Hermitcraft 7: Episode 64 - SECRET BASE FOUND

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 64 - SECRET BASE FOUND well grians hermitcraft minecraft secret base didn't last long... Or is this another opportunity to continue the game? Grian also works on the mansion interior
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  1. Felix Chinn

    Felix Chinn6 hours ago

    thunbs up, promise I don't have a big mouth

  2. Adam the_Magnificent

    Adam the_Magnificent6 hours ago

    Hermitcraft big button society

  3. Fluffy Waves

    Fluffy Waves9 hours ago

    GRAIN THE BREAD IS GONE Sorry for shouting

  4. Illegal Lettuce

    Illegal Lettuce11 hours ago

    4:49 *is that a technoblade reference*

  5. Jonsey Yeets

    Jonsey Yeets19 hours ago

    Grian I only watch you

  6. Jason merveen

    Jason merveenDay ago

    I mean your a true grain fan if you don,t frist think of telling on him

  7. Jason merveen

    Jason merveenDay ago

    Your not a true grain fan if frist you don,t think of telling on him

  8. Chloe Chamberlin

    Chloe Chamberlin2 days ago

    wow your base looks amazing Grian

  9. Frostbite Gaiming

    Frostbite Gaiming2 days ago

    We still watch grian place blocks for 6-10 hours... Just faster😁

  10. Flower Child

    Flower Child2 days ago

    Me : watches 14:56 Also me: oH hEllO mR cReEpER ° v °

  11. ehm_roblox

    ehm_roblox2 days ago

    Corporate needs you to find the difference between this picture and this picture: *kings and queens and people who dont spoil on the comments* They're the same picture.

  12. Dylan Doucette

    Dylan Doucette3 days ago

    Hermit craft big button society mabey???

  13. Miles Plays

    Miles Plays3 days ago

    Grian has a secret base in your base!

  14. Miles Plays

    Miles Plays3 days ago

    I would never tell unless you tell me to

  15. Lucario The Aura Guardian

    Lucario The Aura Guardian3 days ago

    18:10 DIAGONALLY!

  16. Me-Phoenix !!

    Me-Phoenix !!3 days ago

    -3:40 use chorus fruit to get down and just fly up

  17. Zyborg Gaming

    Zyborg Gaming4 days ago

    Just wondering, why not ximunas base? Have a great day/night grian!

  18. Alexandru

    Alexandru4 days ago

    Hey Grian, Grian left a secret base in your base.

  19. Agent Pasta

    Agent Pasta4 days ago

    17:35 how rare is it to get a diamond shovel WITH ENCHANTS out of a melon and pumpkin farm

  20. TNT MAN

    TNT MAN4 days ago

    Aa yes a stack of episodes

  21. IceKryptic23

    IceKryptic235 days ago

    I don’t see the fun in spoiling pranks and things like where’s the fun in that it’s funny watching reactions by them finding out other than being told

  22. eastywoods place

    eastywoods place5 days ago

    hermitcraft big build swap

  23. Raccoon Poster

    Raccoon Poster5 days ago

    You have a secret base in your base again

  24. xX K I W I Xx

    xX K I W I Xx5 days ago

    Me just sitting here waiting for ep.69

  25. Kawaii Potato

    Kawaii Potato6 days ago

    Hermits flirting be like: "Unless you wanna keep going"

  26. Akshaj Goda

    Akshaj Goda6 days ago

    tfw when you have more diamonds than iron

  27. The Game Boy

    The Game Boy6 days ago

    1:53 F I S H

  28. Iconic PRO

    Iconic PRO6 days ago

    Tell tango huh.....

  29. Hudson O

    Hudson O6 days ago

    H c B b s. Is hermit craft big button society

  30. Ethan Honaker

    Ethan Honaker7 days ago

    who we going at first?

  31. ProbeBot

    ProbeBot7 days ago

    I don't tell them :(

  32. Gaming with Mateo

    Gaming with Mateo7 days ago

    9:30 hi how are ya

  33. Cadence Drysdale

    Cadence Drysdale7 days ago

    Hey Grian. Grian built a secret base in your base !

