Early 1.17 Minecraft Building Tricks and Tips (Snapshot)

Early 1.17 Minecraft Building Tricks and Tips (Snapshot) Grian gets his hands on the new snapshot for 1.17, a very early surpise. It has some of the new blocks, amethyst, candles, copper and Grian makes some builds to experiment
How to build like bdubs: uslikes.info/house/h2F_2rx5xZyIe64/video.html
Thank you to Pearlescentmoon for the help with the copper room.


  1. aby aby

    aby abyHour ago

    Try saying " waxed lightly weathered cut copper stairs " 5 times

  2. XmanRBX

    XmanRBX3 hours ago

    Yeah instead of having fence and torch floating we have candles floats

  3. RubyPeak

    RubyPeak22 hours ago

    I think the spyglass is good bc bedrock players dont get optifine as far as Ik

  4. S•E•L•E•N•E T•A•N

    S•E•L•E•N•E T•A•NDay ago

    Frick the physics

  5. Briana Mills

    Briana MillsDay ago

    YEESSSS!!! THE CANDLES FLOAT. Now my library/enchantment room can be extra magical

  6. Josh Hutchison

    Josh HutchisonDay ago

    If you make a ship out of copper then it looks very real because of the oxidation

  7. maminty

    maminty2 days ago


  8. maminty

    maminty2 days ago


  9. Rayce Randeau

    Rayce Randeau2 days ago

    Grain "there is nothing really that came to mind for copper" me " the statue of libirty"

  10. FE26 Lover

    FE26 Lover2 days ago

    Calcite is just better diorite

  11. Mintz

    Mintz2 days ago

    Minecraft should a new dimension Earth The boss should be Godzilla! Plz add Godzilla MOJANG

  12. xFallted

    xFallted2 days ago

    My spelling test:lightly weathered cut copper stairs

  13. Bestnightmar98

    Bestnightmar983 days ago

    11:05 Stem in texture: Am i a joke to you?

  14. Bestnightmar98

    Bestnightmar983 days ago

    i know what im gonna do when the update comes out which some might be stupid

  15. Bestnightmar98

    Bestnightmar983 days ago

    5:30 light, no Lightning, yes theres a lightning rod on it

  16. Bat Chat12T

    Bat Chat12T3 days ago

    Another idea could be to make airoplane propellers with lightning rods

  17. Captain Crust

    Captain Crust4 days ago

    i almost feel like minecraft is coming up with updates too often lol, like as soon as i started a world in 1.16 1.17 snapshots were out and now im over hyped for those i feel like maybe an extra few months between updates wouldnt be a bad thing, anyone else share this unpopular opinion?

  18. Sudowoodo

    Sudowoodo4 days ago

    Can you polish calcite?

  19. Leah

    Leah5 days ago

    6:50 Weathered Copper BlocK

  20. MeepyNotSus

    MeepyNotSus5 days ago

    What did you mean by “lectern-type thing” during the amythist crystal segment? By the way, these builds are great, love your videos! Edit: Who else noticed the screaming faces made of copper when he was showing off the block?

  21. Pud Kbs

    Pud Kbs5 days ago

    Don't be boring, just play and relax with Minecraft

  22. Jeremy King

    Jeremy King6 days ago

    You can make a bunker with the copper block

  23. Balamugunth Balaji

    Balamugunth Balaji7 days ago

    We need another building tips and tricks with the new new update stuff :(

  24. Alfonso Berganza

    Alfonso Berganza7 days ago

    21w08a new snapshot

  25. Pes Pleb

    Pes Pleb8 days ago

    you can only do it in creative, but for the amethyst light, you can add Light Blocks to make it look like its actually giving off light. And Light Blocks are invisible so it makes a perfect disguise

  26. Lord Rubin

    Lord Rubin8 days ago

    That tuff is very tough

  27. shafty shades

    shafty shades9 days ago

    the weather blocks should have the name patina in it seens the green is patina

  28. shafty shades

    shafty shades9 days ago

    how do we play on 1.17?

  29. shafty shades

    shafty shades9 days ago

    spy glass + optifine zoom?

  30. Phoebus Larson

    Phoebus Larson9 days ago

    You wont have a good time during a thunder storm. All that lighting in your yard from all the lightning rods

  31. niffler boi

    niffler boi9 days ago

    Those caves look weak now

  32. Logan Scott

    Logan Scott10 days ago

    With the weathered copper tile blocks i thought bathroom tiles

  33. Bradley Parker

    Bradley Parker10 days ago

    Wait dude Grian uses thunder rods for everything almost thunderstorms ooooo this is gonna be fun

  34. Bradley Parker

    Bradley Parker10 days ago

    I’ve always made good chandeliers because well I need to have nice looking light you know?

