Hermitcraft 7: Episode 50 - FOR THE LOLS

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 50 - FOR THE LOLS Grian and the resistance return the diamond throne.. for a price. I guess it's all about the lols now?
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  1. Grizzly is High

    Grizzly is High7 hours ago

    I don’t think netherite burns in fire or lava

  2. AlbertGl9

    AlbertGl923 hours ago

    Overall, its just a bit of grass. Hmmmm

  3. Xander Chalifour

    Xander ChalifourDay ago

    me: just got a set of diamond armour grian: flexing with a netherite howe

  4. Brody Yeah!

    Brody Yeah!Day ago

    Netherite doesn’t burn in lava or fire because it is foun in the nether of fire and lava

  5. Jelly the Cat

    Jelly the CatDay ago

    why u boop me

  6. starboy gaming

    starboy gaming2 days ago

    Other servers :buys shopping district by diamonds or maybe netherite Hermitcraft :buys shopping district by mycylium

  7. One Prickly Boi

    One Prickly Boi3 days ago


  8. Toulaye Gamal-Eldin

    Toulaye Gamal-Eldin3 days ago

    do it for the LOL"s!!

  9. strike playz

    strike playz4 days ago

    leave a like if you have been watching hermit craft from episode one and seen all of them the same day they came out :)

  10. Quevion

    Quevion6 days ago

    what footage got corrupted i can hear everything perfectly

  11. Game On Kids

    Game On Kids6 days ago

    What happened to TAG!

  12. matthew cullen

    matthew cullen6 days ago

    I'm 1 miniute in and laughing my ass off, awesome content dude!

  13. Calder DeFord

    Calder DeFord7 days ago

    They bought 3,420 blocks of land! That's how many individual diamond blocks they had! There's 3,078 individual diamonds that they took!

  14. Calder DeFord

    Calder DeFord7 days ago

    I know it's too late, but I think Grian should keep the water falling into the hole.

  15. Marley Dees

    Marley Dees8 days ago

    here catching up right now, haha

  16. Cool Fox

    Cool Fox8 days ago


  17. Lukeario797 ThoseTimes Mobmaker Minecraft

    Lukeario797 ThoseTimes Mobmaker Minecraft8 days ago

    grian you do know that netherite doesnt burn in lava or fire right? make sure not to put them on cacti

  18. Lars Nysæther

    Lars Nysæther9 days ago

    neanea 4 you get whoopin

  19. Ivy Williams

    Ivy Williams9 days ago

    So I'mfrom the dream smp comunity Eavrytime i sed you die I just expect to see "CANON" or "L", not "you good?" This is way nicer than dream smp with its 500 wars and L'manburg explosions

  20. ItsCliffGaming

    ItsCliffGaming10 days ago

    Are TNT dupers illegal on Hermitcraft? That seems so much easier!

  21. Evie Bennett

    Evie Bennett12 days ago

    “At the end of the day it is just grass” dude you started a whole war with grass vs. mycelium!

  22. Mehmet Salih Avcı

    Mehmet Salih Avcı12 days ago


  23. AK 123

    AK 12313 days ago

    0:42 **cue lmanberg anthem** It was never meant to be! (Dream SMP reference)

  24. Dr Kevin

    Dr Kevin13 days ago

    H.E.P Is basically saying to the resistance to get of their lawn

  25. Amber Beverley-Smith

    Amber Beverley-Smith13 days ago

    No netherite doesn’t burn in fire

  26. Damian

    Damian14 days ago

    i like how grian casually forgets netherite cant burn

  27. Tr4x

    Tr4x14 days ago

    6 stacks of blocks is basically 360 blocks, that is 10x10 each, so 3600x3600 of mycelium

  28. William OC

    William OC15 days ago

    Looky looky at my booky

  29. Anhad ****#!*?*

    Anhad ****#!*?*15 days ago

    netherite doesn't burn in fire

  30. BluDragon15

    BluDragon1516 days ago

    Grian for next time if you want to blow something up, stack a bunch of tnt minecarts at bedrock and make sure to empty your inventory then push the minecarts and it will make a hug explosion, hope this helps!

