Mumbo & Grian's Minecraft EARTH Roadtrip - Part 1

Grian and Mumbo take Minecraft Earth on the road to see what it's capable of. This is a two part special, with the second episode appearing on Mumbo's channel in a couple of days.
Huge thank you to Mojang for making this trip possible by covering the costs.
Mumbo's Channel:
Edited & Directed by: MumboJumbo
Shot by: Josh Holgate joshholgatephoto
Organised by: Grian
This was shot in early September and all Covid guidance at the time was adhered to. The trip was originally meant to be the whole of the UK, but due to C-19 we had to scale it down massively. Sorry Scotland, Wales & N Ireland!


  1. Bruh moment

    Bruh moment7 hours ago

    Grian looks like ed sheeran with bugger cheeks

  2. Zack Fritz

    Zack FritzDay ago

    "I ate to much muffin" -Mumbo Jumbo 2020

  3. Mccann Antonette

    Mccann AntonetteDay ago

    The dizzy toenail tentatively face because cymbal expectably whirl pro a known lyre. deserted, dear english

  4. Juicymango

    JuicymangoDay ago

    this is them just enjoying a roadtrip and filming it

  5. Matheus Menezes Cordeiro

    Matheus Menezes CordeiroDay ago

    Wait wait wait wait wait, MUMBO DOESN'T HAVE A MUSTACHE IN REAL LIFE?!!!!

  6. Zyborg Gaming

    Zyborg Gaming2 days ago

    And I googled grian height and im 5cm taller, lol

  7. Zyborg Gaming

    Zyborg Gaming2 days ago

    Im glad mumbo didnt go afk at the wheel... But grian did in the back...

  8. Mackenzie Gregory

    Mackenzie Gregory2 days ago

    Just have to say neither of you look at all how one would expect after hearing your voices and seeing your minecraft skins

  9. ドットdot

    ドットdot2 days ago

    I wonder how they told the camera man he can't be in the video

  10. Pickle juice

    Pickle juice2 days ago

    Hearing and seeing mumbo irl, it’s so off that he’s not wearing a suit

  11. p0land fil

    p0land fil2 days ago

    Mumbo: Oh i'm regular size Grian: I am ANT!

  12. Shannabanana Cat

    Shannabanana Cat3 days ago

    Lol soooo funny you guys are very entertaining

  13. MI_Commo Gaming

    MI_Commo Gaming3 days ago

    This is pretty cool!

  14. James Wallman

    James Wallman3 days ago


  15. Glowing Nugget

    Glowing Nugget3 days ago

    Two morons p.suing mincraft in real life

  16. Red Jarne

    Red Jarne3 days ago

    Where is part 2

  17. Lechkingofdead

    Lechkingofdead3 days ago

    Now that camping is fucking good but I would not mind riding in that bus, as I would be on the floor just riden along :P

  18. rocket league addict

    rocket league addict3 days ago

    Name a more iconic duo




  20. Rectov

    Rectov3 days ago

    Would love to see more of these two irl, this was awesome lol

  21. Jenn Clough

    Jenn Clough4 days ago

    make a episode 2 D:

  22. Anabel G.

    Anabel G.4 days ago

    My biggest deception is knowing that Mumbo doesn't have a mustache in real life

  23. Equestrian Actor

    Equestrian Actor4 days ago

    Does anyone else think Grian looks like @Half-Asleep Chris

  24. boine the bunny

    boine the bunny4 days ago

    The person holding the camera: *Screams at the top of their lungs*


    ȘTEFAN LUCA LUPU5 days ago

    me and the boys loking for the stronghold

  26. m.morci

    m.morci5 days ago

    2.27 i just wanted to say that mumbo is an engineer

  27. Nat Kellas

    Nat Kellas5 days ago

    Bruh where is ep 3

  28. Weaboosuki Sharai

    Weaboosuki Sharai5 days ago

    Mumbo got some weight :0

  29. m.morci

    m.morci5 days ago

    he always looked like that he's just a big boy

  30. noahcoops

    noahcoops6 days ago

    the weirdest part is that they drive on the left side of the road

  31. Flynn Cressy

    Flynn Cressy7 days ago


  32. Flynn Cressy

    Flynn Cressy7 days ago


  33. RedditDeluxe

    RedditDeluxe7 days ago

    I don't like this seed i think i'll reset

  34. Yun Zhe CHU

    Yun Zhe CHU8 days ago

    If you see two people who are Megan And Myron they are my cousins

  35. Dyno

    Dyno8 days ago

    5:16 in this image we can appreciate just how fucking tall Mumbo is

  36. Neo Teller Studios

    Neo Teller Studios8 days ago

    Air conditioning sucks anyway, it makes me sweat buckets.

