needs an lighting engine update.

  101. Infinite-3D

    Infinite-3D6 days ago

    it's not hard to make, and mojang knows that, but 3x the lag from lighting isn't worth it

  102. Max Smith

    Max Smith9 days ago

    whats mincraft

  103. Cyberonus

    Cyberonus9 days ago

    pressure plate are not that rare but skull senors are rare yo wont be able to find skull quickly in the game thats why it is good

  104. Sam Kate

    Sam Kate9 days ago

    Grain be like: I am very late to this update Me be like: OMG THERE IS A NEW UPDATE

  105. MYTH 27

    MYTH 2710 days ago

    A year. Yep totally has been a year

  106. Bradley Parker

    Bradley Parker10 days ago

    I want new armors and tools

  107. Bradley Parker

    Bradley Parker10 days ago

    Did they add armor?

  108. Bradley Parker

    Bradley Parker10 days ago

    Yeah then I’m the parrot to if it’s taking a YEAR

  109. Kieran Brooks

    Kieran Brooks10 days ago

    Lol 2hat about stride4

  110. Yeah, ImARandomDudeOnTheInternet

    Yeah, ImARandomDudeOnTheInternet10 days ago

    Sculk: exists Tripwires, pressure plates and other stuff: *sad noises*

  111. NotSavage *

    NotSavage *10 days ago

    There probably making a new boss since when everyone kills the ender dragon there like finished the game don't need to play it anymore that will probably end being in a cave where you summon the new boss like the weather

  112. ashiq Wasim

    ashiq Wasim4 days ago

    Yeah like the "weather"

  113. Tigo Tazelaar

    Tigo Tazelaar11 days ago

    if hermit craft season 8 comes out then you can hafe a warden in decked out