  31. EpicQuaks

    EpicQuaks16 days ago


  32. davethefirst

    davethefirst16 days ago

    Use Hoes to convert grass to dirt

  33. galning 27

    galning 2717 days ago

    1:05 and that’s why you use protection kids

  34. Tina Kothari

    Tina Kothari18 days ago


  35. Tina Kothari

    Tina Kothari18 days ago

    Just work on the barge as hard you can

  36. ProbablyCheating IV

    ProbablyCheating IV18 days ago

    ik im late but... you ouldve used a tnt duplicator for the tnt bit in the beginning lmao

  37. Reshaun

    Reshaun18 days ago

    Grian doesnt say it The comments: "its free real estate !" Grian says it The commwnts: 😶

  38. Landon Prince

    Landon Prince18 days ago

    Grians very first barge was already selling more diamonds then shops at the current period of time

  39. Leo Ferreira

    Leo Ferreira19 days ago

    funny thing is that beds explode in the nether and respawn anchors explode on the overworld

  40. Shiycho

    Shiycho19 days ago

    Grian the supervillain when returning the diamonds: It’s not about the money, it’s about sending a message

  41. EmilyTheG

    EmilyTheG20 days ago


  42. Akire Fonggrasin

    Akire Fonggrasin25 days ago

    If you don’t know what to do with your diamonds write LOL!

  43. Video Frydman

    Video Frydman23 days ago


  44. Jwuu015

    Jwuu01525 days ago

    "i've never seen someone scaffold with diamond blocks" Grian in like- 10 episodes: *SCAFFOLDS USING DIAMONDS*

  45. Video Frydman

    Video Frydman23 days ago


  46. Zyborg Gaming

    Zyborg Gaming26 days ago


  47. Zyborg Gaming

    Zyborg Gaming26 days ago


  48. Zyborg Gaming

    Zyborg Gaming26 days ago


  49. Zyborg Gaming

    Zyborg Gaming26 days ago

    I just have to comment this: lol

  50. Hollis I.

    Hollis I.27 days ago


  51. Hollis I.

    Hollis I.27 days ago

    Nether right doesn’t burn in anything

  52. Dawid Orlowski

    Dawid Orlowski28 days ago


  53. MadDog

    MadDog29 days ago


  54. JRJ_gaming

    JRJ_gamingMonth ago

    Grian forgets netherite is invunerable to fire.

  55. Emma Stevens

    Emma StevensMonth ago

    Until watching that clip, I had no idea minecraft without sounds was this strange

  56. Tamar Savransky

    Tamar SavranskyMonth ago

    this does't make sense. if you watched iskall85's video at the start of the season you would know that diamand throne was just so you could buy "mob free" land and that why you need to buy it. but now its all grass so its pointless.

  57. Tamar Savransky

    Tamar Savransky28 days ago

    @panda_lin yeah I guess or its just scripted that way

  58. BobTheHorse, Professional Idiot

    BobTheHorse, Professional IdiotMonth ago

    If I were in hermitcraft I would spend 100% of my time doing stupid things and nothing productive

  59. F4mj4M1

    F4mj4M1Month ago


  60. Katt the Warrior

    Katt the WarriorMonth ago

    On 16:38 did he ignore the fact he went through a shulker box!?!?

  61. Isis Luna

    Isis LunaMonth ago

    Your base is in the nether ;) I just know

  62. Pixel

    PixelMonth ago

    Lol For Them All

  63. Yanche

    YancheMonth ago

    "... is it about the principle ??" - outstanding; would lol again [EDIT]

  64. Ezy.

    Ezy.28 days ago


  65. Over Night

    Over NightMonth ago

    Am i the only one that think’s it’s better when there’s other hermits there

  66. Ryan Corrigan

    Ryan CorriganMonth ago

    g teme

  67. Ryan Corrigan

    Ryan CorriganMonth ago

    g g g g g g

  68. Ryan Corrigan

    Ryan CorriganMonth ago

    g g g g g g

  69. Squishy

    SquishyMonth ago

    I feel like the emergency meeting is going to save him one day

  70. FallenDemon

    FallenDemonMonth ago

    ":( x2"

  71. Conall Porteous

    Conall PorteousMonth ago

    Realise the sheep!

