Hermitcraft 7: Episode 56 - THE ENDGAME

MERCH STORE: represent.com/store/grian Hermitcraft 7: Episode 56 - THE ENDGAME! Grian on hermitcraft trying to end this conflict!
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  1. Grian

    Grian3 months ago

    More like ENDGRAIN, right?

  2. Anna Vee

    Anna Vee2 months ago

    And the HAVENGERS 😕

  3. Xian vince Santos

    Xian vince Santos2 months ago

    Right should have been called ENDGRAIN

  4. Callum Lumpkins

    Callum Lumpkins2 months ago


  5. Frostbyte

    Frostbyte2 months ago


  6. pokemon andrew

    pokemon andrew2 months ago


  7. frosty starshine

    frosty starshine2 days ago

    you shuld make a grian saying psst tea-shirt get it tea, tea is a good drink hm

  8. Mahkus

    Mahkus3 days ago

    In the intro you just hear a grindsaw and sadistic laughter from the room doc is in

  9. AndiWasBit

    AndiWasBit3 days ago

    Grian: *Votes Scar instead of Mumbo.* Also Grian: *MYCELIUM RESISTANCE.*

  10. Hafsath Hamza

    Hafsath Hamza3 days ago

    grian is always the best

  11. Hafsath Hamza

    Hafsath Hamza3 days ago


  12. Hafsath Hamza

    Hafsath Hamza3 days ago

    I mean grain

  13. sci-guy

    sci-guy4 days ago

    Grian: the barge is so life less (shows skeleton horse

  14. Lucario The Aura Guardian

    Lucario The Aura Guardian5 days ago

    Grian is a rapper. I have a giant dirt wall under the town Hall

  15. Zyborg Gaming

    Zyborg Gaming7 days ago

    Convince favourite hermit for wager? And what if grian is my favourite lol I meant grain

  16. Zyborg Gaming

    Zyborg Gaming7 days ago

    Also there were more diamonds in wall lol

  17. Zyborg Gaming

    Zyborg Gaming7 days ago

    Hmmmm a square box. Idk about u but I prefer triangular boxes 2:34 btw

  18. Rose Campbell

    Rose Campbell7 days ago

    10:00 It's like primary school all over again!!!

  19. Dona Nasol

    Dona Nasol8 days ago

    If only. If only Grian had said: You interupted my merch plug!

  20. Hari_ 8:3

    Hari_ 8:38 days ago

    It was meant to be

  21. Ginny Mosley

    Ginny Mosley8 days ago

    PLS get more pesky bird hats in stalk !!!

  22. Sirsnacks Alot

    Sirsnacks Alot10 days ago

    Scar: we have a laser to win Me : ummm as a Star Wars nerd I must say the empire had a giant laser(s) four times and lost each time Also they lost to a team called THE RESISTANCE

  23. Thomas Walder

    Thomas Walder10 days ago

    Still think HEP was the true winner at this point, having beaten the MycRes at three things at this point

  24. Redstone012

    Redstone01211 days ago

    Grian: okay so we each make 5 mini games Grain 5 minutes later: we can fit 6 or 8 mini games in this arena right

  25. Twasp

    Twasp12 days ago

    17:36 69 levels. nice

  26. Millburn Fernandez

    Millburn Fernandez12 days ago

    Then being trapped in cage with everything they need to escape bit not using it gives me brain damage

  27. AK 123

    AK 12313 days ago

    During a self-promotion!

  28. Campbell Tansley

    Campbell Tansley13 days ago

    I love how Grian casually tried to murder the mayor

  29. Fadzom

    Fadzom13 days ago

    13:33 he looks like the nicest person on planet earth

  30. W Dino

    W Dino13 days ago

    Scar got lucky with the base swap

  31. Kaya Voyce

    Kaya Voyce14 days ago

    Hahahaha hi mr green grain

  32. Benjamin Cleary

    Benjamin Cleary14 days ago

    xp level at 16:46, nice

  33. urvish bhavsar

    urvish bhavsar15 days ago

    Can someone tell me how the HEIP moved their(Resistence member's) enderpearls!!!?????

  34. Hazel Bazzar

    Hazel Bazzar15 days ago

    Lol the turf wars happened right on my birthday

  35. Landon Prince

    Landon Prince15 days ago

    Grian be like: I don't like sending cards I think they're bad for the environment. Grian last season, send a card in the mail to iskall instead of just asking in game

  36. Star Lockhart

    Star Lockhart15 days ago

    Well if a woman was pregnant when you built the back of the mansion she would’ve had her baby...

