Hermitcraft 7: Episode 59 - LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 59 - LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Grian plays the first hermitcraft game. I have a special request for those who watch till the end.
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  1. Fluffy Waves

    Fluffy Waves15 hours ago

    GrAiN tHe BrEaD

  2. Kiwi McMango

    Kiwi McMangoDay ago

    He should make a shirt that says “Who is this Grain character?”

  3. Mahkus

    Mahkus2 days ago

    Grian should make the fall of death a chargeable minigame

  4. 《Burning Rose》

    《Burning Rose》3 days ago

    19:03 I'm a girl.

  5. Mighty hunter bird -orchid

    Mighty hunter bird -orchid3 days ago

    So without further ado, lets get-*ad plays*

  6. mickinoz2005

    mickinoz20053 days ago

    Grian:episode 5 lets get started an the mansion Now:blibby blobby slime farm

  7. joemama

    joemama3 days ago

    Maybe you should do a red stone thing with string so when they go through the ring it activates a red stone thing so you don’t have to count them or something idk talk to mumbo

  8. Addie_ _

    Addie_ _4 days ago

    14, THE MEME!!!!

  9. TheOneOverThere

    TheOneOverThere4 days ago

    when the yt algorithem forgets to show you grian's videos so after a while you forget he makes new ones and you have to rewatch half the season to remember what's been going on

  10. Jaksh Gaming

    Jaksh Gaming4 days ago

    Haha Thanks for clicking on read more

  11. Louise Parker

    Louise Parker5 days ago

    6:10 Impulse's version of , 'Haha! I'm in danger!'

  12. Louise Parker

    Louise Parker5 days ago

    The rule of Grain : make a hole, try falling into it without breaking any bones on a floating piece of glass, make sure you don't get stuck in your own hole then make other people skydive.

  13. (Than) Than Sureepong

    (Than) Than Sureepong6 days ago

    Play decked outttttttt it is so fun

  14. Jo Hu

    Jo Hu6 days ago

    😂 I play creative mode all the time and when I play survival mode, I climb the tallest mountain I can find and jump to my death. I don’t know why I love doing this.🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  15. Matilda Neuman

    Matilda Neuman6 days ago

    this came out the day before my birthday

  16. Eleanor Flynn

    Eleanor Flynn6 days ago

    Grian... You're spiderman?

  17. HuweHuwe

    HuweHuwe7 days ago

    I just watched your wynncraft vdeo

  18. Sps SpinySpino

    Sps SpinySpino9 days ago

    Bábee yoda

  19. Zoey Stevens

    Zoey Stevens10 days ago

    invisibility potion = PRANK slow falling potion = PRANK all potions handed to Grian = CERTAIN DEATH

  20. SkatSketch '

    SkatSketch '11 days ago

    Hundred loops here we go

  21. Lazlo Finsterwald

    Lazlo Finsterwald11 days ago

    I don't suppose there'd be a way to use tripwires to automatically detect when someone makes it through a ring?

  22. Migmig Dude

    Migmig Dude12 days ago

    Grian:what do you expect from hermitcraft Me:giant builds,lots of ginding multiple entry's and Netherlands armor

  23. Kaya Voyce

    Kaya Voyce13 days ago


  24. AlliePlayz

    AlliePlayz14 days ago

    Grian: If you hit one of the glass pane's it will probably kill you. Me: Yeah it should be pretty PANEFUL

  25. AlliePlayz

    AlliePlayz14 days ago

    Grian: This is all the way done done! Also Grian: Now the last thing we need to do is......... :/

  26. Ilona Nowakowska

    Ilona Nowakowska15 days ago

    Thats twice he has made a flying minigame 1st in season and the 2nd now

  27. Hero Down Films

    Hero Down Films15 days ago

    NOT FUNNY DUDE BELOW ME LIKE why are people liking and laughing like in sence of humor

  28. PresidentCheco

    PresidentCheco9 days ago

    @hggh 02 LMAOAOAOAOAO

  29. hggh 02

    hggh 029 days ago

    Did you respond to your own comment

  30. Hero Down Films

    Hero Down Films15 days ago

    Jk! Really nice pun dude

  31. Game Men

    Game Men15 days ago

    This was released to the public on my birthday

  32. Satan Has Logged In

    Satan Has Logged In16 days ago

    "It hasn't really made a lot of slime.." Me: Sees about 6 stacks of slimeballs Me, again: thats a lot in my eyes..

  33. Satan Has Logged In

    Satan Has Logged In16 days ago

    I'm still suprised you use F for your inventory button.

