Hermitcraft 7: Episode 58 - MINING, ON CAMERA!

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 58 - MINING, ON CAMERA! Grian is on hermitcraft mining, not for diamonds, but for 60 blocks of space.
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  1. My YouTube Channel

    My YouTube Channel3 hours ago

    It took approximately 2 hours to sort those chests. Jeez that’s sad.

  2. J M

    J M4 hours ago

    Every USlikesr ever: I did some mining off camera Grain: Mining on camera

  3. Botsir

    Botsir8 hours ago

    os brasileiros entenderão : 9:00

  4. DeAnde Mccalla

    DeAnde Mccalla12 hours ago

    15 hours

  5. DeAnde Mccalla

    DeAnde Mccalla13 hours ago

    Grian you should make the plane have smoke

  6. Tracey Lee

    Tracey Lee13 hours ago

    You could use tnt

  7. crazyredx172

    crazyredx17218 hours ago

    what i do when it’s christmas in the uk is mud ski mud sledge and mud bored

  8. Jack the alpaca

    Jack the alpaca20 hours ago

    4 hours I bet

  9. Renzo Hartono

    Renzo HartonoDay ago

    what about doc

  10. Joep De vos

    Joep De vosDay ago


  11. Alex Booth

    Alex BoothDay ago

    No one Absolutely Nobody Not even a soul Grian TIMELAPSE

  12. Hazen

    Hazen2 days ago

    Etho went full ninjago mode

  13. Hunter Labrecque

    Hunter Labrecque2 days ago

    10 hours

  14. Trollyoly

    Trollyoly2 days ago

    I’ve done a little bit off camera mining and got 64 netheite blocks

  15. James Tucker

    James Tucker2 days ago

    TNT duper: am I a joke to you?

  16. Shadowbow1000

    Shadowbow10002 days ago

    Fill it up with water

  17. Alex Boy

    Alex Boy2 days ago

    Shouldn't Grian be doing tunnel duty for AFKing in the upside down

  18. Ace_11_10

    Ace_11_102 days ago

    I would love nothing more than to help you with grindy, monotonous tasks

  19. Rhan Ezekiel

    Rhan Ezekiel3 days ago

    Yea! The cake looks pretty good! I-I meant box

  20. Logan Jørgensen

    Logan Jørgensen3 days ago

    16 hours

  21. Tidep0ds 4 life

    Tidep0ds 4 life3 days ago

    At the beginning of this episode did you say you AFKed in the nether? Why do you keep breaking this rule

  22. PederFries

    PederFries3 days ago

    “Mining on camera” now that defeats the purpose of being a mc youtuber

  23. Abbie Shearing

    Abbie Shearing3 days ago

    5 hours

  24. KierriekiesPlayz

    KierriekiesPlayz3 days ago

    Alternative tile: Hermitcraft 7: Episode 58 - TIMELAPSES, TIMELAPSES AND EVEN MORE TIMELAPSES!!!

  25. EmanTV

    EmanTV4 days ago

    Me: DO A BARREL ROLL! Etho: is that a challenge? Me:uh.. Etho: *barrel roll intensifies*

  26. Lenny BABB

    Lenny BABB4 days ago


  27. Tyler Potter

    Tyler Potter4 days ago

    😂 Unless your mumbo jumbo !!! So many minecraft youtubers mention him he is my favorite and I've watching him for years !

  28. Sudev

    Sudev4 days ago

    Grian: *Goes to the end for shulkers* Also Grian: *Throws out a shulker box for an elytra*

  29. Legends Luna

    Legends Luna4 days ago

    7 hours?

  30. Alpha Slav

    Alpha Slav4 days ago

    fun drinking game for gamers - drink every time Grian accidentally set fireworks trying to click stuff

  31. Evan Jones

    Evan Jones4 days ago

    Wait a minute, grian said that he was afk ... in the upside down !!! We all know what that means

  32. A350- Cockatiel

    A350- Cockatiel4 days ago

    737 max with mcas issues, perfect!