  35. Bradley Parker

    Bradley Parker10 days ago

    I make chandeliers with lamps so this is really exciting for me

  36. Bradley Parker

    Bradley Parker11 days ago

    I want amethyst weapons now lol why are emeralds and amethyst things if they don’t even have uses and can’t make armor and tools

  37. Bradley Parker

    Bradley Parker11 days ago

    Come one new update I want these blocks lol

  38. Bradley Parker

    Bradley Parker11 days ago

    Some of those blocks aren’t out yet:(

  39. Claire Nguyen

    Claire Nguyen11 days ago

    Everthings fun and games until the lighting strikes and sets fire on your house

  40. Emily Vandrunen

    Emily Vandrunen12 days ago

    Mcpe: lava cauldrons are new for you!? WOW IVE HAD THEM FOREVER Me who plays mcpe: YAY A NEW VERSION HAS IT TOO!!

  41. animated things

    animated things12 days ago

    Yeah I have been playing Minecraft for 3 years I remember 1.14 1.15 1.16

  42. Margaret George

    Margaret George12 days ago


  43. GameGuin Blue

    GameGuin Blue13 days ago

    Must say there should be an update video with the new blocks, I feel like that would show some new builds, like that new moss block and the stalagmites and stalagtites

  44. Cookies

    Cookies13 days ago

    I have some random idea like the tinted glass you could surround your base with it and mobs won’t like notice you or something idk just a random idea

  45. William OC

    William OC13 days ago

    You could always put lava in cauldron

  46. Yagiz Nebioglu

    Yagiz Nebioglu3 days ago

    No you couldn't do that in java

  47. Ras Aeron Raymundo

    Ras Aeron Raymundo13 days ago

    Java players: yay lava can be put in couldron Bedrock players: thats been up since 1.16

  48. ADSM17

    ADSM1713 days ago

    THE CANDLES THO I went back to playing and was so disappointed that i couldn't use them yet!

  49. FennecFox

    FennecFox14 days ago

    Grian: Lava Can Now be placed in cauldren. me who plays edu witch already has that feature: IM FOUR PARRALEL UNIVURSES AHEAD OF YOU

  50. shadow gamer

    shadow gamer14 days ago

    Weathered cut copper shower tiles

  51. Dixie Reynolds

    Dixie Reynolds14 days ago

    Ohhh I bet he’s gonna like that grimstone (and maybe moss)

  52. Kitty Kat

    Kitty Kat14 days ago

    Everyone: YAY LAVA CAULDRONS! Me:pulls out phone Everyone: Hacker you already have lava cauldrons...

  53. Dream gamer

    Dream gamer15 days ago

    Good but not not good

  54. Kiryonn Akira

    Kiryonn Akira15 days ago

    What happen if you put a note bloc on top of an ametist bloc ? does it make a different song ?

  55. allxrei

    allxrei15 days ago

    I'm absolutely obsessed with those candles on the cake :)

  56. Bob Kowalski

    Bob Kowalski15 days ago

    You can get around 9 stacks of calcite from 1 geode.

  57. Bob Kowalski

    Bob Kowalski15 days ago

    Calcite is like diorite but pretty.

  58. Packed Ice

    Packed Ice16 days ago

    0:00 I made this comment to replay that a lot of times

  59. Al Yasa Jussab

    Al Yasa Jussab16 days ago

    Profeser flitwiks room

  60. RexhepPlaysシ

    RexhepPlaysシ16 days ago

    Nice Video! I Love It!

  61. Max Brooks

    Max Brooks16 days ago

    the I see you there at the beginning was hilarious

  62. Scorpio Gacha

    Scorpio Gacha17 days ago

    Calcite more like Calciu-

  63. Ollie Hendon

    Ollie Hendon18 days ago

    The lightning rod is like a cheap man's ender rod

  64. Peter James Ledwith

    Peter James Ledwith18 days ago

    Blue? It's totally GREEN!

  65. long burrito

    long burrito19 days ago

    when your mom uses your full name WAXED LIGHTLY WEATHERED CUT COPPER STAIRS

  66. long burrito

    long burrito19 days ago

    grian: we finaly have lava cauldrons!!1! bedrock players: first time?

  67. serpok 259

    serpok 25919 days ago

    They should make spyglasses and lightning rods age and become weathered

  68. serpok 259

    serpok 25919 days ago

    "We can now put lava in caulrons" *laughs in pocket/bedrock edition*

  69. Cam Bryan

    Cam Bryan20 days ago

    Statues of Liberty,ships,steampunk builds 😍 Oh copper.


