My TOP 10 Favourite Hermitcraft BASES

My TOP 10 Favourite Hermitcraft BASES (so far) Grian is still on a break, so a filler hermitcraft episode is here! What are your favourite builds?
This actually took a surprisingly long time I probably should have just done a hermitcraft episode. Remember all all builds shown are a work in progress and this list was a tough but ultimately personal preference list, which you may not agree with. All the builds on Hermitcraft are amazing.

Shaders: BSL
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  1. Grian

    GrianMonth ago

    Those of you asking "Where is the next episode" - I am on a short recharge break. Time off from work is healthy, and will ultimately lead to better videos for you all. It's like if you were on holiday/vacation and someone asked you to go back to school or work. I will be back soon. Have patience, Thank you. G

  2. DKawesome

    DKawesome13 days ago

    Ok grian

  3. Luke Hildenbrand

    Luke HildenbrandMonth ago


  4. Tiffany Smith

    Tiffany SmithMonth ago

    Ok glad you’re finally getting a break

  5. Claire Crawford

    Claire CrawfordMonth ago

    Your health and mental wellbeing is so much more important than chucking out video after video. Enjoy your break my dude

  6. Unorthodox

    UnorthodoxMonth ago


  7. peicun _

    peicun _3 hours ago

    this would be hard to build even in creative

  8. SilentxCriminal

    SilentxCriminal12 hours ago

    Mumbos should have been in this

  9. Yoo

    Yoo17 hours ago


  10. SniperFi DK

    SniperFi DK20 hours ago

    Once 1.17 comes out you could replace the dark prismarine with one of the coppers, as I think it would give the mansion a more vibrant feel

  11. Jakobo

    Jakobo20 hours ago

    your mansion reminds me of some of the chambers in uncharted the lost legacy...

  12. Jazmin Lopez

    Jazmin LopezDay ago

    I’ve been on the same survival world for over a year now I’ve gotten every achievement on it yet I still haven’t built my second house because I’m too lazy lol

  13. Ture Carlsson

    Ture CarlssonDay ago


  14. DSeighty8

    DSeighty8Day ago

    Star Wars is my religion so for me my fav is Vader’s castle and I’m going to make it

  15. Kimberlite

    Kimberlite2 days ago

    What are the dimensions if Cubfan's pyramid?

  16. Brutus Callaway

    Brutus Callaway2 days ago

    The nasty preface gradually add because eyebrow immunophenotypically pull concerning a wild anatomy. funny, tender tense forecast

  17. Quinten Glas

    Quinten Glas2 days ago

    In my opinion goodtimeswithscar,s base is the best out of all because of the storyline

  18. MeMe_E2_Kills

    MeMe_E2_Kills2 days ago

    When mumbo and eeeeeeeeskall aren’t there

  19. mob_fanman

    mob_fanman2 days ago

    smooth diorite is one of the best blocks on minecraft

  20. Donovan O'Connor

    Donovan O'Connor3 days ago

    When is the next hermit craft starting?

  21. Zach Watering

    Zach Watering17 hours ago

    @Sherwin Gonsalves it will be 1.17 because the entire world generation is changing and they couldn’t upgrade the world properly as most of the world is explored and you woudnt be able to find the new recourses

  22. Sherwin Gonsalves

    Sherwin Gonsalves17 hours ago

    When 1.18 comes out

  23. Zach Watering

    Zach Watering2 days ago

    Probably when 1.17 comes out

  24. Zohair Anwarie

    Zohair Anwarie3 days ago

    Mumbo be like 'WHERES MINE?????'

  25. Ravenclaw_queen12

    Ravenclaw_queen123 days ago

    Anyone else notice how he said he might finish the back of the base ??? XD

  26. Sam Levens

    Sam Levens4 days ago

    Number 3. that’s Mumbos

  27. Chloe Chamberlin

    Chloe Chamberlin4 days ago

    Best quote of the video "Why are there llamas?" 3:35

  28. Chloe Chamberlin

    Chloe Chamberlin4 days ago

    2:35 sorry


    SEVENT9 GAMING4 days ago


  30. ItzKade

    ItzKade4 days ago


  31. ItzKade

    ItzKade4 days ago


  32. DarkMidNightWolf

    DarkMidNightWolf4 days ago

    i like your list

  33. cookieGAMES2913

    cookieGAMES29135 days ago

    I love how he has a shulker box sorter but yet he has shulker boxes EVERYWHERE

  34. Seismic _Corrupt

    Seismic _Corrupt5 days ago

    I’m surprised he didn’t mention mumbos base

  35. Andrei Ghit

    Andrei Ghit5 days ago

    9 ofc never saw the light of day because for the reason that it is in hell/the nether