  37. Lukeario797 ThoseTimes Mobmaker Minecraft

    Lukeario797 ThoseTimes Mobmaker Minecraft8 days ago

    3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Beast

    Beast9 days ago

    Rip this series

  39. Sylwia Kalinowska

    Sylwia Kalinowska9 days ago

    i have been to the first caves

  40. Kimbo

    Kimbo9 days ago

    Didn't realise how british Mumbo really was until i watched him eat that chocolate chip muffin

  41. smillielol

    smillielol9 days ago

    i never knew grian was so small

  42. Luke Parish

    Luke Parish10 days ago

    As an American, it sounds so weird hearing somebody say "South Coast."

  43. Shinku-chan

    Shinku-chan10 days ago

    Why is badboyhalo and georgenotfound so fitting in hermitcraft

  44. m.morci

    m.morci5 days ago

    they are too chaotic

  45. Pratibha patil

    Pratibha patil11 days ago

    Hmmm , remembered the road trip song

  46. Negative Zero

    Negative Zero11 days ago

    These two are such gifts to the world.

  47. Baked Beans are gross

    Baked Beans are gross11 days ago

    Nice bus!

  48. Ebenen Kahn

    Ebenen Kahn11 days ago

    Dude, what a vehicle

  49. Juuso Hemiö

    Juuso Hemiö11 days ago

    I love watching people play badminton

  50. The Super Yoshi Cane

    The Super Yoshi Cane11 days ago

    I love seeing these two in real life together

  51. Brandon Dog

    Brandon Dog10 days ago


  52. Adrian Cole

    Adrian Cole10 days ago

    Ikr they have such a cute friendship, I can't with them.


    STICKY CREEAAM12 days ago

    Shame it’s getting taken down

  54. Pulse_ Gudg

    Pulse_ Gudg12 days ago

    Wait mumbo don’t have a mustache

  55. David Belleini

    David Belleini12 days ago

    Please can we have: Mumbo, the Bus Whisperer

  56. Steve Elton

    Steve Elton12 days ago

    People who didn’t know Grain was from England 👇

  57. Gamersupon

    Gamersupon12 days ago

    Voice doesn't match face!!!!!!!!

  58. just some one

    just some one13 days ago

    This show how strong steve is

  59. Henry Brennan

    Henry Brennan13 days ago


  60. Brendan Kane

    Brendan Kane13 days ago

    That van looks comfy tho

  61. chanel bacon

    chanel bacon13 days ago

    akternate title 2 freinds drive around the country in a van

  62. Dominic Bucsa

    Dominic Bucsa14 days ago

    That moment when u realize that mumbo hasn't got a mustache

  63. cinnamon swirl

    cinnamon swirl14 days ago

    Just wondering if grian is just tiny or mumbo is really tall?

  64. Yizhe Cai

    Yizhe Cai14 days ago

    Bring your elytra

  65. GROOTS

    GROOTS14 days ago

    how is nobody talking about how beautiful the cinematography is in this video?

  66. Francesc Ballester

    Francesc Ballester14 days ago

    How is MumboJumbo’s commentary voice so much lower than in the video

  67. Brendon Marks

    Brendon Marks15 days ago

    👨‍👦Mumbo is on the left and Grian is on the right in this emoji

  68. only for fun

    only for fun15 days ago

    Covid _19

  69. Tiger YT

    Tiger YT15 days ago

    who is carrying the camera at 4:50

  70. Emily D

    Emily D15 days ago


  71. Emily D

    Emily D15 days ago

    what a dome

  72. Boi Big

    Boi Big15 days ago

    Ayyy they went to wales

  73. Noah Packard

    Noah Packard16 days ago

    This guy is so unsafe. He was driving on the wrong side of the road the entire time:

  74. Samuel Nelson

    Samuel Nelson16 days ago

    Has a pristine vw bus and calls it rubbish? I mean yeah it probably sucks to drive but it's probably worth like $25k

  75. Kevin Sousa

    Kevin Sousa16 days ago

    idk why i thought grian would be like a 16 year old kid

  76. Nidatheunicorn6

    Nidatheunicorn616 days ago

    Are you two friends in real life???