  37. Hero Down Films

    Hero Down Films15 days ago


  38. Orangeelite

    Orangeelite15 days ago

    13:59 nice level lol

  39. Agata Maguza

    Agata Maguza15 days ago

    There is fire in mansion Grian:this is fine

  40. Maximilian Bunnell

    Maximilian Bunnell16 days ago

    We need a pesky Bird plashy

  41. I- Ham

    I- Ham16 days ago

    You missed some diamonds 💎

  42. Agnes Francis

    Agnes Francis17 days ago

    HE ATE GRAIN!!!!!.!..!.!.

  43. Oscar Milne

    Oscar Milne17 days ago

    19:22 those experience levels doe

  44. Ojas Kusurkar

    Ojas Kusurkar18 days ago

    What I like about him is that he unlike other youtubers does not have any cringy ways to get us like the video or subscribe

  45. EmilyTheG

    EmilyTheG18 days ago

    15.00 69 lvls nice

  46. George Sanders

    George Sanders18 days ago

    can you please make grian bread plushies they would be the best

  47. Zachery Rosa

    Zachery Rosa19 days ago


  48. Elliott Rose

    Elliott Rose19 days ago

    Oh god I like the heart but now that it beats it’s Horibal it almost made me throw up

  49. Some Person On YouTube Unknown

    Some Person On YouTube Unknown20 days ago

    Was I the only one who looked at the XP level :)

  50. Chali Sahib

    Chali Sahib21 day ago


  51. Braulio Rojas

    Braulio Rojas22 days ago

    Talk to mumbo

  52. Nathan Demeester

    Nathan Demeester22 days ago

    This is the best video

  53. Tijmen Plaisier

    Tijmen Plaisier22 days ago

    make a mega grain in minecraft

  54. Sylvia Schneiderman

    Sylvia Schneiderman23 days ago

    ClEan uP yOuR ShuKeRs

  55. KrustyXD9

    KrustyXD924 days ago

    I really hope grian loses the turf war

  56. Cliff Tolbert

    Cliff Tolbert24 days ago

    Mumbo base was dying 😢

  57. Laura Randon

    Laura Randon24 days ago

    Grian! Grian! Grian!

  58. Connor's Gaming Oasis

    Connor's Gaming Oasis24 days ago

    remember when Grian was poor? Now I think he has a little to much.....

  59. Spoof!

    Spoof!25 days ago

    Grian: Gets junk from mining* "Im gonna put this in the barge"

  60. Spoof!

    Spoof!25 days ago

    RIP Source Block 2020-2020

  61. Theodor Svane Christensen

    Theodor Svane Christensen26 days ago

    He forgot about hyyeeeep

  62. Rio Futaba

    Rio Futaba26 days ago

    grian sells Diaritte* Iskall : Buys Diaritte and burn it

  63. Tara Cain

    Tara Cain27 days ago

    @Grian lol

  64. Rudy vs Tota

    Rudy vs Tota27 days ago

    Grian we can ask the viewers to encorage thier fav hermit Me whos fav hermit is grian :Bruhhhhhh :v

  65. nerdle 1

    nerdle 129 days ago

    People :avengers endgame is the most anticipated crossover ever Grian: hold my tea

  66. Len385

    Len38529 days ago

    That grain character wants you to make a wager grian, I think you definitely should!

  67. Baronn 1

    Baronn 129 days ago

    Grain gets bread

  68. Sergiu Petcu

    Sergiu Petcu29 days ago

    Truly disgusting, that some “people” do this horrible thing.

  69. Arwa

    Arwa27 days ago

    Lol, wrong channel

  70. CC Z

    CC ZMonth ago

    I ATE GRAIN 😂😭😭😭💀

  71. Nature & Survival

    Nature & SurvivalMonth ago

    The barge is truly the best shop

  72. Yanche

    YancheMonth ago

    "... for great crimes against Hermitcraft: spreading spores." - outstanding, would lol again

  73. Mactakk

    MactakkMonth ago

    yep and can I join?