  34. Sharkz1192

    Sharkz11928 days ago

    floating candles in the dark spots

  35. Camilla Langley

    Camilla Langley8 days ago

    i think the hcbbs is Hermit Craft Big BeginningS

  36. Bob The Blob

    Bob The Blob9 days ago


  37. Crystal Scribe

    Crystal Scribe9 days ago

    The anger towards the spoilers in the comments is just gold and i side with you guys 100% lol

  38. D C

    D C9 days ago

    Grian you should make your house haunted You’re face built on the chimney over looking anything

  39. D C

    D C9 days ago

    You should call yourself B.A.B.I.A.B Build . A . Base . Inside . Another’s . Base

  40. ironskull lawyer

    ironskull lawyer10 days ago

    Grian's plan: where do you hide a penny? In a jar of pennies.

  41. Omen Games

    Omen Games10 days ago

    Grian: I am going to place as many torches as possible Me: are you sure about that

  42. Camo Aminates

    Camo Aminates10 days ago


  43. Dalton White

    Dalton White11 days ago

    impulse: everyone is going to be paranoid i love it!!!!!!!

  44. The_Silent_Øne

    The_Silent_Øne11 days ago

    Some people talk about Marvel’s Secret Wars, but I’m talking about The Hermitcraft Secret Wars

  45. Super Pandas

    Super Pandas11 days ago

    Grian! There’s a secret base in your base (lol)

  46. Park Yohan

    Park Yohan11 days ago

    Can we just appreciate that this mansion was made by 2 people? •~•

  47. Oliver Dempsey

    Oliver Dempsey12 days ago


  48. master eripedese

    master eripedese12 days ago


  49. Evie Theophanous

    Evie Theophanous12 days ago

    I have a feeling that Grian has just caused another war Btw I still haven't caught up with all the future episodes yet so I do not know if it has happened

  50. Life Bremes

    Life Bremes12 days ago

    I don't know if u need a editor or if u will somehow see this but could I edit for u?

  51. Macey Ryan

    Macey Ryan12 days ago


  52. Jayden Dimech

    Jayden Dimech13 days ago

    You have completed a stack of videos

  53. AnnoyedCreeper33

    AnnoyedCreeper3313 days ago

    HEY GRIAN!!! I'M NOT ONE OF THOSE OTHER LOSERS WHO CAN'T KEEP A SECRET!! YOU CAN COUNT ON MEEEEEEEEE!!! (Yes ik i'm writing this on Feb 20th, about a month after this video was uploaded, and you'll probably never see this, but that ain't stoppin' me!)

  54. Mint Games

    Mint Games13 days ago

    I always keep your secret I never told any yt of hermits about anything u did to them

  55. lettuce mine

    lettuce mine13 days ago

    how to start a war on hermitcraft. a step by step tutorial

  56. SphinxYT24

    SphinxYT2413 days ago

    11:15 HI IMPULSE!!!!!

  57. frutey 1234

    frutey 123414 days ago

    I cat notice a bit ooooof .. AAmErICan ACcEnT

  58. Georgia Pappa

    Georgia Pappa14 days ago

    Grian the HCBBS STANDS FOR H: Hermit C:craft B:button is B:back next S:Season

  59. Troyer33

    Troyer3315 days ago

    Who is the elitist minecrafter complaining about torch spam? Lmao

  60. Landen Does YouTube

    Landen Does YouTube15 days ago

    Day 57 of asking Grian to do Qs and As during timelapses

  61. Fenn

    Fenn15 days ago

    You know what you could do and what I would suggest for lighting would be cover up the roof again because it gives it especially if you have a big fireplace like you do and if you want to use the orange fire then you can have it so you keep it just lit up enough that there's not going to be things spawning but you get some nice ominous Shadow is coming out from the fire as if it were the one light source in the center of the room

  62. Fenn

    Fenn15 days ago

    And that effect I feel will be cooler if the ceiling was completely covered up and if you looked up only to see Pitch Blackness with you just make sure that there are no spots in the ceiling where there's a solid spot that the mobs can spawn which would be easy by just sloping it in words

  63. 2ManyOCs

    2ManyOCs15 days ago

    11:22 Me: My Time Has Come *: )*

  64. 2ManyOCs

    2ManyOCs15 days ago

    Oh sh*t wait. I forgot that I'm very late to the party on any vids after my break from yt QwQ

  65. Aadit Praveen

    Aadit Praveen15 days ago

    reply one if your with with team secret reply two if on team snitch 1= Team Secret 2=Team Snitch plz dont get mad I called team two snitch sry

  66. Aadit Praveen

    Aadit Praveen15 days ago

    Now we wait

  67. AnnabelleRose Lamb

    AnnabelleRose Lamb15 days ago

    The great grainy hall of grian

  68. sijun chathuni

    sijun chathuni15 days ago

    Grian why did you stop making hermitcraft at episode 67?