  33. Addie_ _

    Addie_ _5 days ago

    17:34 skeppy had that same glitch on dream smp with bbh's trident

  34. Just About Everything

    Just About Everything6 days ago

    This poor dude probably spent 5 hours sorting

  35. NRG 11

    NRG 116 days ago

    in norway at christmas it was 55cm with snow

  36. CrazyBoySoy

    CrazyBoySoy6 days ago

    This reminded me of like every USlikesr ever saying “I did some mining off camera and now I only got a bit of netherite like only 40 netherite beacons

  37. Filip Markovina

    Filip Markovina7 days ago

    21:09 it took you approximately 2 hours

  38. Dona Nasol

    Dona Nasol7 days ago

    Grian: I am so do- oh yeah I forgot the infinite stone I got.

  39. Player Steve 530

    Player Steve 5308 days ago

    imagine if it was 1.17...

  40. Manit Gaba

    Manit Gaba8 days ago

    hello cod

  41. Rory Connolly

    Rory Connolly8 days ago


  42. AngeLemon

    AngeLemon9 days ago

    Grian pancake? *yum*

  43. ProbeBot

    ProbeBot9 days ago


  44. Goat Wowzass

    Goat Wowzass10 days ago

    2 hours and a half

  45. charliedoesfilm

    charliedoesfilm10 days ago

    Striders kinda resemble hairy turnips.. with.. ..legs..?

  46. 7C 22 Fatema Vora

    7C 22 Fatema Vora10 days ago

    Nobody: Wilbur: I watched you build a hole Grian~

  47. drechnoblade

    drechnoblade10 days ago

    grian: mining on camera me: impossible

  48. Dark theme11

    Dark theme1110 days ago

    Grian have a build battle with Wattles pls

  49. Zoey Stevens

    Zoey Stevens10 days ago

    4 hours

  50. Krimxon Quartz

    Krimxon Quartz10 days ago

    agreed Potato Kid

  51. Krimxon Quartz

    Krimxon Quartz10 days ago

    Dude nice work

  52. Luca

    Luca11 days ago

    9:07 Spot-on 🧐😏

  53. Natalie Ward

    Natalie Ward12 days ago

    Why don't you try make the scp foundation in minecraft the hermite world

  54. William OC

    William OC12 days ago

    Yeah I now the uk in the spring is cold in the summer is soo hot

  55. Rayden Gerrald

    Rayden Gerrald12 days ago

    Are you part Irish? I can hear an accent in your “here”(s) and “airplanes”(s)

  56. J Mabruk

    J Mabruk12 days ago

    When they say: "USlikesr isn't a job. Playing video Games all day isn't proper work"... Show them Grian doing this^^ I would rage quite and deinstall minecraft after 1 hour of digging like this :D

  57. Mason Valek

    Mason Valek13 days ago

    anyone: goes AFK Grian within a world's radius: it's free real estate!!!

  58. Diane Nguyen

    Diane Nguyen13 days ago

    bockets in Britain means a round hill

  59. Ipseeta Panda

    Ipseeta Panda13 days ago

    Grian i love how you r so dedicated to play minecraft to create quality content for us!!!!!!!!! I dont think i can play for 3 hours straight

  60. AlliePlayz

    AlliePlayz14 days ago

    Ima say bout' 4 hours?????

  61. Pierce0032

    Pierce003214 days ago

    I would’ve guessed that the shulker box thing took about 5 to 7 hours.

  62. Dylan Doucette

    Dylan Doucette14 days ago


  63. BFF MIX

    BFF MIX15 days ago

    5hours i think i over rected Pst im bad at spelling

  64. DMI Games

    DMI Games15 days ago

    Nobody: Grian: 1:07

  65. Shaptahik Proshanti

    Shaptahik Proshanti16 days ago

    i wish grian cuold build me a mob farm bc it took me a day to build a mob and i wish i had a gold farm like him

  66. sijun chathuni

    sijun chathuni16 days ago

    Want did grian die when he ended the video?