    LOGAN LEE ZHENG CI Moe21 day ago

    wardens are add to 1.17 minecraft

  71. EmeraldFlowerz

    EmeraldFlowerz21 day ago


  72. EmeraldFlowerz

    EmeraldFlowerz21 day ago

    Calcite is a rare block found in geodes HAHA HOUSE BUILDING GO BRR


    DEFALT HORROR21 day ago

    Bedrock always could put lava in couldrins

  74. Yagiz Nebioglu

    Yagiz Nebioglu3 days ago

    Hehe not funny

  75. Felix Foster

    Felix Foster21 day ago

    now there's no excuse for you not to do a steampunk house tutorial.

  76. K. Rose

    K. Rose21 day ago

    I like these shorter videos! The long ones it's hard to hold my attention span lol

  77. Krypton Jimenez

    Krypton Jimenez22 days ago

    You could use lightning rods to make a sword

  78. Roboki

    Roboki22 days ago

    How do you pick up any block you see ?

  79. ArrasLad

    ArrasLad20 days ago

    Someone’s playing on pocket edition!

  80. Aviel Jason

    Aviel Jason22 days ago

    06.50 Weathered Copper BlocK Mojang plis fix thiss

  81. happy gecko

    happy gecko22 days ago

    They should make us hold the lightning rod like a wizards staff. change my mind

  82. Shinobu

    Shinobu23 days ago

    i cant wait to make a 10x10 amethyst chandelier.

  83. ehheeajeshika

    ehheeajeshika24 days ago

    I hope this update hits bedrock soon 🖤 also the inner witch in me is super excited about the colored candles

  84. my content shorts

    my content shorts26 days ago

    Grian: you can now put lava in cauldrons Bedrock players: laughs in the background Grian: we now have a functional trash can Bedrock players: hehehe oooh......why haven't we thought about that 😯

  85. Kanoa AnchetaFierro

    Kanoa AnchetaFierro26 days ago

    I can make statue 🗽 of liberty

  86. Just A Random Polar Bear

    Just A Random Polar Bear26 days ago

    Petition for Minecraft to add a building update. Vertical Slabs, more building blocks and more

  87. Crystal Crafts

    Crystal Crafts26 days ago

    7:38 and then they all turn green a few weeks later...

  88. Yagiz Nebioglu

    Yagiz Nebioglu3 days ago


  89. Yagiz Nebioglu

    Yagiz Nebioglu3 days ago

    Waxes copper block

  90. Paul Douris

    Paul Douris27 days ago

    Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Christ died for you so live for him

  91. Sakura Plays

    Sakura Plays27 days ago

    My first thought with the floating candles......Hogwarts.....


    BENDABLE_ CLOWN27 days ago

    Tbh I’m really excited for the candles


    JOEL ESPELIMBERGO27 days ago

    I Have A Theory On Calcite Realize That It Has Cite As it Last Word Look On Diorite Sounds Familiar Don't Kill Me Since Then I Realized It's The Same Cite And Rite Is The Closest But There's More Calcite Looks Like Diorite But Just Cleaned So Calcite Is Diorite There's Lot Of Calcite But After They Turned Old And Dirty So Here You Go My Theory,Bye

  94. Abi Dodd

    Abi Dodd28 days ago

    Grian: you can probably hear the nether portal Me: umm I can’t here it ur TALKING TO MUCH DUDE

  95. rohan sdev

    rohan sdev28 days ago

    Java players : now we can put lava in cauldron Pocket edition players:that's not new to us

  96. Mr.Electro

    Mr.Electro28 days ago

    Cut copper is definitely those mario bricks

  97. Mr.Electro

    Mr.Electro28 days ago

    Amethyst give off wizardy magic vibes

  98. Alduin , The world eater

    Alduin , The world eater29 days ago

    I will cover my house in thunder rods and live in it

  99. EZ gaming

    EZ gaming29 days ago

    The lightning rods are very similar to end rods...

  100. Sydney Cooke

    Sydney Cooke29 days ago

    lava in cauldrons are not new though?

  101. AymanPlayz

    AymanPlayz29 days ago

    Those are amethyst geodes not amethyst caves

  102. Jake Makes Movies

    Jake Makes MoviesMonth ago

    8:43 when I heard of candles existence in minecraft 🕯 I had many ideas such as evil Castle 🏰 Spa library and magic quarters but when I saw the orange candles I thought of only one thing POCO LOCO TIME!!!!!

  103. benthekitten2020

    benthekitten2020Month ago

    OMG grian i love your channel i watch you everyday i love your hermitcraft aswell 😁

  104. Leon Life Gamer

    Leon Life GamerMonth ago

    tingily bingily, the most conmen British words. 4:16

  105. Cortanis001

    Cortanis001Month ago

    You know what I'm hoping for as far as the copper blocks go? A copper golem that's a ranged golem instead of strictly a melee unit. Maybe then we can get some more defense for villages and such. Once could even make a tower def game out of it.