Hermitcraft 7: Episode 66 - MORE MANSION MAKING!

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Grian is back on hermitcraft making his mansion and somehow making a room full of keralis turtles..


  1. Replenish with Zenith

    Replenish with ZenithHour ago

    As soon as he mentioned Red Dwarf, it put a smile on my face since it's one of my favourite shows ever, I know he was talking about the book but I don't care

  2. Matt Plaz

    Matt Plaz3 hours ago

    what happened to collecting doors

  3. Nick

    Nick13 hours ago

    I wish vertical half slabs were real, would've helped with the shape of the Mario Pipe!

  4. Jay Varma

    Jay Varma16 hours ago


  5. LemonCresen OwO

    LemonCresen OwODay ago

    *Maui meowing* My cat: WHERE WHERE WHERE IS IT HUMAN!?!?!?

  6. Tyler UvU

    Tyler UvUDay ago

    My cat is like that all the time smh 🥲

  7. Sandythecat04

    Sandythecat04Day ago


  8. RazorThings?

    RazorThings?Day ago

    I hate when ppl give away info

  9. Leoné Talks Too Much

    Leoné Talks Too Much2 days ago

    I feel like the price of sand should increase at the barge... sand is a pain in the behind to get

  10. Leoné Talks Too Much

    Leoné Talks Too Much2 days ago


  11. Zyborg Gaming

    Zyborg Gaming2 days ago

    After seeing bedralis, im traumatized

  12. M Awsome

    M Awsome2 days ago

    So do y’all have creative on hermit craft?

  13. Noname Noname

    Noname Noname2 days ago

    toggle shift: they don't know i exist. ;-; me: it's okay, toggle shift, they'll learn. they'll learn one day. toggle shift: okie

  14. Brayden Miller

    Brayden Miller2 days ago

    the faxt that he started the mansion in episode 6 and now all the way in episode 66 he is finaly doing the inside. =_=

  15. Mustafa Hussain

    Mustafa Hussain2 days ago

    Love cats love Minecraft love hermitcraft

  16. Clucky the chicken

    Clucky the chicken3 days ago

    11:24 special hermitcraft asmr clip XD

  17. Clucky the chicken

    Clucky the chicken3 days ago

    7:49 when you look at all the "cousins" or "experiments" in lilo and stitch after you look at stitch

  18. Zyborg Gaming

    Zyborg Gaming3 days ago

    I watch these just for maui being funny in the background. Grians cats are amazing Also: Grian: ignores lapis Me with 23 lapis: wait, thats illegal!! And yes, I do know cub has a floor of lapis

  19. Mighty hunter bird -orchid

    Mighty hunter bird -orchid3 days ago

    something about your real face reminds me of Neil Patrick Harris and I can't get over it

  20. Max Khenson

    Max Khenson3 days ago


  21. Minecraft Pro

    Minecraft Pro3 days ago

    I tried to build your mansion 👍 still building it currently 😂 it is HUGE!

  22. Itz_Gacha_Wolfy Power

    Itz_Gacha_Wolfy Power4 days ago

    90% is about Maui (The cat)

  23. Nuutti Lehtinen

    Nuutti Lehtinen4 days ago

    Hopefully you'll show your face more it was very satisfying seeing you talking

  24. Dice G

    Dice G4 days ago

    Explain hermitcraft to me pls what are the rules to hermitcraft(cant they just steal Diamonds, or they will be banned or something)

  25. HuweHuwe

    HuweHuwe4 days ago

    I can see your bags man.. rest is needed

  26. HuweHuwe

    HuweHuwe4 days ago

    Woah this guy looks like grian

  27. Sandra Gustafsson

    Sandra Gustafsson4 days ago

    Thanks for the bed turtles! It really made me smile on one of my sad days ☺️🐢

  28. Beamer YT

    Beamer YT4 days ago

    Bruhhhh its bugging me that the "episode 66" text on the thumbnail is a little bigger then the others

  29. BabyPinkSnail

    BabyPinkSnail4 days ago

    Why does Grian sound like a teenager but looks like someone's dad

  30. Raphaël Gsq

    Raphaël Gsq5 days ago

    I started worrying about Brian's mental health when he tried to write a whole novel on a sign.

  31. Kelly Schaer

    Kelly Schaer5 days ago


  32. Kelly Schaer

    Kelly Schaer5 days ago

    You laugh a lot

  33. CoolGellieGamer

    CoolGellieGamer5 days ago

    Me seeing it go night one time in a timelapse: ah I see Bdubbs ain’t online.