  77. Kiranmayee Muthu

    Kiranmayee Muthu16 days ago

    Grian looks like a gold fish next to a shark which is mumbo In the cave

  78. Mohamed Imthiyaz

    Mohamed Imthiyaz16 days ago

    You two really are amazing friends

  79. Sapphire Gaming

    Sapphire Gaming16 days ago

    minecraft earth... i WIlL rEmEmBeR yOoOoUuUu

  80. GlockamolE

    GlockamolE17 days ago

    Mumbo, as usual, has a mouth full of muff.

  81. GrumpyGarfield

    GrumpyGarfield17 days ago

    alternate title: "two minecraft you tubers discover world and compare it to a game - part 1"

  82. Cute rat

    Cute rat17 days ago


  83. Ivan Vuić

    Ivan Vuić17 days ago

    5:50 love the conversations!

  84. Mel Cox

    Mel Cox18 days ago

    Bro grian rlly just got yeeted while sleeping lol

  85. E.A.T Ethan Angelo Tomaneng

    E.A.T Ethan Angelo Tomaneng18 days ago

    Minecraft earth is free?

  86. empervor

    empervor18 days ago

    I love how grian is like playing and Filming (idk how to say it) "Minecraft Earth" with a 12" ipad pro with an apple pencil-

  87. Boba Boi

    Boba Boi19 days ago

    i just realized that minecraft earth is basically just pokemon go except minecraft

  88. DustHydraZX ,

    DustHydraZX ,20 days ago

    I’ve seen 2 pretty best friends

  89. Harvey Gaming

    Harvey Gaming20 days ago


  90. i am so lonely

    i am so lonely20 days ago

    you can tell that all that material farming doesnt attribute to physical strength

  91. Josephine Dugal

    Josephine Dugal21 day ago

    The decisive quiver dentsply fence because butter periodically allow failing a literate pink. wealthy, numerous relation

  92. Doggy Milk

    Doggy Milk21 day ago

    I love how I’m so used to seeing a man with a mustache and a man with brown hair and no mouth, just eyes

  93. Moisty Frogman

    Moisty Frogman21 day ago

    Mumbo is 6'5 And Grian is 5'6

  94. crabholhaz

    crabholhaz21 day ago

    They sound nothing like what they look like lol xD

  95. Tom Allen

    Tom Allen21 day ago

    4:48 the hight difference tho

  96. full timelines

    full timelines22 days ago

    I love the bus

  97. Unidud3

    Unidud322 days ago

    mega oof rip minceraft earth

  98. little moon

    little moon22 days ago

    Where is episode 2


    FORCED_REASSEMBLY20 days ago

    Its no longer a thing since minecraft earth is shutting down soon

  100. YourPocketTutor

    YourPocketTutor22 days ago

    "When you realized that Minecraft Earth has been Removed"

  101. Madison Luke

    Madison Luke23 days ago

    Omg this is such a good idea. Can’t wait to watch the rest of this series !!!!

  102. ꧁wired Nutella thing KCL꧂

    ꧁wired Nutella thing KCL꧂24 days ago

    WHerrrreeeeeee isssssss nexxxxxxxxtttttttttt paaaaaaaarrrrrrrrtttt ttttt immmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnneeeee

  103. Andrew Baxendale

    Andrew Baxendale24 days ago

    dude grian i thought you were tall compared to mumbo your short LOL!!!!

  104. Luke Williams

    Luke Williams25 days ago

    Weren’t allowed to film at a beach? That’s odd, not being allowed to film at a public venue (note: this is coming from an American, maybe things are different in Europe)

  105. Turmip Farmer

    Turmip Farmer25 days ago

    I guess Grian learned some things from Bdubs, like sleeping wherever he could