  34. Old Man In The Bathroom

    Old Man In The Bathroom16 days ago

    18:12 Yes I think dream is made of those

  35. Renée Shaul

    Renée Shaul16 days ago

    Me: *sees episode title* Brain: *starts playing Let the Games Begin by AJR*

  36. Dukhobrix A.K.A. B Bricks

    Dukhobrix A.K.A. B Bricks16 days ago

    I had a Minecraft ad while watching this

  37. Dukhobrix A.K.A. B Bricks

    Dukhobrix A.K.A. B Bricks16 days ago

    Those rings on your mini game sure are glass pains

  38. Arham Shyem

    Arham Shyem16 days ago

    I swear he missed some diamonds

  39. Reuben Hill

    Reuben Hill17 days ago

    Legit thought grain was gonna yeet impulse off of the edge

  40. hggh 02

    hggh 029 days ago

    @Why you bully me cod boi

  41. Why you bully me

    Why you bully me16 days ago

    Who this grain character???

  42. ClicheDeathLord

    ClicheDeathLord18 days ago

    Grian Skydier has taken Baby Yoda for training.

  43. Jess Infantino

    Jess Infantino19 days ago


  44. Svetlana Kelly

    Svetlana Kelly16 days ago

    WhO iS tHIs GrAIN CHarACtEr! XD

  45. najma mohamed

    najma mohamed21 day ago

    No one: Grian: walks over diamonds

  46. GeorgeNotFound

    GeorgeNotFound25 days ago

    Grian: "I have to tell you something, it is really important" Also grian: *steals a digital minecraft head from another person*

  47. AlaKingg

    AlaKingg25 days ago

    MY HEART IS IN MY THROAT... -BdoubleO100

  48. DoingFish

    DoingFish25 days ago

    Call the game fly or die

  49. XmanRBX

    XmanRBX26 days ago

    The HEP literally won Grian's very own minigame and they lost..

  50. B1aze 20

    B1aze 2026 days ago

    Has anyone noticed that Etho's skin looks actually like Kakashi Hatake from Naruto?😳😳😳😳

  51. Sarah Way

    Sarah Way28 days ago

    Deckd out 🏦

  52. Sad Badger

    Sad Badger28 days ago

    Can we talk about the fact that grian starts the episode with no levels, signifying he has died recently, and then says that he needs to test the flying rings of death? Chances are he may have already done just that...

  53. xZ Strawberry Cow Zx

    xZ Strawberry Cow Zx29 days ago

    Let the games begin! -immediately dies-

  54. HI-5

    HI-5Month ago

    I have watched every episode of this season so far I can’t stop watching

  55. Mactakk

    MactakkMonth ago

    can i join

  56. Tom Jongleren

    Tom JonglerenMonth ago

    Grain do tricks with Your elitra

  57. Oliver Key

    Oliver KeyMonth ago

    Me: sees baby Yoda head Grian: LEVERAGE

  58. Debbie Tallbull

    Debbie TallbullMonth ago

    Yellow=10 Orange=50 red=150

  59. Paul Douris

    Paul DourisMonth ago

    Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Jesus Christ loves you and he’s coming soon repent it’s The Best Decision decision you’ll ever make

  60. Thomas farquhar

    Thomas farquharMonth ago

    What does this have to do with Minecraft exactly?

  61. Its Marrz

    Its MarrzMonth ago

    It's funny how sometimes it seems like grian forgets to cut something he says and says the exact same thing a second time

  62. Dudley Burr

    Dudley BurrMonth ago

    I like how grian always laughs at every small joke/death of mumbo

  63. Leilah Diaz

    Leilah DiazMonth ago

    Grian:all we did is jump out of a plane and die Me:*starts playing suicidal by juice wrld*

  64. NickMadd

    NickMaddMonth ago

    It’s Moff Grian

  65. Nilda Villagante

    Nilda VillaganteMonth ago

    Pretty planeful 😂😂😂😂😂

  66. Nikhil Chivukula

    Nikhil ChivukulaMonth ago

    lol you could have made it so if the Hiyep won, then instead of giving up that spot, you give the baby yoda head

  67. Ratgirl 7

    Ratgirl 7Month ago

    I love how Grian is always starting wars 😂

  68. goldstonewolf

    goldstonewolfMonth ago

    Sometimes I come back, forgetting how chaotic Grian is, and then he steals Scar's baby Yoda as a bargaining chip. I want to make a Moff Griadeon joke but I won't