  34. Rin

    Rin5 days ago

    Petition to get a picture of Grian's cats every time they make sounds in an episode!

  35. bbgg11

    bbgg115 days ago


  36. Meta Max

    Meta Max6 days ago

    You do not need 900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Boxes 📦

  37. Ipks

    Ipks6 days ago

    Me:oh ok thx for the build tip Grian after explaining:AUDIBLE IS THE BEST me:it’s an add :(

  38. Elijah Buchanan

    Elijah Buchanan6 days ago

    This season is so much more rich than the others, both figuratively and literally

  39. Croup X

    Croup X6 days ago

    You must change the price to 2 diamonds for stack Nothing to be shame or shine this is the marketing


    UNDOLATION6 days ago

    Audible is like Crunchyrolls popular brother

  41. Selena Pearl

    Selena Pearl6 days ago

    That was a good timing

  42. Selena Pearl

    Selena Pearl6 days ago


  43. techno kitty

    techno kitty7 days ago

    Aaaaawwwww what kind of cat

  44. Leviroardeux

    Leviroardeux7 days ago

    Grian can you post hypixel bedwars pls

  45. Elijah Chickering

    Elijah Chickering7 days ago

    you pulled a scar with that music

  46. Elijah Chickering

    Elijah Chickering7 days ago

    lol bring in the cats more

  47. Tedstyx

    Tedstyx7 days ago

    19:26 Shot on iPhone By Linda H

  48. ThatLastWaffle Gaming And More

    ThatLastWaffle Gaming And More7 days ago

    To those of you who are binging all these episodes late, the HCCBS definitely stands for Hermit Craft Bumbo Baggins Society

  49. harasamy twinshow

    harasamy twinshow8 days ago

    the creeper just was in the wall dude like what the frick be aware people creepers are evolving 19:25

  50. Parker Boyes

    Parker Boyes8 days ago

    Why don’t you use face-cam cuz you should

  51. Mary Jane Compton

    Mary Jane Compton9 days ago

    The biggest troll Grian did this season was on himself. Having to grind for all the hermits all season for the Barge XD

  52. Jacob Vargas

    Jacob Vargas9 days ago

    Grian: Ready! Let’s. Go. Ad: are you sure about that.

  53. Mochhi

    Mochhi9 days ago

    Hole 2, Electric Boogaloo

  54. D C

    D C9 days ago

    I can never unsee the sleeping turtles

  55. Pavan Nandan

    Pavan Nandan9 days ago


  56. Kamataros

    Kamataros9 days ago

    Grian: do you wanna know how timelapses work? Me:yes! how do camera accounts work? Grian: we build our builds beforehand in creative! Me: o-o

  57. Get Jazzy

    Get Jazzy9 days ago

    "brb letting my cat out" Cuts back to the gameplay *Xisuma left the game* Is Xisuma your cat?

  58. Zoey Stevens

    Zoey Stevens10 days ago

    meowi meowing in the backround just makes my day.

  59. Hrky

    Hrky10 days ago

    "You can't trust the audience" Me, a passive viewer who's not leaving any comments on any hermits' videos: [insert thumbs up sad cat meme]

  60. Ash_ TheWolf13

    Ash_ TheWolf132 days ago


  61. Raphaël Gsq

    Raphaël Gsq5 days ago


  62. Sirsnacks Alot

    Sirsnacks Alot7 days ago


  63. Camilla Govoni

    Camilla Govoni10 days ago

    Ok new idea, whenever a secret base is burn put some villager inside and than close the entrance to the sewer.

  64. Cathy Jagson

    Cathy Jagson10 days ago

    19:26 oh no oh no oh no no no no no

  65. 440Stainless

    440Stainless11 days ago

    as a shoutout to FF7 Turtle Paradise for the speakeasy name

  66. Precade_21

    Precade_2111 days ago

    I actually think impulse said “fucking” at 16:29

  67. The Drewllah

    The Drewllah11 days ago

    16:36 "Turtle Tavern"

  68. LukeTV

    LukeTV11 days ago

    he actually made diamond blocks a good-looking block for building *_HOW_*

  69. Atalanta Psaropoulos

    Atalanta Psaropoulos11 days ago

    When my cat heard yours she started hissing!!😂

  70. Floss Moo

    Floss MooDay ago

    😂😂😂😂 that wat my cat do

  71. Bentley Lewis

    Bentley Lewis12 days ago

    You are the best USlikesr ever

  72. Gwendolyn BD

    Gwendolyn BD12 days ago

    19:18 did he just say y'all?-

  73. Connor Negron

    Connor Negron12 days ago

    most of the time i feel like im the only loyal veiwer to u

  74. JohnneGames

    JohnneGames12 days ago

    The amount of time you put towards all them time lapse today ! Looks amazing ! Xx

  75. absolutely stupid

    absolutely stupid12 days ago

    i am a superfan of red dwarf and i totally freaked out when grian started talking about it

  76. Landen Does YouTube

    Landen Does YouTube13 days ago

    Day 59 of asking Grian to do Qs and As during timelapses

  77. Burn Stick man

    Burn Stick man13 days ago

    You made a gundam head grumbot

  78. DIO

    DIO13 days ago

    That was the CUTEST cat meow I have EVER heard at the start.