  72. 何妮姗

    何妮姗Month ago

    "all these chest r junk chest anyway so it wouldn't matter if it blew up" chest with a enchanted diamond pickaxe: im not important...?

  73. Thomas farquhar

    Thomas farquharMonth ago

    Not if you have netherite! Diamond instantly becomes useless

  74. Skids Jr.

    Skids Jr.Month ago

    I enjoyed the elevator music!

  75. Delphine

    DelphineMonth ago

    Gee grian should know that netherite doesn't burn in lava or fire soo yeah

  76. James McKay

    James McKayMonth ago

    Grian: just a little bit of mining *mines more than I ever could*

  77. Rjpog

    RjpogMonth ago

    The resistance bought 103684 blocks of land of the shopping disrict

  78. Aarav Chheda

    Aarav ChhedaMonth ago

    You forgot to reload barge

  79. Grace Marquardt

    Grace MarquardtMonth ago

    i hope they build a wall that would be hilarious

  80. GoldPlays

    GoldPlaysMonth ago

    5:18 Is it just me or did grian get a new mic or something mid video

  81. Hardgamer346

    Hardgamer346Month ago

    You can name the boxes in the Barge BBQ for Barge Box Quests. I hope you can still see this.

  82. Narwal Animates

    Narwal AnimatesMonth ago

    Its funny how the resistance was just a joke at first

  83. Michael Rinderknecht

    Michael RinderknechtMonth ago

    How do you use occutfine zoom I

  84. iplaythingx

    iplaythingxMonth ago


  85. GalaxyBoy 346

    GalaxyBoy 346Month ago


  86. Yuzari

    YuzariMonth ago

    19:00 just realized he still has a mumbo for mayor poster

  87. Kellie Allen

    Kellie AllenMonth ago

    3:17 Pokémon GO b like

  88. isnortwizzfizz

    isnortwizzfizzMonth ago

    Dude he cuses who new

  89. Valerie Laborde

    Valerie LabordeMonth ago

    Not quest race barge race

  90. Valerie Laborde

    Valerie LabordeMonth ago

    Not logic LOLgic

  91. Puppet Crew

    Puppet CrewMonth ago

    grian chak me youtube

  92. bob bob

    bob bobMonth ago


  93. Hannah Lin

    Hannah LinMonth ago

    anyone else remember Jrumbot?

  94. Kyle Wang

    Kyle WangMonth ago

    You covered exactly 34,400 blocks. Is this crazy?

  95. Reuben Jones

    Reuben JonesMonth ago

    1:00 I thought there was a creeper in my base

  96. EvasiveComet418

    EvasiveComet418Month ago

    15:05 listen VERY closely

  97. EvasiveComet418

    EvasiveComet418Month ago


  98. Bryce Wilson O'Leary

    Bryce Wilson O'LearyMonth ago

    Someone add this to a .ist of weird grian sounds 1:05

  99. Jessica Eselius

    Jessica EseliusMonth ago


  100. Shadow Mysticgiltch

    Shadow MysticgiltchMonth ago

    For the lols Lol UwU

  101. LGR Productions

    LGR ProductionsMonth ago

    Thanks grian for not asking for us to subscrib

  102. Le scrunchie snake

    Le scrunchie snakeMonth ago

    Whole watching I turned the hue of my screen to a bold red and turned the intensity all the way up. I got a headache

  103. TheMuffinBoy

    TheMuffinBoyMonth ago

    Wait a minute, the diamond thrown went back and forth but in the end, they bought half the shopping district with mycelium and will now cover their half with it. Mycelium is the answer to everything.

  104. Crazy Duy

    Crazy DuyMonth ago

    Stop loling

  105. Dee Sweeney

    Dee SweeneyMonth ago

    Grian: I’ve just been chipping away at the mining for now Me: YOUR LOOKING AT THE GRAND CANYON !!!!!!!!!1!!

  106. Eoin.

    Eoin.Month ago

    hey grian guess what lol

  107. Mr.Potato

    Mr.PotatoMonth ago

    hire the boomers