  74. Hamster Games

    Hamster GamesMonth ago


  75. Rudy Williams

    Rudy WilliamsMonth ago

    Grian- you only have a few days left to buy Me- In 2021 😎

  76. Tristan Vadamootoo

    Tristan VadamootooMonth ago

    I find the HQ of the hep should be called Hepquarters

  77. Anna Bullimore

    Anna BullimoreMonth ago

    I was elected to lead - Not to read. XD

  78. Joyo Wibowo

    Joyo WibowoMonth ago

    Scar,s is a gerk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!just banned scar

  79. Ace QueenOfTheDeck

    Ace QueenOfTheDeckMonth ago

    "it was like it was meant to be" The dream smp: *nothing good has ever came after that statement*

  80. Squishy

    SquishyMonth ago

    Let’s do some mini games! PROCEEDS TO WALK PAST FIRE IN MANSION

  81. Squishy

    SquishyMonth ago

    All four guys

  82. Squishy

    SquishyMonth ago

    What’s up felleas

  83. Squishy

    SquishyMonth ago

    I’m so good at commenting

  84. Squishy

    SquishyMonth ago

    Yea right me

  85. Ash Howell

    Ash HowellMonth ago

    “No one said the games can’t be lethal right?” -doc, 22 Love how he just... immediately went there.

  86. Safwan Ansari

    Safwan AnsariMonth ago

    Grian on every episode: I am afraid that is all we have time for today

  87. Riley Hanford

    Riley HanfordMonth ago

    Nobody Grian in every episode new farm

  88. Lux Rojas

    Lux RojasMonth ago

    From wooden sign, to mayor , Scar has has evoled from good times to great times.

  89. Table 2.0

    Table 2.0Month ago

    Grian: the harbinger of war I love it

  90. Delphine

    DelphineMonth ago

    Grian thanks for digging it up fully i got a new style on what to do i think i want to do something with concrete and flowers

  91. Andrea Spitzenberger

    Andrea SpitzenbergerMonth ago

    omg. grain now learning how to use redstone. good luck. ask mumbo for help if you need it.

  92. James McKay

    James McKayMonth ago

    why don’t I see mumbo much anymore?

  93. ZN - 03DC 856784 Sawmill Valley PS

    ZN - 03DC 856784 Sawmill Valley PSMonth ago


  94. Camp Pillow

    Camp PillowMonth ago

    I would love the Grain texture pack, I would have bought your t-shirts but my parents would probably ask why do I need a T-shirt to be shipped instead of buying one in the nearby store

  95. Jen Plays Roblox

    Jen Plays RobloxMonth ago

    It's 8:36 and it's SNOWING!!!! I have no one to say this to and it's Sunday the 24th of January 2021

  96. PeskyRobloxPlayer

    PeskyRobloxPlayerMonth ago

    Did nobody noticed Grian's level was level 69 *Nice*

  97. John Renz santos

    John Renz santosMonth ago


  98. Asraful Islam

    Asraful IslamMonth ago

    You need to have a emergency meeting for the whole town!

  99. Sardor Umarbek

    Sardor UmarbekMonth ago

    Poultry Man challenge?

  100. Nathan Rose

    Nathan RoseMonth ago

    AT 13:33 HE DID A FACEREVEL ????

  101. Gamer Pro 1234

    Gamer Pro 1234Month ago

    La di da di da shloo

  102. karma 253

    karma 253Month ago


  103. Bork Bork

    Bork BorkMonth ago

    Grain dies in turf war: endgame

  104. Josiah Martinez

    Josiah MartinezMonth ago

    Are we not gonna talk about the fact how GRAIN got signs out of no where from the hep and resistance board?

  105. ZxXEpicPlayzXxZ

    ZxXEpicPlayzXxZMonth ago


  106. Flynnomatic

    FlynnomaticMonth ago

    grian a square box me what other shape is a box also me thats a cube

  107. Cullen Barnard

    Cullen BarnardMonth ago

    but i did click on this video to read signs...

  108. Toadviet Union

    Toadviet UnionMonth ago

    Grian is Grain, change my mind

  109. Reflex

    ReflexMonth ago

    Spoiler alert...... Grain won

  110. Aydan Lafleur

    Aydan LafleurMonth ago

    i cant tell people to bet because your my fav hermit :)

  111. R4F _

    R4F _Month ago

    19:41 69 XP levels pog

  112. Sizzle with Shades

    Sizzle with ShadesMonth ago

    Iskall is just gonna buy the diorite box just so he can burn it all