  79. Plz subscribe

    Plz subscribe13 days ago

    Hcbbs stands for Hermitcraft big branch system

  80. Plz subscribe

    Plz subscribe13 days ago

    How much iron did those anvils cause???,🤣

  81. Wyatt Evans

    Wyatt Evans13 days ago

    Ya I am weow

  82. Lizard WIZARD

    Lizard WIZARD13 days ago

    Is it me or is grian's videod are getting boring

  83. Sjoerd Veltman

    Sjoerd Veltman5 days ago

    It’s you

  84. Mohannad Abdulaal

    Mohannad Abdulaal13 days ago

    6:55 damn that texture pack is good

  85. S’mores Corp

    S’mores Corp14 days ago

    No pesky birds weren’t harmed (pesky meat)

  86. Isabella Keiko Alex

    Isabella Keiko Alex14 days ago

    hi grian you are my favorite youtuber but then i just forgot about you for a month so i desided to watch all your vidios and draw a cat when its my birthday my birthday is on feb 22

  87. Petar Manojlovic

    Petar Manojlovic14 days ago

    I use spotify

  88. Petar Manojlovic

    Petar Manojlovic14 days ago

    Why always different music

  89. Chad Powell

    Chad Powell14 days ago

    We all saw him fly out of the lake by the boat Unless that was an intentional trick

  90. Chrishack 005

    Chrishack 00514 days ago

    why you dont build a automatic sheep farm

  91. Sarah Patki

    Sarah Patki14 days ago

    Why is this called hermitcraft? It should be called EverythingYouMakeGetsMildlyVandalizedCraft.

  92. Manvel Msurian

    Manvel Msurian14 days ago

    I know were the secret base is. It is somewere

  93. Endcrafter 6

    Endcrafter 613 days ago

    It is in some data drive thing in microsoft

  94. Endcrafter 6

    Endcrafter 613 days ago

    It is on minecraft

  95. TheReaverOfDarkness

    TheReaverOfDarkness14 days ago

    10:08 I mean, technically, it IS a bug. A kind of bug.

  96. forgiven36511

    forgiven3651114 days ago

    Sooo... You have several distinct and different places that can be accessed by traveling through pipes... You guys have turned into the Mario Brothers... I love it!

  97. Blicket057

    Blicket05714 days ago

    grian builds like a 3d printer and it’s so satisfying

  98. KittyQueen *

    KittyQueen *14 days ago

    Wait Grian has GLASSES!!?

  99. Nitroblaze

    Nitroblaze14 days ago

    Grian looks big brain

  100. Vallen

    Vallen14 days ago

    when a creeper exploaded, grian lost a diamond block and felt really sad. but he has almost 8 stack of diamond blocks

  101. PanthaRedHead11 Gaming

    PanthaRedHead11 Gaming14 days ago

    18:07 bruh when in the heck was that a thing?!?!?

  102. Endcrafter 6

    Endcrafter 613 days ago

    Only in java you use some symbol in bedrock

  103. ItzSparkingly

    ItzSparkingly14 days ago

    I was casually watching the sponsor and then he mentioned “Red Dwarf” AND THE FLASHBACKS OF THAT TV SERIES JUST RUSHED THROUGH MY HEAD-

  104. Daddy G

    Daddy G13 days ago

    Yup. Been there, done that!

  105. Nomli Nouas

    Nomli Nouas14 days ago

    Hilarious 🤣 Gjob👍

  106. Betawarier Memes Incarnate

    Betawarier Memes Incarnate14 days ago

    Grian: *is making a Minecraft video* Maui:

  107. Tinkerbell the cat

    Tinkerbell the cat14 days ago

    Execute order 66

  108. Dylan Clewell

    Dylan Clewell15 days ago


  109. King Kraft

    King Kraft15 days ago

    @ grian check out this vid made for u its ur timelaps song in note blocks!!

  110. Logan Laurel World

    Logan Laurel World15 days ago

    fifty shades of grumbot