  36. JamieHasLigma

    JamieHasLigma5 days ago

    I feel like hermit craft is very underrated for what they do

  37. JamieHasLigma

    JamieHasLigma5 days ago

    Hermit crafts skills and talent makes dream smp look like a dump But dream smp has a better storyline tbh I prefer both

  38. Zach Watering

    Zach Watering2 days ago

    And then scicraft puts both of their redstone to shame

  39. Trevor Ross

    Trevor Ross5 days ago

    Where's mumbo at

  40. Chesler Garbanzos

    Chesler Garbanzos5 days ago

    Damn its insane how creative these people are and theres me living in a villagers house

  41. LarryThe_Turtle10

    LarryThe_Turtle105 days ago


  42. Hey look i’m a cat

    Hey look i’m a cat5 days ago

    Who else clicked on the video for vader’s castle

  43. Brandon

    Brandon5 days ago

    1:42 bro I thought u said something else and got confused lmao

  44. Piglin Brute

    Piglin Brute5 days ago

    Oh no your top 10 is wrong cus its just ur opinion

  45. super sonic

    super sonic6 days ago

    where mumbo

  46. Nightday Official

    Nightday Official6 days ago

    Before me: sees xisuma's base After watching wandavision me: XISUMA HAS THE HEXAGON SOLUTION

  47. angelix

    angelix6 days ago

    1:43 I need this save

  48. CrimsonFire

    CrimsonFire6 days ago

    hermitcraft may have 100 nether portals or more and I'm struggling to find lava pool

  49. Alex Bromwell

    Alex Bromwell6 days ago

    The jungle is hard to build in but if you can get around all the trees then you can make a lot of cool stuff in the trees so they should not be so rare.

  50. Alex Bromwell

    Alex Bromwell6 days ago

    Disagreeing with an opinion is Okay if the opinion is not stupid.

  51. Bekahoot

    Bekahoot6 days ago

    I don't think you've seen Three Fox Hole, VintageBeef's cyberpunk base. It definitely deserves a mention!

  52. Thomy Formica

    Thomy Formica6 days ago

    bruh these would be hard to make in creativd

  53. shakito

    shakito7 days ago

    where is download links ??

  54. Agnes Francis

    Agnes Francis7 days ago

    I can understand why Ethos base was not the list

  55. Thomas Eastwood

    Thomas Eastwood7 days ago

    3:27 because hexagons.......ARE THE BESTAGONS

  56. Will Donnelly

    Will Donnelly7 days ago

    Cubs pyramid didn’t make it😔😔

  57. Time is out

    Time is out7 days ago

    1:43 i needed to hear that twice to understand if ya know what i mean

  58. Dexter The Doge

    Dexter The Doge7 days ago

    5:32 you forgot to Pour water on one of the rows of black concrete powder

  59. Rougewire

    Rougewire7 days ago


  60. artyiyi

    artyiyi8 days ago

    but... mumbo's base

  61. Josh

    Josh8 days ago

    The city is definitely number 1

  62. Isabel

    Isabel8 days ago

    I saw that you missed Beef's "Three Fox Hole" in the world tour, and I want to see what you think of it at some point! Maybe you could ask Beef to give you a tour sometime :)

  63. Zackary Peters

    Zackary Peters8 days ago

    I seriously love the community that is built within this game. It really is bribing people together

  64. Anthony S

    Anthony S8 days ago

    My boy etho made the cutt

  65. jet

    jet8 days ago

    1:42 what

  66. Blank S

    Blank S8 days ago

    bdubs will forever be the best builder

  67. I Swallowed A Brick

    I Swallowed A Brick8 days ago

    False’s base really looks like The truth and reconciliation from Halo Reach 😂

  68. Porter Carr

    Porter Carr9 days ago

    I wish he included the giant pyramid with the gold top. I love that one. I know it's really simple but it's shear size is impressive and it looks super cool from the outside. And the interior is really cool and very complete compared to most other builds.