  67. sijun chathuni

    sijun chathuni16 days ago

    Wow grian how is your brain survived hahaha

  68. Ludwig Van Beethoven

    Ludwig Van Beethoven16 days ago

    Bockets has to be the most British thing I’ve ever heard in all my days

  69. Bhie ._.

    Bhie ._.16 days ago

    Minecraft tutorials:so just put one block here just here two blocks away Also minecraft tutorials:so I did some work 🙂 Nice work bro👍

  70. Ryeo

    Ryeo16 days ago

    17:55 "Spinning is a good trick"

  71. Brody Polen

    Brody Polen16 days ago

    21:07 - 21:11 i bet it took 7 hours 42 minutes 57 seconds

  72. jet Dinelt

    jet Dinelt17 days ago

    I know a better way to turf war paint guns and squids

  73. Stephanie Edwards

    Stephanie Edwards17 days ago

    Mumbo jumbo afk I’m gunna take that mustache away

  74. Sterling Miller

    Sterling Miller17 days ago

    The strider nodded

  75. Kenneth Hoang

    Kenneth Hoang17 days ago


  76. Shilla joeyllah Salang

    Shilla joeyllah Salang18 days ago

    2 hours

  77. Kenneth Martin

    Kenneth Martin18 days ago

    If he had 1000 blocks of water he would still be a grian pancake.

  78. Sam Crockford

    Sam Crockford18 days ago

    5 hours

  79. The Jaguar

    The Jaguar18 days ago

    3 hours

  80. Walker Hale

    Walker Hale18 days ago

    Literally everyone as a child when it’s the winter holidays: I’ve just found a Christmas District!

  81. sfn 2.0

    sfn 2.018 days ago

    17:25 Oh... don't mind this I just want to play a million times

  82. Brayden Vosik Pekala

    Brayden Vosik Pekala19 days ago


  83. Manvel Msurian

    Manvel Msurian19 days ago

    2 hours

  84. Kursyll Amedee

    Kursyll Amedee20 days ago

    About 12 hours

  85. Jet Lemming

    Jet Lemming20 days ago

    1 hour

  86. More of That Channel

    More of That Channel20 days ago

    Lol my epic tour video has a hole just like that... but all ore in tact. Is a geology museum. Lol 8 months is a long life. I couldn’t keep Oscar alive for a day!

  87. golden figther

    golden figther20 days ago

    Is it just me or does the plane looks like a missle

  88. Zadok Cea

    Zadok Cea21 day ago

    he did the impossible

  89. Hexar Hunter

    Hexar Hunter21 day ago

    AFKing? what about your rules that YOU made

  90. Ashley B

    Ashley B21 day ago

    When Grian died from elytra me: wow all of that level is gone now

  91. Squirrelwastaken

    Squirrelwastaken21 day ago

    17 hrs

  92. James Stephens

    James Stephens21 day ago

    a day

  93. Shadowhorse06

    Shadowhorse0622 days ago

    Lol he will build a big hole but not a back of a base

  94. doge_gaming 1

    doge_gaming 122 days ago

    The shopping district: I am lag incarnate

  95. Tijmen Plaisier

    Tijmen Plaisier22 days ago

    I think it was 90 minuts

  96. Kiara Quadros

    Kiara Quadros22 days ago

    He literally made padorads prison from the Dream smp that Dream is currently in!

  97. Narwal Animates

    Narwal Animates23 days ago

    “ that was 9 hours of building “ proceeds to show a hole he just dug.

  98. Doge Gaming

    Doge Gaming23 days ago

    Grian: MINING, ON CAMERA everybody: Impossible

  99. Abhay Agarwal

    Abhay Agarwal23 days ago

    7 h

  100. Izabela Kownacki

    Izabela Kownacki24 days ago

    It snowed at midnight yesterday night.