  69. Soul

    SoulMonth ago

    How dare grian lie to me at the 19:06 mark

  70. The Creationist

    The CreationistMonth ago

    you should have eaten baby yoda

  71. Brick Madness

    Brick MadnessMonth ago

    He missed a piece of emerald ore on the massive hole wall

  72. Cow

    CowMonth ago

    Comment regarder ça en français

  73. Dragon yeet

    Dragon yeetMonth ago

    I have to do it "wHaT aRe YoU dOiNg StEp ScAr"

  74. Isaac Culverson

    Isaac CulversonMonth ago

    Who is this cain character

  75. Isaac Culverson

    Isaac CulversonMonth ago

    Grand I love your videos

  76. R Jackson

    R JacksonMonth ago


  77. Richi

    RichiMonth ago

    bdubs has 13 points in the last game, that means he got through one hoop and got to the bottom first....but you need minimum 2 hoops

  78. Diamond Books

    Diamond BooksMonth ago

    "What have we go inside our present?" *Cheese ad comes on* Ummmm... yay?

  79. Foolish Potatoes

    Foolish PotatoesMonth ago

    "IM THE FLY KING!" [me, quietly] lord of the flies

  80. Shaun Matthysen

    Shaun MatthysenMonth ago

    I must say that impulse kinda sounds like scar

  81. Slime time

    Slime timeMonth ago

    Thank u for the compliment 🥲

  82. Royal Cookie

    Royal CookieMonth ago

    Soooo the baby yoda is.... Blackmail?

  83. Noah Deutsch

    Noah DeutschMonth ago

    actually, I’m the biggest baby yoda/Mandalorian fan

  84. Noah Deutsch

    Noah DeutschMonth ago

    Well let scar have it tho

  85. Sandra bullerwell

    Sandra bullerwellMonth ago

    I am like 20 eps behind but some how my cat got onto this one!?

  86. String Cheese ᄋᄉᄋ

    String Cheese ᄋᄉᄋMonth ago


  87. C Alex

    C AlexMonth ago


  88. yeetboi 1997

    yeetboi 1997Month ago

    bruh grian turned into moff gidian

  89. Celestial Chord

    Celestial ChordMonth ago

    “I’m stuck in a hole of my own creation!” -Grian 2021

  90. Zhai Nillo- Chan

    Zhai Nillo- ChanMonth ago

    it looks like the dropper...

  91. Crazyforlife

    CrazyforlifeMonth ago

    Me is literally standing next to a baby Yoda squishmellow

  92. Pu Wang

    Pu WangMonth ago

    On January 18 it had perfectly 888 dislikes

  93. The Will and Delaney Show

    The Will and Delaney ShowMonth ago

    Bedubs cheated

  94. Le scrunchie snake

    Le scrunchie snakeMonth ago

    Grian: Get snakes on a plane. Me: SNAKES ON A PLANE!?!?!?!?? SIGN ME UPPPPPPPPPP

  95. A toaster

    A toasterMonth ago

    The revolution of 2020-2021

  96. Tanya Newbauer

    Tanya NewbauerMonth ago

    # grain fur days

  97. Blake Allen

    Blake AllenMonth ago


  98. Grouchy Z

    Grouchy ZMonth ago

    Not sure if this was in a previous video that I’m forgetting but if anyone is wondering what the grave in the background at 14:30 says, it says “here lies villager number 2,he will be replaced

  99. String Cheese ᄋᄉᄋ

    String Cheese ᄋᄉᄋMonth ago

    Thanks :)

  100. CrankySheep11

    CrankySheep11Month ago

    What happens to doc?

  101. Rebecca Harrison

    Rebecca HarrisonMonth ago

    19:58 reminds me of the BPS vid, zombie apocalypse

  102. Rebecca Harrison

    Rebecca HarrisonMonth ago


  103. ALEJANDRO Tejeiro

    ALEJANDRO TejeiroMonth ago

    14:05 LOL

  104. Javier Marmol

    Javier MarmolMonth ago

    I'm watching in 2021 so i won't be telling Scar where to find Bahbee Yoda.

  105. game labs

    game labsMonth ago

    19:03 grian: now if you made it to this part of the video, you are the most beutiful/hadsome person that ever walked the earth. the aliens watching:「(°ヘ°)

  106. William Smith

    William SmithMonth ago

    Someone should make a "let's go" meme of that clip of him saying "grain?" when he opened the gift

  107. Mr.Potato

    Mr.PotatoMonth ago


  108. Olliver Powell

    Olliver PowellMonth ago

    When grian has nothing else to do

  109. Prtod Okal

    Prtod OkalMonth ago

    How bdubs changed to the glasses sking. What is that mod?

  110. Krazy Playz

    Krazy PlayzMonth ago


  111. Korkey9

    Korkey9Month ago

    17:59 holy moly potions of slowly