  69. Gavin Licht

    Gavin Licht9 days ago

    WHERE IS MUMBO'S BASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. CharChar6000

    CharChar60009 days ago


  71. Jessup Lebarron

    Jessup Lebarron9 days ago

    Make something we’re there are things from all the bases


    NIGHTMARE _9 days ago


  73. Jacobo Witness

    Jacobo Witness9 days ago

    I love you

  74. TheLegendaryStefYTBroPlayzHD

    TheLegendaryStefYTBroPlayzHD9 days ago

    Grian after the hermitcraft big base swap: **deletes video**

  75. Karim DARWICHE

    Karim DARWICHE9 days ago


  76. Melakalikimaka

    Melakalikimaka9 days ago

    Okay, I'm at 4:42 (Rens basae) and I can only think to myself "if changing an entire biome doesn't make you top 3 i don't know what will"

  77. Loki Chaff

    Loki Chaff9 days ago

    What about mumbo's

  78. Daniella Chanelle

    Daniella Chanelle9 days ago

    lol you’re so privileged.... playing a game isn’t a real job. You only earn money because of us, so at least you could post videos.

  79. Justin

    Justin9 days ago

    1:44 Grian kinda sus

  80. Nugget

    Nugget9 days ago

    Do they just use world edit and destroy their items that would be used? Cause these things are Massive

  81. Aquamarine Phoenix

    Aquamarine Phoenix10 days ago

    Bdubs' village is a place id happily live in irl

  82. Pidge Does Videos

    Pidge Does Videos10 days ago

    me when mumbo’s base doesn’t even make top 10: 👁👄👁

  83. Magdalena Swiatczak

    Magdalena Swiatczak10 days ago

    I wish he added Mumbos base “I need my base to be more lively” mumbos base: I AM ALIVE

  84. Tyler C. Aka TC

    Tyler C. Aka TC10 days ago

    This video aged well

  85. EpicFox101

    EpicFox10110 days ago

    I’m surprised Stress’s base didn’t even get an honourable mention

  86. Vincentjericho Orcullo

    Vincentjericho Orcullo11 days ago

    For me i most like impulsesv base because its door is lmade of water and its color is like a sky

  87. יהודה בן משה

    יהודה בן משה11 days ago

    Mambo base is bater

  88. George Ashley

    George Ashley11 days ago

    Lmao Mumbo Jumbo mad rn

  89. Darth Vanner

    Darth Vanner11 days ago

    I know of that star wars thing.

  90. The Drewllah

    The Drewllah11 days ago

    if you are going by builds then I personally think "decked out" was one of the coolest builds

  91. ThIjN sMiT. exe

    ThIjN sMiT. exe11 days ago

    Even for creative mode this would be extremely impressive

  92. Shivers

    Shivers11 days ago

    Rip Mumbo

  93. Ming Tak Wan

    Ming Tak Wan11 days ago

    bases plus shaders = movie quality

  94. Bhawtesh

    Bhawtesh11 days ago

    I feel like a kid after watching this video I live in a box 😂

  95. Ryan Dabelstein

    Ryan Dabelstein12 days ago

    Mumbo is where

  96. KirmitThePog

    KirmitThePog12 days ago

    mumbo is 3 HE HAS SCARS BASE :[

  97. JCua Gaming

    JCua Gaming12 days ago

    U would think all the builds from creative but it’s not

  98. Wgen

    Wgen12 days ago

    This makes me wanna bulid something right away but me knowing i will never beat any of these makes me not wanna play

  99. Da Quack

    Da Quack12 days ago

    Laughs in 2b2t

  100. HarryHC

    HarryHC12 days ago

    Dude scar has over 10 builds what is this ONLY TWO its a joke btw

  101. Thomas Sheridan

    Thomas Sheridan12 days ago

    He finally made a hermit cribs video

  102. Maul

    Maul12 days ago

    No one: Absolutely no one: My brain: Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc.!

  103. Daniel Ward

    Daniel Ward12 days ago

    Top 10 bases HCBBS: Imma ruin this man's whole career...

  104. Parta 19

    Parta 1912 days ago

    Bug dig

  105. Owen Hawkins

    Owen Hawkins12 days ago

    no mumbo jumbo );

  106. Thomas Rain

    Thomas Rain12 days ago

    big builds do nothing for me

  107. Elizabeth Kelly

    Elizabeth Kelly12 days ago

    Etho's base be like - In terms of exterior, we have none.

  108. Samanyu Ghose

    Samanyu Ghose12 days ago

    My fav base is mumbo's cuz it's a living!

  109. Mikeylee

    Mikeylee13 days ago

    Mumbo deserves number five

  110. SingerOfSongs

    SingerOfSongs13 days ago

    Tango’s base is absolutely my favorite on the server. It just radiates Tango’s fun and wacky redstonification energy!

  111. Aura Maybe

    Aura Maybe13 days ago

    Number seven is falsesymetr- WITH MUCINEX ALL IN ONE-

  112. Casper de Crook

    Casper de Crook13 days ago

    not ecen impulse :(