  69. sijun chathuni

    sijun chathuni15 days ago

    Grian promise i can hide a secret

  70. sijun chathuni

    sijun chathuni15 days ago

    Vary nice hideing a secret

  71. Bluey [TEW 58]

    Bluey [TEW 58]15 days ago

    Hey Grian is building in your base

  72. Noah Allemeersch

    Noah Allemeersch15 days ago

    Grian built a secret base in ur base

  73. JaxxOP

    JaxxOP15 days ago

    Grian there’s a secret base in your secret base in karalisis base

  74. Goose

    Goose16 days ago

    The fake base comments are 1000 IQ, good thinking

  75. cationn_

    cationn_16 days ago

    Secret base arc begins?

  76. •UN_ _SEEN•

    •UN_ _SEEN•17 days ago

    to those who spoil hermits videos, i wish you have an unlucky year and i wish every curse will be casted upon you

  77. Jeffrey Brill

    Jeffrey Brill17 days ago

    Poultry man left a secret base in your base

  78. Shrek Junior

    Shrek Junior17 days ago

    H.C.B.B.S hermitcraft big button society.

  79. MrStealYourMeal

    MrStealYourMeal15 days ago


  80. Tara Papajcik

    Tara Papajcik17 days ago

    I wont tell anything about this

  81. Dolphone

    Dolphone17 days ago


  82. Anime Doge120

    Anime Doge12017 days ago



    SAMUEL TEE HSIEN RONG Moe17 days ago

    i hate my gouverment hes bad at covid malaysiaa

  84. Dannyredninja

    Dannyredninja17 days ago


  85. Nolen Frost

    Nolen Frost18 days ago

    A stack of Grian episodes...

  86. vintage car

    vintage car18 days ago


  87. Yvonne Lecobo-an

    Yvonne Lecobo-an18 days ago

    You should build multiple secret bases

  88. Yvonne Lecobo-an

    Yvonne Lecobo-an18 days ago

    Impulse: hmm i should build one every 30minutes grian:how many are there?!

  89. Yvonne Lecobo-an

    Yvonne Lecobo-an18 days ago

    Me is green grians fav color i mean the first letter is the same

  90. Yvonne Lecobo-an

    Yvonne Lecobo-an18 days ago


  91. Yvonne Lecobo-an

    Yvonne Lecobo-an18 days ago

    I listen 😢

  92. Not a Person

    Not a Person18 days ago

    Scar is because a bad mayor

  93. Not a Person

    Not a Person18 days ago

    No spoiling ok yall

  94. Cath Erine

    Cath Erine18 days ago

    I can keep a secret

  95. meng lei

    meng lei19 days ago

    Yo grian I think you meant them mention to beg lol

  96. Jake Dalbeck

    Jake Dalbeck19 days ago

    i dont tell

  97. Mythical Mortis

    Mythical Mortis19 days ago

    HAve a second channel where you upload uncut hermit craft vids

  98. Mythical Mortis

    Mythical Mortis19 days ago

    Out of the 3 hermits I watch (you, Mumbo, iskall), I laugh at you the most

  99. Reena Markstahler

    Reena Markstahler19 days ago

    Grian, team up with impulse and start making secret bases everywhere togerther

  100. Gabe Elam

    Gabe Elam19 days ago

    Just tell all of the hermits to turn their comments off

  101. Kaspis001

    Kaspis00119 days ago

    But its alreade ecposed

  102. Kaspis001

    Kaspis00119 days ago

    Its so ease to find youre base but not gone let it find all ok

  103. TBGamer 809

    TBGamer 80919 days ago

    Grian there is a secret base in you base grian put it there (Am I doing good)

  104. helen hughes

    helen hughes20 days ago

    18:25 grian using floo powder to get downstairs. Grian Potter

  105. butter boi

    butter boi20 days ago

    We need more cow bell

  106. Ugh Another loser

    Ugh Another loser20 days ago

    Omg he actually just said I need more cowbell😂😭